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SCAD Statement of Purpose for applying to Graduate MA Illustration or MA Graphic Design

lekrado 1 / -  
Mar 6, 2017   #1
This 500-750 word essay should state why you are a good candidate for SCAD and how SCAD can help you achieve your dreams and goals.

I'm planning to apply for SCAD, in both, MA Illustration and MA Graphic Design. Right now I've wrote a SOP draft and I need to make it shorter. Thank you!

I'm an artist, illustrator and graphic designer

My name is Calin Radu, I'm an artist, illustrator and graphic designer from Bucharest, Romania and I want to study illustration and graphic design at SCAD. Since I was little I liked to doodle. It wasn't much of a choice as it just came. I was in the artistic field since I can remember and I don't really know if I can imagine how my life would have been without it. When I was little I wanted to be a football player and later an archaeologist. But I guess drawing was stronger and stuck his roots deeper into my life. From kindergarten I literally crossed the street to the Highschool of Arts that also had elementary, middle and high school classes and studied there for 12 years.

When I was 7 my parents also took me to the National Kids Palace Buzau, a kids club with various courses, where I had painting and computer courses. I followed these classes for some years, winning different prizes and participating in different contests like drawing on the computer with the mouse or Power Point presentations. I was making comics and drawing cartoon and manga characters that I saw on TV. In the 6th grade I won a 2nd place in Cartoon Network's Animation Generation contest, which was held in Europe, with a comic book story about a thief moth who stole a mouse's cheese. Winning this contest had a big impact on my life, making me more confident in myself.

I also remember that the principle of the school was asking me in the 7th grade to create designs for school diplomas in Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Office Word.

In highschool I studied Mural Painting but I was also working in a sculpture studio with the artist Ciprian Dominoschi, realising large scale resyn and plaster sculptures. I also won the 2nd place in the Romanian National Olympics of Visual Arts, Architecture and Art History, 2012, Mural art section.

My parents always encouraged me to follow the artistic path, even though we didn't had an amaizing economic stability. I've always been a top of my class, always extra studying and learning for myself. I spent many hours learning from tutorials and practicing by myself various skills, in order to be better and do more.

After that, naturally I went to the Art University where I chose sculpture, as I wanted to learn how to be a better drawer and to understand better the volumes. During the three years in the university I've done much more that just sculpture and drawing, trying to take as many courses as I could, and to learn as much as I can.

My 2nd university year was spent in Italy, at Accademia di Belle Arti din Bologna, where I studied illustration, painting, drawing and sculpture. I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people with different ways of thinking and experience new cultures. I enjoyed very much this year, and also developed my social skills and improved my level of english and italian.

My academic abilities are proven by merit based scholarships in all the three years at UNARTE Bucharest, and also being the 1st person from the entire university in the Erasmus competition assessment.

Working in the last 3 years as a freelancer and also in different studios and advertising agencies granted me experience and determination to become comfortable working with other artists, which enabled me the ability to work in teams, as well as in individual. I faced new challenges and also I've improved my analythical thinking that helps me solve better a problem or a brief.

After doing some university research, I came to the conclusion that SCAD would be the perfect place for me to develop as an artist and designer. Besides the fact that living in the USA is my childhood dream, the opportunities for artists, designers and illustrators are much greater and various than Romania and even other european countries. I know that art and design should be my main focus in life and I need to deepen my knowledge about it. I want to get the support from the best people in field, that would help me to develop a personal style and also to help me find my place in the industry and SCAD is the perfect place to be. The tutors and the facilities the school is providing are some of the best and show the commitment and support that the university is offering to the young artists.

In the future I see myself working in a creative studio, as an Illustrator or Art Director. I am still searching for my niche where I can blend in the best and I'm hoping that SCAD can help me find that path.

I'm hoping to achieve a level where I can inspire other people, and help them with my work to achieve their goals.
My drive and motivation is to draw and to create. Learning and creating are the things that get me out of the bed in the morning.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,217 4648  
Mar 6, 2017   #2
Calin, as a masters degree student, the focus of your statement of purpose no longer needs to relate to your earliest art influences or studies related to that. An appropriate statement of purpose for a masters degree student focuses more on highlighting your college background, related training, and professional experience. From what I can see in your essay, you can very well remove paragraphs 2, 3,4, and 5. The removal of these paragraphs will center the essay on the required information and also bring down your word count to a more appropriate level. The reviewer is more interested in how you have developed as an artist until recently, but starting at your development point from college. Which is why I am suggesting the removal of the irrelevant paragraphs. With regards to your last two paragraphs, taken individually, the paragraphs do not carry much of an impact. However, if you combine the two paragraphs into one, you create a very artistic conclusion to your presentation.

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