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I want to pursue a Masters Degree in process systems engineering

ndukwejohn 1 / -  
Mar 18, 2013   #1
My initial choice to study Chemical Engineering at an undergraduate level was born more out of logical reasoning than passion. Chemical Engineering provided a proper conjugation of my natural affinity for physical sciences and mathematics. Also, a certain social status was attributed to engineers, and securing a job in the oil sector would ensure my survival in Nigeria's competitive economy. These reasons led me to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering.

Unfortunately, during the early course of my undergraduate study, I came to realize that my lack of proper motivation caused my performance to dwindle drastically. The turning point of my undergraduate experience was my introduction to computer-aided design. My second year, I was exposed machine drawing using Auto-Cad software and, in my third year, I learned about modeling and simulation using Aspen HYSYS. I not only excelled in both courses, but performed notably better in other courses, such as Thermodynamics, Reaction Kinetics, Process Control, and Fluid Phenomena, just to mention a few. This could be attributed to my ability to finally create a link between the theories I was taught and the design models I created. I had finally found my passion.

Although I had finally found focus, I came to the realization that because the Nigerian economy was highly dependent on crude oil and majority of its professional process engineers are trained specifically to suit this demand. I believe that for Nigeria to develop economically, it will have to take full advantage of its other abundant resources. I want to be one of the engineers that pioneers channeling Nigeria from its crude oil dependency by spreading my experience across the food processing and energy generation sectors, which I believe are the most promising industries in Nigeria.

My ultimate goal is to start a firm that will specialize in process design and optimization. It will have an array of high-class process engineers that will service the needs of the different industries in Nigeria. I want to be able to sign my name on a drawing and know that its construction would, by inspiration or operation, propel "The Lion of Africa" to recognition as one of the developed countries of the world.

In line with my vision, I underwent an internship at the Total PLC lubricant blending plant. I worked in the quality control and maintenance departments; where I carried out periodical quality tests on the products and understudied the facilities maintenance engineer respectively. This experience boosted my appreciation for the work of a process engineer and influenced the choice of final year project, "The design and commission of a small-scale liquid soap production plant", for which I used Microsoft Visio, Auto-cad and Aspen HYSIS 3.2 for the design requirements. The plant currently satisfies the liquid soap demands of the laboratories in the Chemical Engineering department of my University.

Post-graduation, for my mandatory year of national service, I worked with Batelitwin Global Services, an engineering design service company. I worked as a trainee under the lead structural engineer, producing drafts and modifying drawing deliverables using Auto-Cad 2009. I also underwent tutelage by the lead process engineer on component sizing using Aspen HYSYS 3.2. I joined the quality control team, which boosted my confidence and enhanced my ability to work with a team.

However, a technical knowledge base is not enough to tackle the different facets of life. Understanding this, I have taken my participation in extracurricular activities seriously. I was a member of my school's football team and the captain of my departmental team, which strengthened my teamwork and leadership abilities. The national service program also gave me the opportunity to volunteer to speak to children in various high schools on dream actualization. This taught me patience and foresight, and also reinforced my vision which will give me the opportunity to provide jobs for those kids who share my dream.

To be better prepared for my vision of the future, it would be my utmost desire to further my education by acquiring a Master's degree in Process Systems Engineering (PSE) from your reputable institution. The study of the courses offered by the PSE program, such as Particle Technology, Fluid Separations and Conceptual Design will allow me to imbibe professional skills and ensure my trainability in different sectors. I also look forward to experiencing the cultural diversity of about 15% international students. The pioneering work going on in your Chemical Engineering Department, which includes Process Intensification and Model-based Design and Operation, and an array of erudite professors in your faculty make this choice ideal for my intended research and professional career.

My decision to pursue my graduate studies in Germany is emphasized by my desire to be part of The Technical University Dortmund graduate program. The presence of major Biochemical and Chemical industries in Dortmund makes it a strategic choice for internship possibilities during my Master's program. Also, the presence of numerous recreational attractions, such as the signal-iduna park, provides opportunities for my preferred extracurricular activities.

I understand that being exposed to a new culture will come with challenges, the biggest of which would be communication outside of the university community. Therefore, within the last year I have studied the German language to the B1 level with Goethe Institute and should obtain my "Zertifika Deutsch" by April 2013. I am certain this will ease my transition.

I am confident that the opportunity to study in Technical University Dortmund will expand my horizons and present me with an opportunity to gain world-standard education. I intend to couple this education with real-life solutions by working for a high-class Nigerian-based design firms which will further solidify the foundation for the establishment of my own firm.

With my desire to expand my knowledge base and my willingness to learn, I am convinced that my study at Technical University Dortmund will give me the opportunity to achieve my goals. I am sure that I will be able to maintain the high standards of your university.
Didgeridoo - / 306 191  
Mar 18, 2013   #2
Very well-written! My only issue was that some of your sentences were kind of long. To engage readers, it's important to keep your writing concise and to-the-point. I helped you with that a little, but content-wise, you seem very eloquent and mature, and presented yourself very well with this essay.
klaas 1 / 5 1  
Mar 21, 2013   #3
This is quite well written. Another fact you could have added is about what you bring to the student community. But keep the length of it in mind. I feel its already quite long.

A good job nonetheless.

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