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SOP admission in mit - 'exploring possibilities'

laalinibhogadi 1 / 7  
Dec 16, 2011   #1
please help me with my sop .
To the selection committee of massachussets institute of technology and sciences ,th much reverence and regard i appreciate you spending your precious time in considering my application for graduate admission into your highly esteemed institute.i take it as a honor to explain my purpose .i having an idealist temperament believed that the world is what we make and i am equally fascinated by the attitude of our species towards the reality and always trying to learn new things and making the world a better place to live making it a reflection of our thoughts .but in this process of conversion has produced many undesirable results which are actually a result of the negligence or loose strategies or even selfishness on the part of the executers .however the serious mis-implications of technology which resulted in problems of today that threaten the foreseeable future include global warming ,melting of polar ice caps and even an energy crisis that eclipsing the global industry. however these are problems only when we think in a common man point of view but as a technologist,i see these events as the things that need an innovative touch to morph them as compatible .THE WHOLE APOCALYPSE OF TECHNOLOGICAL DISASTERS THAT IS READY TO SWEEP THE WORLD IS NOT FORMED IN A DAY it is a result of constructive events the epicenter of which is an inability to foresee and modify our technology accordingly.as i previously mentioned that there are no problems but that need an innovative touch i am speculating a new innovative technology that can correct most of the things . I posses an incredible capacity of creativity combined with a good knowledge of physics and above all a great inclination to innovation along with a capacity to foresee and predict offer me a great chance to do my bit in the technological renaissance that's awaiting it's entrance and i choose a platform for it and that is your esteemed institute.MIT has been the spring board of several innovative projects that makes me a fit person to gain entrance into .also my people's skills of communication and my extra ordinary skills of intuition make me stand out in a group .with my qualities of taking lead and always choosing the hard one i am not less a candidate for application into mit .my bottom line is innovation with speculation of future.
sohaibsiddiqui 3 / 18  
Dec 16, 2011   #2
Please don't mind if I am harsh. I am just too disappointed with your work.

I am sorry, but you should be responsible enough to post an essay after proof reading it.

You are applying to MIT? You cannot even write th.

You can only get help if you really need it. You are trying to be too wise with you writing. There is no depth. Please re-write it.

Add some substance and less words. You can get help about words here.

I am very disappointed. I expected this to be a very mature and diplomatic essay. Please get serious friend.

IF you have dreams like MIT.
OP laalinibhogadi 1 / 7  
Dec 18, 2011   #3
Thanks for your reply .I will upgrade my essay.
OP laalinibhogadi 1 / 7  
Dec 18, 2011   #4
please help me with my sop to make it impressive enough.all suggestions even the harsh ones are welcome.
To the selection committee of massachussets institute of technology and sciences ,with much reverence and regard i appreciate you spending your precious time in considering my application for graduate admission into your highly esteemed institute.i take it as a honor to explain my purpose.

My ideals are my drive force.My main ideals are innovation,creativity and courage to do the unconventional.The inspiration to my journey is the quest for knowledge.

I would first like to narrate the experience that fascinated me most .It happened in my third grade .My teacher who is very informative had just thought a lesson and i am just awestruck by it .The lesson is quite simple. its about" the continents and oceans".but i nearly cried with happiness when i came to know that the world is much bigger than what we experience.It is the first time that i recognised the most happiest thing in the world that is none other than knowledge. That simple incident evoked a great desire in me to explore the edges of knowledge in the world. My quest for knowledge started .and I didn't leave any stone unturned in my path.My school education was one with many adventures .I came to know of different cultures even within a place ,different people and their thinking styles.i am proud and happy that I helped many of my friends realize their dream.I was a class representative in my school from grades 1-10 and my most appreciated quality is my innovation and creativity and my courage to take it beyond the ordinary.Mine is a small town school but that's been more an advantage than a setback. I got to influence more and more people and together with my batch we brought laurels to our school.In my school I got the opportunity to witness several cultures of my state and to keep my mind open.I am quite an information junkie and possess a wide variety of knowledge .This often came out in the forms of self expression and I started writing novels in my eighth grade.I wrote about three novels in an year .They are "the unknown scientist ","the land of magical inspiration" and my most favorite one "the revolutionary tornado".my three initial novels depicted the different temperaments of myself and they helped a lot in my later life.In my intermediate I ,quite inspired by the electricity ,their effects on materials set out for a deeper meaning of the universe and got interested in the much more comprehensive language of universe that i found out to be science .I got so fascinated by it that I can'[t help but to write another science fiction novel which received some critical acclaim of teachers "the time keeper".My ambition for knowledge made me learn many languages and i could even speak sanskrit ,the ancient language of india ,that i learned to obtain ancient knowledge from the vedas.I can speak french too. I believe much more in the expression of international citizen and I know the cultural aspects of most of europe and united states.I feel very free with new people and i could get along in any new community .In my undergraduate school I pursued the most innovative of the projects .together innovation,the drive for knowledge for better understanding of the universe and my understanding of humanity together make me fit to pursue education in your institute.

What makes me choose MIT is the ability to question the origin of universe .As my approach to information is totally scientific and I rely on proofs mostly.I believe that the experimental nuclear and particle physics is the best option for me.

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