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Dec 7, 2020   #1

sop for the University of Manitoba

Being born into a community where farming activities are the major means of livelihood, I naturally grew up curious about agriculture. Visits to farms were a normal part of my childhood experience.

However, I lost interest in agriculture when I realized that most farming households struggle financially. I later found out that, most of these farming households struggle because their farming methods were outdated, they didn't inculcate sound economic and financial principles in their enterprise and my nation's economic policies were grossly lacking.

This realization, coupled with the fact that the economy of Nigeria, my nation could grow in leaps and bounds if her agricultural sector was well harnessed solidified my decision to study Agricultural Economics and Farm Management for my Bachelor's degree. I wanted to be able to contribute immensely to my nation's development.

In 2011, due to the projected food crisis, high food importation bill, and the hunger and malnutrition problems in the country; the government decided to promote indigenous food production.

This decision led to the Cocoyam Rebirth Initiative- Cocoyam being an indigenous tuber crop with low cost of production and high post-harvest values and potentials that had been greatly underutilized.

Thus, my undergraduate project was based on the consumption pattern of cocoyam and the willingness to pay a premium for its health benefits using the regression analysis to model the response of socioeconomic variables to price of cocoyam and willingness to pay more.

After earning my Bachelor's degree, I worked with Amo Byng-an agricultural firm as a business efficiency officer where I gained useful insights into agricultural business and finance especially as it relates to a private firm.

Due to my thirst for knowledge, propensity for research and love for academics, I decided to study further for a master's degree (still in agricultural Economics) at the University of Ibadan - acclaimed as the first and best institution for higher learning in Africa. There, I conducted a research on the effect of adoption of new varieties of yam on farmers' productivity and income level using the Heckman's model.

I worked as a volunteer agricultural extension officer after my Masters degree. Working as a volunteer agricultural extension officer with the Oyo State Agricultural Development Program under the auspices of the N-Power Scheme of the Federal Government of Nigeria enabled me to have a deeper glimpse into the agricultural sector of the nation.

This experience granted me further insight into the agricultural economy of the nation from the viewpoint of the public sector.

Thus, my experience of the agricultural sector of my nation from the trio perspectives of the individual farmer, the private corporation and the government afforded me a somewhat rare but useful balanced viewpoint of the nation's agricultural economic sector.

This balanced viewpoint, coupled with my inclination towards research and finding solution and insights into real life situations through economic modelling is what informed my decision to obtain a doctoral degree, this time internationally. This would give me a worldwide viewpoint that studying in my home country may not.

Having gone through the website of the University of Manitoba, and noting the research interests of the some members of faculty, I assert that obtaining a PhD specializing in Agricultural Economics from the University of Manitoba is the right next step in my career aspiration towards serving my nation and humanity in general especially in the agricultural sector.

***The End***

Please, I would really appreciate your feedbacks on this.

Thank you.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,364 3368  
Dec 8, 2020   #2
This is a personal statement, not a statement of purpose. I do not suggest that you try to use this as a purpose essay with your application because it does not reflect the requirements of a PhD SOP. Put a pin in this. Use it only if you are asked to present a personal statement with your application forms.

You are applying for a doctoral degree, so you have to start the discussion beginning from the time when you started working again in the field after you completed your masters course. You should not be telling the reviewer that you lost interest in agriculture or anything like that because you will also lose your chance to get a student slot. You have to make sure that you highlight your interest in progressing agricultural economics in your country based on your experience, observations, and desire to advance the professional field by learning advanced theories and developing practical skills that you can take back with you to help you train the other people in your country that work in the same field. Your SOP should reflect a desire to prevent the projected food crisis, high importation bill, among others, by helping the government develop indigenous food production. That should be the focus of your dissertation and the purpose for your advanced studies. Explain why you believe that a PhD in this field will help you become an excellent participant in the Cocoyam Rebirth Alternative. Focus the dissertation on connecting that program, with your proposed research as supported by the university you are applying to.
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Dec 8, 2020   #3

Thanks for the useful feedback.

The requirement was stated as lettter of intent. I assumed that to mean statement of purpose.

Am I correct in assuming thus?