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SOP : Global economics and development - International relations

Mafalda 1 / 1  
Jan 30, 2012   #1

Please let me know what you think about my SOP and how I can improve it.

Thank you :)

Thousands of years ago the Greek philosopher Socrates declared that he was neither "an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world." For him the ability to enrich one's life knows no borders. This is how I see my life today. I am a 22 year old young French woman, born to a Spanish mother and a Portuguese father. Therefore, I grew up in a multicultural environment and I have always had an intense love and sense of connection with people from all over the world. As a citizen and student of the world, I have already accomplished many impressive achievements in both my personal and academic lives, which, make me, I believe, a perfect candidate for your Master's Degree.

Coming from a modest family, I am the only one of my family that has ever attended high school and growing up I have learnt the value of hard work, sharing with others and never giving up in the face of adversity. Raised between France, Portugal and Spain, all of these countries have taught me a lot and helped to deeply enrich my language skills. I personally believe that languages and International Relations go hand in hand. After a gap year travelling in America and Europe, my desire to experience the world of international relations and my fascination with my own identity and history led me to the University Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux III, where I completed Summa Cum Laude, a BA of Applied Languages, English and Portuguese, focussing on International Relations. I believe that my hard work, my passion and my curiosity made me the student I am today: highly motivated, with a deep interest in the world's affairs.

Whilst in college, I was thrilled to take up the opportunity of studying abroad at the University of XX (same I am applying to) for a semester. I believe that this experience was a turning point in both my academic career and my vision of the world. I took classes in International and Area Studies and was influenced greatly by the class "Global Economic Relation" taught by Doctor Robin Grier. Above all, I realized my passion for the world of international relations and how I wanted to expand my knowledge in the field of global studies. My BA of Applied Languages and International Relations, has given me strong foundations in languages, English and Portuguese speaking countries' civilization, history, economics and politics. After my semester as an exchange student, my next objective was to broaden my studies towards all areas of international affairs.

The completion of my BA Summa Cum Laude, gave me the opportunity to undertake one of the most highly ranked Master's Degree courses in France in which I achieved merit. I am currently studying Political Science and International Relations at the C Institute for Higher Studies and spending a semester at the University of Québec in Chicoutimi, Canada. This master's course is the continuation of my BA and will help to diversify my knowledge by offering me a strong foundation in political science and international relations. My current experience in Canada has given me another opportunity to experience a new perspective on world affairs. My main assignment during my first semester, was to enlighten my classmates on the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals, an assignment that opened my eyes to the challenges we, as citizens of the world, must face and tackle. Therefore I feel the need to extend my studies to the world of global economics and the area of development. I strongly believe that my candidacy to your program is further improved by my interdisciplinary academic achievements and my multicultural background.

In this light, I believe the University of XX and the College of International Studies provides all the courses I am interested in, as well as the tools necessary for me to reach my long-term goal. Your Master's Degree in Global Economics and development perfectly suits my interests especially your courses "International Economics" and "World Economic Development". Moreover, the international internship will, I am sure, open up fantastic opportunities for my future. In addition to its academic excellence, the University of XX is also an international campus, welcoming more than 2000 international and exchange students from more than 140 countries. Spending one semester on campus, I was able to meet people of many different nationalities which I had not been able to do before. I became extremely involved in this "international family" and realized how fortunate we were to have the opportunity to study in such a unique university.

According to UNICEF, only 58 per cent of children of secondary school age attend secondary school worldwide, in Western and Central Africa this figure drops to just 23 per cent. I am part of this 58 per cent, lucky enough to be able to build my own future. But, what about the 42 per cent and the 77 per cent in Africa? At the University of XX, I met students from all over the world, a lot of them on full scholarships with two objectives: to get their degree and then return to their native country to try to improve the lives of those who are not fortunate enough to get an education. As Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." I believe it is my duty to help developing countries by empowering their educational system. Achieving the Master's of Art in Global Studies, Economics and Development, I believe, will provide me with the platform that I need to achieve my objectives.

I would also like you to consider my application to a graduate assistantship position. My professional experiences have helped me to develop qualities that I believe will be highly appreciated in you college. I am a very social, organized, sharing and extremely curious person. My knowledge of four languages, including Portuguese, a language no longer offered at XX, could also be a useful resource. As are my life experiences, as a student from three European countries, can only be positive. Moreover, as an international student, a graduate assistantship would provide financial stability and therefore the opportunity to be more involved on campus and to volunteer abroad.

In my life, I have had many varied experiences and have also overcome numerous challenges which has motivated to me to accomplish my goals and meet the highest standards set by my university and the institutions I have worked for and I plan to continue this dedication once admitted onto your program.

dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Jan 31, 2012   #2
Your intro is very impressive. Overall, I think you've done a great job.
kiwiuua 3 / 3  
Jan 31, 2012   #3
I have read your sop carefully. I think your motives is clear´╝îand your statement is good. Now,I am preparing my application for a french master. I hope to get help from you.

Bonne chance!
OP Mafalda 1 / 1  
Feb 1, 2012   #4
Thank for very much for your time.

Any idea how to improve it or some parts of it?

Thanks again!

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