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SOP for MS in Computers Science in the field of computer networks (NOS)

abhi123 1 / -  
Dec 13, 2010   #1
Hi All,
Please review my SOP for MS in Computers Science in the field of computer networks.
Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions.

I have blocked few names to avoid divulging too much information on a public forum.

Data Communications and Computer IT

"If creativity and innovation are plants then education is the soil in which they grow".

My first encounter with computer networks was during my first year of under-graduation , when student council decided to setup computer networks in the student hostels. This activity was completely driven by the lack of infrastructure, which both the students and University administration perceived necessary. Soon a group was formed to fill this gap and I was lucky enough to be part of this team. My learning process begun with infamous book "Data Communication and Networking by <Author>" to understand the layered architecture and ended with real time implementation of various networking devices such as hubs,switches and routers ,and the implications of their interaction in real world.

In the following semester , the course on "Data Communications" broadened my understanding of various switched networks, routing protocols and significance of connection less and connection oriented communications. I successfully implemented "Sliding window Protocol" as part of my summer training. At this point, I realized that my appetite for learning more and solving problems in computer networks was increasing day by day. Soon I had a opportunity to work on "Voice Mail System" in <Company 1>, a <type> Enterprise. This opportunity exposed me to importance of developing the complete infrastructure through integration of complicated network protocols with user friendly applications, to bring perplexing inventions to the use of end consumer.

After graduation, I was clear my career would be in the beautiful world of networks. Though I had couple of job offers in hand, I was certain that I would be working for <Job 1>, leader in outsourced network product development. During my two and half years with <Job 1>, I worked extensively on multi-cast, virtual LAN and developed the complete feature alone "<Feature 1>" for <Client 1> on VxWorks platforms in highly demanding client service environment. While extending the solution for Q-in-Q , I realized that the existing implementation was inefficient and proposed a new solution resulting in a white paper on <Client 1> proprietary solution and emerged as winner of <Symposium>, a platform to demonstrate innovative solutions in Aricent.

I bagged a opportunity in <Job 2> to work for a team developing next generation, edge aggregation series routers famously known as ASR9000. This platform uses <Operating Sysytem> , a <Job 2> proprietary operating system for networking devices. My first assignment was on "<Proj1>", real time debugging infrastructure. This was my first encounter which taught me how a creative and innovative idea's could transform fundamental features into powerful tools. This feature enables engineers to debug issue in just few minutes which previously used to take a week. Later, I was assigned to work on one of the most challenging components in the system, the control packet forwarding path infrastructure, also known as "<Proj 2>". Currently I own the component and lead a team of three engineers and we focus on triaging customer issues, enhancing and re-designing the architecture. I received "Pride at <Job2>" and "<Job2> Achievement Program" awards for efficient triaging, delivering projects on time and applying innovation to enhance system reliability and debug-ability of the system. My thirst for innovation helped me conceptualize the idea of building a tool which can generate a real time network topology diagram using underlying infrastructure of <platform>. This combined with the ideas from my team-mate we build a web based tool called "Topobuilder" and which was showcased at "<Symposium>" day and was highly appreciated by VP Engineering of <Job 2>.

Working in <Job 2> not only not only gave me an opportunity to work on critical issues, but also an opportunity work with geographically and culturally diverse set of engineers. This environment induced the zeal to work hard passionately and to deliver innovative solutions. I consider myself fortunate to interact and learn from the best minds in the country, both in my college and at workplace.

Apart from my focus area, I have always participated enthusiastically and actively in extra-curricular activities. During my undergraduate degree, I participated in Robogames, representing my college at Techkriti, IIT Kanpur and won third prize. I was actively involved in the cultural activities and was head of informal events at the Utkansh'05.Realizing the importance of knowledge sharing at work place, I established a platform for technical discussions in <Job 1>, where engineers share the knowledge of products or components they are working on. In <Job 2>, apart from mentoring the new hires, I also organized bi-weekly tech-talks in which senior members of the company are invited to talk about the upcoming technologies to share their approach to develop solutions to the toughest problems, the product is facing.

My five and a half years of experience in this industry has made me curious to dig deep and understand the design and theory of real time Network Operating Systems(NOS). I also want to explore the future and advancements of Real time NOSs. I am sure that <Univ>, with professors such as <prof 1> and <prof 2>, is a suitable place for me to learn and explore. The research and projects in <Univ> will give me a good exposure and a ground to grow in terms of innovation. I can leverage on my two and a half years of work experience on VxWorks and three years on <Operating System>. The knowledge and base provided by <Univ> combined with my work experience and understanding of challenges the industry face will help me to be in devising unique solution to problems of much larger magnitude.

Keeping my career objective in mind I wish to pursue my graduate studies in the <Univ>


EF_Kevin 8 / 13,334 129  
Dec 21, 2010   #2
The best way to get a lot of people to respond to your essay is to go give responses to other people's essays in the "unanswered" category. :-)

...my first year of under-graduation undergraduate studies, when student council decided to setup computer ...

... University administration perceived as necessary.

I consider myself fortunate to interact with and learn from the best minds in the country, both in my college and at workplace.

During my undergraduate studies degree , I participated in Robogames, representing my college at Techkriti, IIT Kanpur, and won third prize. (add a sentence before this sentence. Make it a PARAGRAPH TOPIC SENTENCE that expresses the main idea of the paragraph.

... the industry faces will help me to be in devising unique solutions to problems of much larger magnitude.

Good luck! This is very impressive. You can improve it by working to clarify one interesting, memorable THEME that the reader will associate with you.


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