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SOP for MS on Cyber Security for UK. Jan 2020 entry.

sujithbro 1 / -  
Oct 4, 2019   #1
Hi all. Firstly, I thank everyone who is taking the time to read this and give your feedback.

I will post my SOP here. Do share your comments and thoughts.


Cyber Security must be the forefront of all businesses be it a small scale or a large scale industry. Primarily not focusing on cyber security can be greatly damaging to a business. There is the direct economic cost of such attacks to the business, such as theft of corporate information, disruption in normal functioning of the works and even having to repair affected systems all resulting in financial loss. Aside from the direct impacts of a cyber-security breach, there are also legal consequences to deal with.

I have had a computer at my home from the age of 8. Ever since then I have always been fascinated about computers. I would spend hours on it just trying to figure how it all works. It was this strong interest which came at such a young age that led to pursue studies with Computer Science at the core of it. Curiosity was my middle name when I was a kid. I love solving puzzles and problems by means of logical approach. Proper coding and algorithms has appealed to me in the same way. At the first semester in my college it was my professor Dr.Perumal who inspired me to get into coding. He helped me to understand the science behind code and made it interesting. From then onwards, my own curiosity and resilience took over.

The subjects such as Object oriented programming, Data Structures By learning these subjects, I gained strong analytical thinking and complex problem solving techniques. In my last year, I got the highest grade in Security and cloud computing laboratory. This was the starting point for my interest in cyber security. Apart from education, I took on many key roles in my college. I was the 'Technical Head' of my department which includes jobs like preparing and co coordinating with the students for any and all events happening related to computer science.

Studying further was always in my mind. But I wanted to apply all the skills I learnt in an industry oriented level. That is when I took my job at Cap Gemini. It is in here, that I gained a lot of enriching experiences which further strengthened my resolve to learn more. The company gave me insights as how to deal with real time problems and deadline pressures. It also made me better in working with people, respecting their opinions. I worked on multiple projects here. Particularly, one project resonated with me. My colleagues and I had to design an entire database architecture using Talend as the ETL tool and Amazon Web Services to hold terabytes of data. It was then I learned about the backend part of data and it's cloud processing.

During the 3rd year of my college, my PC was infected with a ransomware. My mother was using my system and she clicked on a suspicious link. I lost most of my personal data to this malware. I realized it wasn't her fault but mine. At that time, I didn't even know what a ransomware was. That is when I understood the importance of being secure. From that moment on, I started researching about different forms of prevention for attacks on cyber space and systems. To my surprise, I was really interested in the things I found. I decided then that I must one day become an expert in this field. It was at this moment that I knew I wanted to pursue my masters in Cyber security.

My experiences at my company have prepared me for the hardships that will come along with pursuing a post graduate degree. And UK was the first country that came to my mind. I really think that a degree from a prestigious university such as Bournemouth University would kick start my career in the right direction. The course 'MSc Cyber Security & Human Factors' at your university feels like it is tailored for me. To understand the technical as well as the non-technical side of it is just perfect. I want to be a part of it to enhance my understanding of the subject even more. I cannot think of a better time to apply for cyber security than now, October which is European Cyber security month (ECSM).
Maria - / 1,098 389  
Oct 6, 2019   #2
Hi. Thank you for being here! I wish you the best of luck in your application. I'm here to provide you with feedback on this writing.

The first paragraph is quite an interesting take on an introduction. Would you rather have this than a personal background? I would personally opt for an overview of your own skills and assets first before proceeding to explain why you fit into the program. In this light, you are moving more straight to the point to what the evaluators actually need to see.

You can incorporate the importance of cyber security midway in the essay. If you place it somewhere after discussing why you are interested in the program (ie. after the current second paragraph), you'll be relaying the information in a more strategic and efficient light.

Furthermore, it was quite messy how, in the second to the last paragraph, you jumped into your background as a student. I would suggest that you keep this as organized as possible through following a time sequence rather than moving all over the place.

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