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Review paper on BIM building information modeling in bridge design

farid_osmani 1 / -  
Mar 17, 2016   #1
Bridge is the main phase of economic development all over the global. However, there is more mega bridges have been built, such as Milau viaduct the tallest bridge in the world,(French) Telegraph bridge (china) Hangzhou Bay Bridge (China) and Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge.[13]

The bridge design and construction is complicated involving structural design, drawings, building environment, etc. design of contemporary bridges are significant challenges for engineers, designers and architectures to make the hard work of their facts and build this type of huge project. In spite of its drawbacks, demolition, maintenance, construction, design and planning of the bridges' life-cycle should be experienced. [1]

Traditional bridge project liberation is only based on Tow-dimensional (2D) drawing and site experiences. However, due to the complexity of such projects, it is difficult to determine design issues in advance only by using 2D drawings. Particularly when a design problem is appearing in construction site, this guides to delays and cost overruns, hence highly rate of reworking, on the other hand it is highly risky to work out of the schedule on such a complicated construction sites. The traditional bridges construction manually following experience-based planning which are not appropriate, for example; modern bridges, design and construction, especially when the design and construction of project is more complicated. On the time, project owners must consider cost, time, and safety, quality control and the efficiency of the ongoing working process, to ensure the constructability of the project is well-organized; it is the necessarily and important part of the project to summarize, In order to improve the competence and effectiveness of construction and design of such complicated projects. [13]recently a new technology BIM has been brought up to the field which solve all the issue mentioned above related to delays, cost overruns, poor designing and poor communication.

BIM has got different definitions and its concept go back to the early days of CAD in the 1980s, in that time BIM actually meant building's graphical three dimensional (3D) model enriched by additional intelligence. The contemporary definition of BIM appeared in late 1990s-early 2000's, with appearance of different CAD software's such as Revit, Autodesk, Bently. Standard definition of BIM in construction industry when gaining maximum integration between different disciplines, creating a model of intelligent parametric objects and the first mass implementation of BIM in design companies has begun.[15]

Conversely to 2D, BIM extended from 3D to 4D (time, schedule) and 5D (cost) and (nD) with different disciplines, which provide vast assistance for the project participants which they can effortlessly view and work collaboratively. [13]
giligrp 2 / 2  
Mar 17, 2016   #2
However, there is more mega bridges that have been built
you need to put a conjunction i think.

The bridge design and construction is complicated involving structural design, drawings, building environment, etc.
the bridge's design and construction involving structural design, drawings, building environment are complicated.

design of contemporary bridges areis significant challenges for engineers
problem : subject-verb agreement. the subject is singular so you should use is.

that is my opinion for the first two paragraph.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Mar 18, 2016   #3
Hi Mohammad, I would like to share some insights in your essay and hopefully enhance it for the better.

- OnAt the time, project owners
- it is the necessarilynecessity and
- importantimportancepart of the

- BIM has got different definitions and its
- The s tandard definition
- participants whichthat they can

Well, there you have it Mohammad, I believe that you can't have everything and this is very true in your writing, I must say, your elaborate description on the BIM building is way more than what I expected to read, you are knowledgeable and you make it seem so easy to be involved in such field, however, your English is normal, which is very good, as this is needed in explaining complex things, process and demonstration.

I hope my insights helped and I wish to see more of your writing, best of luck to you!

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