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I'm seeking to advance on the business field hoping to have an effect on improving business trade

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Aug 11, 2018   #1

Essay about future leaders or influencers on Chevening Scholarships Program

After graduation from my undergraduate university; and working on several jobs, I decided to attend business school , because I discovered my passion for business world, and felt that enrolling for my MBA would be the correct path to develop my leadership abilities and full my extreme desire to have the innovative effect that I always desired to achieve in local community. During my MBA I Have attended several projects and always managed to take an influential role, in motivating the team and in setting the tone for task completion. In my senior year I have joined a research group working on " Warehousing & Material Handling project " The group was facing issues in finding organization to adopt the research proposal and received reminders from instructors on task delay. I started establishing the schedule for group meetings and arranging meetings with several organizations simultaneously to increase our chances of receiving approval from reputed organization according to timeline. I have managed to liaise with and convince key personnel within local company to accept our proposal. based on my desire to use this opportunity effectively I have created a mentality within group to ensure having project deliverables that can add real value to organization. I have arranged several visits to company facility which was located in a remote area and required a lot of coordination with team members. Project was progressing in a manner that we met school deadline and received excellent appraisal from instructor, and the most important thing is delivering recommendation to the organization for improving process.

I'm working in the commercial shipping field, which is the backbone of global supply chain and international trade. I'm on my early career stages, in a fast and nonstop business environment, where I have to collaborate with a diverse stakeholders from all levels. I have handled several roles with my employer, the latest one is vessel's port-operations and equipment control, where I yet to learn and advance my experience in carrier operations for which I had minimum training & supervision. Upon starting on this role I had several instances, on which my decision could have profound effect on vessel & port operations. But I always had the ability to accept the responsibility and managed to influence terminal management people and our company staff and management to allow smooth shipping operations. Also I have earned the trust of more senior colleagues to revert to me as trustful source for information and guidance. I'm seeking to advance on this field hoping to have an effect on improving business trade by leveraging innovation on current processes. And based on the fact that I believe if I have developed further my knowledge in logistics field; I'm confident I can contribute to the efficiency of business practices and setting strategic orientation for supply chain activities.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,669 4754  
Aug 12, 2018   #2
Mohammad, this is not a very strong leadership and influencing essay. Your abilities, as presented in the essay are simplistic and doesn't show that you have grown professionally in terms of leadership abilities and influencing skills. This essay must focus on 2 important aspects, your ability to lead in a professional or volunteer setting, and your ability to influence the group during pivotal times of the project or activity.

Your reference to the college group activity is not impressive because it has a reference to a controlled setting, that of being in the classroom with a professor supervising your group movement, thus limiting your group's ability to fail and address a conflict. Your leadership wasn't really done in terms of dire project considerations as there was no real professional setback or failure to consider.

Try to change the references you have in this story to one strong essay presentation that covers either a professional activity that represents your leadership and influencing skills. Or, a volunteer activity that highlights how you can make a community come together in support of a common cause.

Be conscious of the fact that the Chevening scholarship applicants will be professionals in their field of work who have far greater leadership and influencing credentials to present based on their number of professional years or years of volunteer service. In order to compete, you need to prove that you are a capable up and coming leader and influencer in your field of work or at the very least, within your volunteer community. At this point, this essay version does not reflect any of those. There are hundreds of sample Chevening essays covering leadership and influencing topics to be found at this forum. I suggest that you read those samples and try to imitate the content of those essays in order to have a reference guide for your own revised essay.

Therefore, you will need to delete this version, outline a new essay that better showcases your skills, then write a new, more competitive leadership and influencing essay. Perhaps your second version will present your relevant abilities in a better light.

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