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SOP. I aspire to take up a role within an organization where I can effectively utilize my skills

"Passion is the genesis of genius"

- Galileo Galilei
Curiosity to learn new things, and passion for anything I pursue, have always been the two key elements of my life. Being born in an open-minded and scholarly family, I was taught never to stop asking questions and put my 100% in whatever I would undertake. The foundation for academic excellence had been laid in my childhood. My parents always impressed upon me the importance of a good education & so I had been among the toppers even in school. I consistently scored more than 90% in school. I even received CBSE merit scholarship which is given to only a handful of students every year (out of 1 million students who graduate high school). This was all possible because of my hard work, self-motivation and inspiration from my mom (who herself is a teacher). My grades in the science subjects reflected my interest in engineering. Consequently, I fared exceptionally well at the engineering entrance exam and got admitted to S.G.S.I.T.S, the best engineering college of central India, for my under graduation specializing in BioMedical Engineering.

This program not only exposed me to the increasing applications of technology in the medical field but also gave me a solid foundation in advance math and statistics. The course work helped me gain a strong grasp over differential and integral calculus, differential equations, vector and matrix algebra, probability theory and probability distribution, random variables and distributions, Stochastic processes and Markov chains, programming in JAVA and Matlab. Additionally, courses in other areas of engineering like Statistical Signal processing, Industrial & Engineering Management introduced me to various statistical techniques like Principal Component Analysis and quantitative techniques for decision making. The projects I worked on & the summer internships enabled me to appreciate the tremendous potential of this field. I was determined to gain deeper insight in my field of study and therefore, I strived to find an internship that would equip me technically and expose me to the nuances of working in a professional environment. So, joined CHL Hospital, Indore, as a summer intern where I learnt the important role played by the bio medical department in providing quality healthcare. I was trained on the calibration of various instruments that find applications in biomedical engineering. Additionally, I also learned how to manage the records of annual/routine checks of various instruments for damage. The most important aspect of this internship was to gain an insight on how to coordinate between the biomedical department and various other departments with regard to managing the instruments in the hospital. My final year project "X ray image segmentation using MATLAB" has been the most satisfying. I along with my project partner applied various image enhancement operations on X-ray images using MATLAB programming. This was achieved using various image processing algorithms to remove the noise thereby enhancing the readability of the images for physicians. I put in my best efforts & stood in the top 10% in my department and completed my degree with 7.64/10 CGPA in my under graduation.

I graduated from college in 2017 & have been since working with Alliant Infotech India as a business analyst. It is a boutique consulting firm offering proven IT & Analytics solutions that deliver significant benefits to firms and organizations across a wide spectrum of industries and professions globally. I was hired specifically to work with a client which is a medtech start up in New Delhi. My responsibilities include implementing models in predictive analytics to ascertain market preference, studying and analysing factors influencing health care of patients, strategic management and resource planning for equipment & crunching thousands of de-identified hospital records (using R programming) in both the outpatient and inpatient settings for adult as well as paediatric populations. I am constantly upgrading my skills & I have learned R programming, Python and advanced MS Excel in the last 6 months.

My expertise at using data and modeling to create actionable intelligence was greatly admired by my peers.
Eventually this exposure of using cutting edge technology to apply different models and implement data driven solutions in analysis has ignited my interest in pursuing further expertise in business analytics.I have been an enthusiastic learner, good at academics but that has never been in the way of pursuing other interests. I was the Chief co-ordinator of AAYAM-2016 an annual festival of SGSITS, Indore; my alma mater. I volunteered for the blood donation camp organized during Aayam-2016. I won accolades in a poster making competition in 2016. In addition to this I was the chief executive member of the college art & photography club - Pratibimb. I have organized number of events for the club such as a live demo of street art, painting without brush, graffiti &comic designing. I have also successfully completed a 5K run event in Marathon held in Feb 2015 for creating awareness about blood donation. These activities have led to the development of a multifaceted personality and have equipped me with strong interpersonal skills.

With the MS in Business Analytics program perfectly integrating knowledge and training on technical topics in data and statistics along with business applications, I believe the program will help me understand analytical strategy and data practice in organizations and pave the way for the next step in my career. The role of data and information management will be of increased importance in the coming years, and I plan to use my computing, analytics and management background to assist in the structured development of organizations.

After my master's degree, I aspire to take up a role within an organization where I can effectively utilize my analytical and quantitative skills to enable data based business decisions. In future, I want to utilize my experience & domain knowledge to derive useful insights, make recommendations based on data modeling to guide organizations towards greater efficiency.

Considering my career goals, MS in business analytics and project management at XYZ University is best suited to my needs. XYZ University is one of the most comprehensive universities with a highly reputed program for Business Analytics. I found the course curriculum to be highly application oriented and tuned to the needs of the industry thereby providing excellent job opportunities for the graduating students. The Name of department offering this course has a strong faculty team providing great research opportunities. A very high standard of teaching and research would not only allow me to get invaluable learning from the course but would also enable me to apply that knowledge in the professional world successfully. XYZ University being close to major companies in the northeast region provides excellent opportunities to network with professional from various industries. Furthermore, flexibility in curriculum, emphasis on a collaborative environment and getting a global perspective to various key issues are other important factors that have prompted me to apply to XYZ. I request that my application be considered for admission.

Dec 3, 2017   #2
Yasha, this was a very tiring essay to read. The essay is suffering from a case of too much information. This is a certainly an informative personal statement, but an ill effective statement of purpose. You tried to discuss everything that you thought was relevant to your application without realizing that a statement of purpose has a different content format from a personal statement. You have to revise this essay to cover only the following aspects:

1. Your college days, classes you excelled in, recognition and awards, your thesis project in relation to the chosen MS course.
2. Relevant work experience covering 2 years at least. Internships may be considered as replacements for the lacking years or work hour requirements.
3. The reason that you are compelled to study this MS course. Include career objectives if possible.
4. A 5 year career plan.
5. Reasons beyond information on the website and youtube that helped you decide that attending this university is what is right for you at this point in time.

Those are the most specific required information for the SOP. In your current essay, I can pick out some paragraphs for you to develop as responses to the above. I suggest you use the following paragraphs in your revised essay: 3, 4, 5, 6. Start your revised essay by improving the content and presentation of those paragraphs then fill in the blanks based upon the information I outlined above. That will create a better and more informative (in a relevant manner) statement of purpose draft for you.

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