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The robust course curriculum offered. SOP for Master's in Business Analytics

Roshini 1 / -  
Feb 16, 2019   #1
Hi all,
I have written a statement of purpose for the Master's in Business Analytics program.
I would really appreciate comments for improvement and modification.
Thank you in advance!

Statement of Purpose for Master's in Business Analytics

Having worked for 9 years in the IT industry with most part of my experience focused on enabling customers to solve business problems to meet their business objectives has been a strong foundational purpose for me wanting to pursue my Master's in Business Analytics. In today's changing scenario, with data and analytics taking foreground organizations are tackling business problems with a new mindset by moving to more data-centric and customer-centric business. I strongly see business analytics as an inevitable path of growth that will play a key role in my journey to help customers take advantage of the data-driven industry transformation.

I have a degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University, India. In my IT Career spanning 9 years, I have held multiple positions in customer engagements, business analysis, quality assurance, release management, resource management and consulting. I have extensive experience in GRC solution implementations and have handled implementations across multiple geographies, verticals, and domains. I hold the Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP) certification and the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification that adds value and credibility to the different roles I have played. Additionally, I have led a 14-member team of business analysts, putting to use my training, development, mentorship, coaching and leadership skills to its fullest potential.

Coming from the GRC background I have worked on many products that offer a full-blown suite of products that help companies solve issues around corporate governance, compliance management, business continuity, audit management, risk management, policy management to name a few. An integrated GRC platform was the solution to break the GRC silos and create a single source of data for better risk-based decision making.

Here started my fascination for data analytics. With a large amount of GRC data collected the challenge was to get across meaningful reports and dashboards for the top management. The platforms were then integrated with business intelligence tools to fetch the data, being on the implementation side of things I was then only focused on what data will be useful for the customer but the how part always intrigued me.

I can draw a lot of parallels from my experience with skills such as analytical thinking, creative thinking, problem-solving, storytelling, communication, and presentation that will enable me to successfully grow in the chosen career path of business analytics. Also, my academics backed up by my professional experience will help me define clear data initiatives, align them to strategic business imperatives, zero in on the real problem, ask right questions and unlock value from the data.

Today there is a competing urgency in organizations to embrace the use of analytics and technology to optimize their success. This marks an increased demand for tenured and seasoned professionals to look at the way they conduct business in the changing scenario. Career growth happens by keeping up with time and I want to grow successfully by being prepared for the big leap.

However, many industries have not yet realized the full potential of a large amount of data available to them. In this era of being surrounded by data, my goal is to help organizations leverage big data and analytics to broaden how they conceive, organize and manage data to help them make informed, quantitative data-driven decisions.

I am certain that earning my master's from the XYZ University will empower me with the essential tools to accomplish my career goals through the robust course curriculum offered by your esteemed university, coupled with real-world experience specific to the industry. Also, I am sure this program will open new avenues of sharing my experience and knowledge with the fellow team members and allow me to expand my professional network. I would be very excited to be surrounded by the academically and culturally rich environment at XYZ University, and I hope to have the opportunity to do so.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,832 2627  
Feb 17, 2019   #2
Roshini, you have to revise the statement of purpose to discuss how your college studies helped prepare you for your career and the possibility of completing a masters degree. You can do this by showing evidence of research skills based on topics that are related to your interest in business analytics, or your college major at the time. Offering some insight into your academic accomplishments will also help to bolster your image as a person academically prepared for the demands of a masters course.

The following statement is too vague to be truly helpful and informative in the statement of purpose:

I can draw a lot of parallels ... unlock value from the data.

While you can draw parallels, the reviewer cannot. That is why you need to better explain these traits through the use of comparative samples that show the actual use of your undergraduate courses in your current profession. These are critical criteria that will help the reviewer understand what skills, abilities, and past learning experiences you can bring to the program that may help to improve the learning experience.

There is no real academic purpose or professional goal that led you to choose this university. Try to be more specific in this discussion because the current presentation that you have is not really focused on your university choice. The university choice reference could actually be a template to refer in general to your university choice. While that is useful as a place holder, it does not tell the reviewer why you are excited about studying at this university and how their program, along with their faculty, can help you achieve your various learning and professional purposes.

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