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'providing sustainable development to its people' - SoP Globalization and Development

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Jan 16, 2012   #1
Hi all,
English is not my mother tongue, so I really need help in improving my Motivation Statement. Every advice would be invaluable to me.
The prompts including:
- Describe your motivation for attending this program
- Include a description of your future plans and career aspirations. Explain the importance of the program in this regard.
- Elaborate on how you will use the acquired skill/knowledge upon return to your country. Explain how the acquired knowledge is useful to your organization.

Note: Your ability to outline a clear vision on how you will make use of the acquired knowledge is a crucial element for both the academic, and, if applied for, the scholarship selection.

Thanks a lot,

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When I was fifteen, I had my first time travelling abroad. The destination was Thailand, and I was impressed at the highly international environment here. Everything was completely different with my small hometown, where I had spent my whole life. In Thailand, the life was dynamic, the people looked prosperous, and I wondered what made these differences and how I could have a prosperous life like that. Since then, I began to feel interested in international business. Three years later, I attended Foreign Trade University, hoping that after graduation I would be able to work for a foreign company and earn a lot of money for my family and myself. Luckily, during my time studying at FTU, I was not only taught how to make money by being an employee, I was also taught about how sustainable development is vital to an economy in the context of globalisation and integration. I became increasingly interested in the strategies and policies that governments implemented to achieve socioeconomic goals.

After several times travelling to China and seeing its rapid development with my own eyes, I decided to write my graduation thesis about China's experiences in building Special Economic Zones. During the time I researched for the thesis, I realised that global integration was not only invaluable chances but also great challenges for sustainable development. I also understood that China's model of economic growth still had disadvantageous aspects, and it is impossible to mechanically apply China's growth model to Vietnam. The government bears the responsibilities of finding a suitable path to sustainably develop the economy and avoid negative impact of globalisation to vulnerable groups such as minority ethnic groups and people in remote mountainous areas.

Influenced by my new attitude toward the importance of the government in providing sustainable development to its people, I quit my initial plan to work in private sector and entered Ministry of Finance as an official in International Cooperation Department. Working in the internationally oriented environment of ICD requires me to have a comprehensive overview of the chances and challenges that globalisation poses to every country. I decided to further my study to Master's level, and after researching several programmes from different institutes, I found that IOB offers the most suitable programme to my expectation. As described, the Master's course considers the impact of globalisation on development and poverty alleviation in low and middle-income countries. Vietnam has just gotten out of the low-income group and is striving for further development. Many signs of instability, however, have appeared, including galloping inflation and lover living standards in some society groups and there is still high probability of falling back below the low-income threshold. It is necessary that the officials of governmental organisations recognise the opportunities, the risks and threats presented by globalisation. I am confident that if given intense training at the distinguished IOB, I can provide much more contribution to the sustainable development of my nation.

In the future I plan to continue working in the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam and use the knowledge acquired from the Master's programme to contribute to the formulation and implementation of financial strategies and policies of Vietnam in the context of global integration in order to achieve sustainable development and poverty alleviation.

I strongly believe that the multicultural and multidisciplinary study environment as well as the instruction and help from professors and colleagues at IOB will help me acquire enough knowledge to accomplish my tasks as a public servant.

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