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I had the skill of problem solving ; SOP - MS in Computer Science

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Sep 28, 2013   #1
There seem to exist a lot of real world problems ranging from simple like solving a Rubik's cube to complex like financial crisis, climate change and so on. By building clean abstract models of real world objects , by putting the models into action with the new ideas generated and efficiently implementing the same ,we can solve any real world problem.Therefore,my decision to apply for Masters program in XXX is driven by the urge in seeking an intellectual challenge that motivates me to explore and develop new ideas.

Right from my childhood days,I had the skill of problem solving which can be attributed to my interest in maths . I always had a passion to know the in depth concepts in this subject which culminated in my becoming the school topper in maths by scoring 100% marks in the higher secondary examination. Also, I always possess a strong desire to grasp and absorb the fundamental concepts in any subject which helped me procure a consistently good academic score.My bent towards mathematics and the latent interest in Computer Science fetched me admissions at Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT), Anna University, one of the highly reputed colleges for undergraduate studies in India. The brilliant coursework and faculty at CIT helped me to understand the concepts of computing in a broader sense. Subjects like Data Structures and Algorithms, Discrete Maths,Compiler Design ,Operating Systems,DBMS,Networking have been given utmost importance where theory and practical application of the same went hand in hand.I implemented the "Rat in a maze" problem in C language using stacks and queues. I was also introduced to graphics for this assignment which I took it up as a challenge and learnt. The knowledge obtained on binary search trees was enhanced by implementing the rotation algorithm by putting the out of balance AVL tree back in balance.

I was introduced to the DBMS paper during my fifth semester and i started developing special interest towards it .The lab sessions for this subject were conducive in enhancing my knowledge in the subject which helped me in developing the Sales Management System for a store. As part of data design, I developed the Entity Relationship model where I defined the entities, specified attributes and built relationship among the entities. I gained real life understanding of vital concepts like storing, indexing, transaction processing, deadlocks and so on.I developed further interest in this discipline when i learnt distributed systems.

As part of my final year project,I built an Image retrieval engine that fetches relevant images from a database. The project was titled-"Ontology based Image Retrieval systems".The retrieval model is based on the metadata approach where textual descriptions are associated with the images that may provide more accurate image responses to the user's query.The inside information about a picture is built as hierarchies using an ontology tool named Xena and the search is based on the human annotated metadata. The aim of this project was to describe how ontologies can be used to create better image annotation and retrieval systems thereby overcoming the problems that evolve from traditional text-based information retrieval.With all the efforts put in ,this project was completed successfully and was nominated for the TCS BEST PROJECT award. I realized that these efforts were the reiteration of my genuine passion for pursuing Research in Computer Science.

In attaining in-depth understanding of the subjects,I have always adopted a rigorous approach which has amply reflected in my consistently brilliant career,securing top 5 ranks in my class with an aggregate of 9.04 on 10.

After successfully completing my undergraduate course, I was placed in two multinational companies -Cognizant Technology Solutions and Automatic Data Processing.I joined Cognizant as a programmer analyst trainee where i was introduced to the concept of Data Warehousing and tools that use them.I learnt about the concepts of dimensions ,facts ,slowly changing dimensions that are used to store hstorical data.I was then placed into a real time project where I worked for a pharma customer named Eli Lilly an Co as a Datawarehouse and Business Intellignece professional. The project that I worked on consolidated various data sources and loaded them into a datawarehouse. Transforming the flat business rules into a query posed a serious challenge and it was a great learning experience for me.I was also involved in doing a deeper analysis of the mappings and optimising them for better performance.

Though developing and maintaining vast volumes of data is critical, transforming them into actionable information that help to drive new business decisions and changes are also equally important.I realized this when i was working under the reporting stream.I built several canned reports using SQL Server Reporting Services technology. With adhoc reporting being the latest trends, I was involved in creating a data model using Tableau that can be used by non technical end users in creating reports on an adhoc basis. My efforts were duly recognized by the organization and I was awarded the Most Outstanding Performer Award for the year 2012.

As I am always curious to bring about new ideas,I worked in automating the existing manual system where the large volume of data were maintained in excel and reports were generated using them. This was a painful task altogether. I converted the business rules that were applied on excel into oracle objects and generated the reports thereby reducing the manual intervention and increasing the overall efficiency of the system. I was appreciated by the customers for taking up this task and completing it successfully. I also bagged the "Kalam Award" for this contribution to innovation.

Along with my passion for software development and programming, I believe I have strong organisational and management skills.I had the responsibility to handle a team of 3 members under me .I managed the time very well and delivered the project on time.I defined the roles clearly for every member in my team and ensured that the work ran smoothly.This gave me a valuable experience in effective time management and development of interpersonal skills.

These projects have helped me develop a wealth of knowledge in the computer science field, and have certainly broadened my interests. However, they have lacked depth in certain areas that I feel truly drawn to exploring. Through graduate studies I hope to explore the fields of data mining and data warehousing more fully. My ultimate goal is to produce meaningful work that combines the acquired in-depth knowledge of the database and allied fields , while building on the solid foundation I have created in my undergraduate pursuits.
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Sep 29, 2013   #2
I feel lots of known and obvious things are here... They would not be interested in hearing what they already know. They would want to know more about you and SOP is the best opportunity for you to introduce your personality to them as it's going to make the first impression about you. So, whatever you write, have yourself in the center;

Irrespective of the size or the depth, problem solving poses challenges on people. I am one of those who gets motivated by such challenges. Be it a simple challenge like Rubik's cube or a more complex mathematical problem, these problem solving challenges always kept me inspired and that is the reason why I am driven towards applying for xxxxxxxx.

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