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Need review for my sop for MS in data science; The capacity to discriminate between what you know...

Sivasankar 1 / -  
Dec 25, 2021   #1

Statement of purpose

"The capacity to discriminate between what you know and what you don't know is the most crucial component of learning."

The influence of data on our lives fascinates me. From targeted social media marketing to self-driving automobiles, we are unquestionably moving toward a data-driven future. I was enthralled by the current quantity of data which, FYI, is 74 zettabytes as of 2021, and much more so by the fact that many of my friends, who, paradoxically, are among those who produce a small portion of that data, were unaware of the figure. I'm ecstatic about the thought of dedicating my long-term career to such a lively, rapidly evolving area. Furthermore, I feel that now is the ideal moment for me to seek higher education in the field of data science, based on my educational background and professional ambitions.

I'll never forget the look on the ten-year-old brat's face when his papa(dad) brought home his first computer. Since then, I've been hooked on computers because of my wonder at how a pile of metal and plastic could accomplish so many things. This fascination grew throughout the remainder of my academic career, culminating in my selection of the computer science stream for my 12th-grade school, as well as my fixation with programming languages, which I acquired throughout that time. After graduating from high school, I found my passion for computers and desire to make things, which drove me to seek an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Saranathan College of Engineering-Trichy. Everything altered over the four-year program. Initially, I was studying how to build electrical circuits. As the course went into the second year, I began to learn about information and data, as well as how it was transmitted and received, and my interest in data began to grow. As a result, I was curious about what the rest of the world was doing with data and voilĂ , I discovered data science, machine learning, and all things data. The aforementioned occurrence influenced my final year research, which was titled "Human hand-written Character Recognition using Machine Learning."I kept coming back to the opening quote of this statement by the conclusion of the assignment. I was continually reminded of how much I didn't know, and my curiosity never seemed to diminish. So, after finishing my final year project, I started thinking about how I could learn about data science concepts, and I quickly realized that I needed to be professionally taught if I wanted to advance further with my future goals, which were heavily reliant on how much the things I knew could outweigh the things I didn't.

My long-term objectives are primarily focused on making a positive difference in my home country's living conditions. I'm patriotic and a firm believer in giving back, which may seem cliche. Although data science has many business uses, I am more interested in tackling real-world problems. To give some examples, data can be used to keep people healthy by using network theory techniques to find the source of disease outbreaks and other public health epidemics; data can also be used to prevent crime and improve public safety by mining social media data to predict a region where violence may occur. These are just a few of the many ways that data science may help poor countries improve.

My motivation for pursuing a Master's degree at your prestigious institution is to take advantage of the benefits of having access to the greatest knowledge, faculty, and academic facilities, infrastructure, and environment. In India, there are several educational institutes where master's degrees may be obtained, although the study here is more theoretical than practical. Studying at your university would also give an insight into many ethnicities and cultures throughout the world, thanks to its international nature. The United Kingdom is a collection of industrialized countries with an open heart; it is a place where science and technology are used to accomplish social development and where human life is valued highly. All of these qualities together make the United Kingdom an excellent place for me to complete my master's degree and achieve new heights. To achieve my objectives, I have the intelligence, commitment, and perseverance required. If given the chance, I am convinced that I will be able to contribute significantly to the University's academic goals. Life is only possible if you keep moving forward. I am certain that exceptional information and flawless leadership will transform me into a lifelong learner, allowing me to continue to grow as a person and a professional. I greatly anticipate being a member of your academic community. I would be grateful if you could provide me with the opportunity to continue my education at your prestigious university. I guarantee you that I will uphold your university's standards and will be a deserving student. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind.

Sivasankar Nagarajan
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,303 3989  
Dec 25, 2021   #2
This is a highly arrogant, condescending and irritating personal statement. If this is how you choose to present yourself in terms of word usage to the reviewer, let me tell you now, this lack of professional respect for a higher authority will lose you the student slot even before he finishes reading the second paragraph. Anyway, regardless of your misplaced arrogance, your work does not represent a statement of purpose and is unqualified for its purpose.

A statement of purpose is not an autobiography of your interest in the course. Any references to brat's and parental gifts have no place in an essay that should be focused on the following:

1. Your current profession and how this background relates to your interest in MS Data Science. What is the professional shortcoming you wish to address and why do you think that now is the proper time for you to pursue a solution to it? This could be a personal, professional, or national interest reason,.

2. How your academic foundation as a college graduate has given you the relevant understanding of the basics that will be the expanded focus of the MS studies. Summarized, not over discussed as you have done so now.

3. Why you have chosen this university based on your professional skills dwevelopmed requirements

4. Why you believe you have to leave your country to study abroad, how this relates to your personal and social development, and what you hope to bring back to your home country after completing the course.

These are the basic elements that need to be covered in a basic SOP. I am not sure if you are being asked to respond to a specific series of prompts by the university for the SOP but, these should help you get onto a professional sounding and respectful SOP presentation

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