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"School of Business" short term and long term goals essay when applying for B Schools

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Sep 28, 2010   #1
Hello Everyone,

Thank you very much for this amazing platform where one can get so much guidance from the experienced professionals.

I am writing an essay on explaining my short term and long term goals, and now, after 5 iterations, have got really confused as to how the flow and narration should be for such essays. It's my first essay and thus the confusion. Please find below the essay I have written.

Request you to provide your valuable feedback on how the essay has come out, and how can the theme of writing be changed if need be.

Thank you very much in advance.

Please describe your short-term and long-term career objectives, and how you expect our program to contribute. (500 words)

There is no denying that childhood moulds a person for the rest of his life. Being the eldest child in my family inculcated in me a sense of responsibility, an ability to lead, and a motivation to manage people at the very early stages in life. These responsibilities helped me gain significant clarity on my short term goals -- enhance my education in the best possible manner to not only excel but also set an example for my siblings to follow.

All through my primary school days, I aimed to obtain quality and sincere education. The disciplinary attitude of my parents helped me become one of the best performing students for eleven consistent years at school. Besides my education, I gained deep interest in community activities. I clearly remember having organized an end to end New Year's Eve event in our society. That was the first time I started painting my vision for the long term.

The next few years instilled in me a passion to contribute to society. Eager to gain practical exposure, I enrolled at various management workshops and socio-community groups within my University and simultaneously earned a Bachelor's degree with 1st class (equivalent summa cum laude), graduating among the top students of my class. My diverse roles varying from President of the college committee to Head coordinator of cultural fests, from active member of social campaigns to technical society associate, trained me to be versatile, resourceful, visionary and responsive.

My learning curve significantly shot up as I entered the professional world. Not only did I mature with the intricacies of business and understood cultural management challenges, but also contributed significantly in growing the landscape of my organization. From handling the primary responsibility of technical development to involving in presales, solution consulting, project effort estimation, management workshops, client presentations, solution accelerator propositions, new hires' mentoring and business processes management, I have played diverse roles in the organization.

This exposure and valuable learning have not only helped me win many accolades and appreciations, but also get absolute clarity to my long term goal - hold a senior business position, use my experience to lay the roadmap for the organization, implement processes that touch every genre of society, and contribute in complete economic and social development of the community. With this in mind, I now look forward to join another dot, pursue education in management, to reach my long term goals, and this is where XYZ's transnational MBA program plays a significant role in achieving my goals.

XYZ School of Business, priding itself on building leaders who drive changes in the community, is the ideal place for me to acquire the skills necessary to help the beleaguered groups of my nation achieve sustainable growth and development. It is also the only school that helps one attain Certificate in Social Responsibility, a motivation in itself to work for the society.

With tremendous international exposure, innovative and talented pool of peers, unmatched faculty, expansive Alumni network, one on one coaching, highest staff to student ratio, and experiential learning programs, XYZ is undoubtedly my first choice to pursue my future endeavors.

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