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Software Engineering - statement of purpose

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Mar 28, 2022   #1

statement of purpose essay

Dear Selection Committee,
"The only constant in the technology industry is changing," cautions Marc Benioff, the founder of Salesforce, an enterprise cloud computing company. In this scenario, acquiring up-to-date knowledge and learning the associated skills are inevitable for our existence. Such a resolve and conviction has always motivated me throughout my life to keep pace with the fast-growing and innovative industry, and to make decisions that seem stringent yet necessary for my future progression. That is why I want to pursue my postgraduate studies majorly in Information System that will help me develop a new dimension of prolific strategies in the technology area and I am exceptionally looking forward to utilizing my hard-working persona in the international market to not only learn the diverse tactics of learning but also to present productive and inventive ideas in return and experience convincing approaches of the computer industry.

I dream to facilitate my enhanced skills and introduce new strategies to the techno-world in my home country. As of now, every field in Pakistan requires to have computerized systems and an easy way of work so bringing up a technological turn will help my country to progress in this field and will be much

appreciated. By experiencing this remarkable opportunity, I would be able to bring new thought processes to my country this will extend the knowledge bank of citizens too and will encourage them to take further steps in advancing the country's technological interest.

I attained a bachelor's in Software Engineering Degree from the most reputed university of Pakistan, XXXX in 2021. This program offers various fundamental courses which have taught me a variety of new languages and subjects, providing me with the basic knowledge of various fields within computer science. I have covered C++, C, C# Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and API usage in detail, and have also gained some experience in using Python, and MATLAB. Moreover, my involvement in laboratories and research groups hone my skills in technical software, and research techniques respectively. In addition, the research-oriented environment at <University Name> greatly helped in strengthening my analytical and problem-solving skills. I have completed my degree with a CGPA of 3.36 out of 4.00.

In addition, I have completed my final year project (FYP) in "3D Tennis Game to Treat Dyspraxia; EyeHand Coordination" in the area of Game Development. Undergoing this project with the help of my supervisor not only helped me to learn innovative ideas and major concepts but also opened my thought process to a new developmental range and extended my capabilities to work and build up a career in a fast pace progressive market. I have also attended webinars and taken many online courses on programming and game development to achieve my goals and results.

The main reason for applying for a master's in Information systems is that this degree program combines Information technology with economics that mold itself into different shapes to accommodate the individual interest of students like me. It is one of the trending subjects and today almost every aspect of any business size from corporation to startups utilize software to be more efficient and gain a competitive advantage. Information System allows one to have a holistic view of these systems. The knowledge of Information systems will enable me more easily to dive into more details of any other domain-specific system, as this program offers a wide range of topics from information security to service science enterprise architecture and software business, which usually leads me to solve a problem to a bigger group too, like society. I have background knowledge and skills in modeling, development, and programming which motivates me to go into this field under the master's degree program in your prestigious university.

Moreover, the ability to remain persistent under high work pressure, an exemplary policy of team management with excellent communication skills, and determination to meet deadlines and generate work of quality is always my motto and this has made me excel in my field of interest. Overall, I think that I am still a novice and have much to learn and explore in the field of Information Technology. My career goal is to work as a business analyst or in a management position in global software companies or enterprises, where I can put my creativity and innovative ideas into practice. The main reason to apply for studying in Finland is that I have read about this country, and I have found that it is the safest country to be a girl, the best tourist destination in the world, and the happiest country. I am very eager to attend this master's degree specifically at the <University Name>, firstly because of its high and well-known education standards, well-qualified faculty members, and research facilities.

Secondly, this University, unlike many, does not require work experience and enables me to apply for a master's degree. Last, but not least, the <University Name> offers its master's degree, and the opportunity to complete its thesis, in the English language. Bringing remarkable progress to this tech market has always been my major interest and considering the inspiration of marvel personnel has produced a significant level of fascination in me to excel in this area. I am confident that on being granted this admission, I will be able to fulfill all the requirements of the degree and succeed with flying colors.

Finally, I want to say thanks for your time and consideration.
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Mar 28, 2022   #2
While the program does not require work experience, some sort of related training or internship experience would help the applicant prove that she has a relevant practical experience that will help her succeed in completing the course. While the undergraduate studies provide the academic foundation, hands-on experience will prove the relevant career path of the applicant. Revising the essay to include such information will help strengthen that foundation.

The reasons the applicant prounded for studying in Finland are more tourist based. The consideration should be more related to the academic goals of the student. What considerations set Finland apart from your home country? What career preparations relate to this choice? Why Finland? For what purpose?

The rest of the issues of the essay have to do with grammar, something that only a professional editor can help the writer fix.

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