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SOP: MS Data Science/Analyst with work experience

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Aug 2, 2015   #1

'Disha' in Sanskrit means 'Direction'.
I, Ms. Disha Shah would thus, like to give a proper direction to my career path from being a Software Engineering Analyst to becoming a Data Scientist.

A strong desire to understand the business intelligence process and the requirements of the industry propelled me to accept an employment at Accenture, a global fortune 500 company.

My project in DW/BI capability was for the Retail Store (client name not disclosed - Accenture policy), which is one of the leading retailers in US market and also a Global fortune 500 company.

The project was based on an onshore-offshore operating model and it required me to interact closely with the client team. I have worked on major components of data processing, data analysis and data profiling for quality standards. Delivered an entire remodelled structure of Trillium data processing for the client in Enterprise Data warehouse module. Thus, have worked extensively on more than 10 modules involving Customer Data management and Store Inventory. I have attended training on Big Data and am self-learning its framework currently. At present working on research to publish white paper on Big Data Edition. I have also completed Teradata Basic Professional Certification.

After getting a grip on the work, I built a customised tool -Jobomate. It automated 7 repetitive processes on ESP Mainframe-a legacy tool. This gave up to 70% of cost and time saving to the client estimations. The asset was awarded 1st prize in 'Innovation' drive held in the project.

I am thankful to my organisation and client who have awarded me with more than 80 appreciation mails and recognitions in this span of 3 years.

Later, I volunteered to help new joiners by being a part of an official Guide's group in the company. The group supported in company ramp up by conducting induction and various other technical sessions for more than 500 fresher. Accenture Learning and Management team acknowledged my contribution as a 'People Developer'.

The earnest wish to help did not limit only to new joiners but also extended towards society. As a manager of Corporate Social Responsibly Forum of Accenture in Mumbai, have organised more than 25 campaigns and events at more than 8 NGOs (Partnered NGO names not disclosed -Accenture policy) I was humbled to receive 'Accenture Big Heart Award' for the contributions towards same.

The desire to make efforts towards society and to horn technical skills was in truth carried forward from the initiatives done previously during under graduation. At NMIMS University in Mumbai, was a member of various forums like CSI, IEEE, Teach for India and Rotary Club. PRISM was a committee set up by my friends and myself to horn soft skills of students by arranging guest lectures. My curriculum enhanced my knowledge in subjects like C Programming & Data Structures.

In final year of under graduate course, my team project 'RFID system for authorised identification' involved coding a programme using C and build an electronic circuit mainly using microcontrollers.

I wish to conclude by narrating a mantra which I follow-
'If an opportunity does not knock your door, build a door'.

My goal is to be in a role that helps industry drive and manage the strategic decisions on basis of Predictive analysis and Management. I aspire, to pursue Masters in Data Science at your esteemed University as for me it will be a step forward in building that door.

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Aug 2, 2015   #2
I, Ms. Disha Somaiya would thus, like to give a proper direction to my career path from being a Software Engineering Analyst to becoming a Data Scientist.

//I, Ms. Disha Somaiya would thus, like to give a proper direction to my career path from being a Software Engineering Analyst to becoming a Data Scientist.//

No need to state the obvious.

My points for you.

I see many tech jargons used in para 3 and 4 that would definitely throw off the reader. Put in the simpler terms so that the non-techie admission comitte team could understand. For example ESP Mainframe-a legacy tool. should only be - legacy tool.

I see that you explained your community involvement very well. Good.

But I see that you missed to explain what the school would dod for your career. You also need to say what courses in tat program will help you. Thsi si very important .

Overall a very good essay. Make a couple more drafts and you are ready.

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