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SOP for masters in petroleum engineering, working in Pakistan for the development

Like others, I won't say that engineering was my passion since I was in school. In spite of having so many engineers in my family, I was neither influenced of them nor impressed from them. I was having a normal education like others, neither talented nor dull. Even I didn't decide what my aim in life is, until I did BSc (Bachelor of Science) in pre-Engineering subjects (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry). But after passing BSc I got a clear vision of my future. I don't belong to a business running family. We have to study and get job to bear the expenses of our family and BSc is just an ordinary two year degree and we can't expect a highly paid job from this. Then I decided to continue my education and achieve at least 16 years of education which is considered as bachelor's degree worldwide. Then I thought to take admission in any of the masters program having a link with the engineering subjects which I have studied in the BSc. Being determined some how I got admission for the program "MSc in petroleum Technology" in the University of Karachi. I chose this field because it was quite different from the others and doing something different has always been my hobby or you can say my nature. This was a two year degree program comprising of 20 different subjects. This degree is considered as a cock tail because we have to study subjects from geology, petroleum industry, drilling and mud technology, reservoir engineering, health safety and environment, refining and pipe line technology. All the subjects were interesting and interconnecting. But studying drilling subjects more thoroughly than the others, I made my mind to do some extra ordinary work which can prove my intense craze and passion with the petroleum engineering. Working day and night I succeed to make a pilot plant, which shows the basic drilling work of a rotary drilling rig, it can easily be seen by just clicking the link below.

Making such project in the last semester and passing the final exams with the flying colors I was completely satisfied with my performance and determination for getting a white collar job in the petroleum industry.

After completing my MSc in Jan 2010, I started searching job for to which I had to leave my home town (Karachi) and shifted to Islamabad because most of the Oil and Gas companies lie there due to the security problems. I stayed 1 year in Islamabad. I visited each and every company to get job or either internship but failed. The only answer I used to get from them was, "there are so many engineers already in the market who are jobless, then why do we prefer you over them. If you want to differentiate your self among them, so go abroad and get a Masters degree in this field". I begged them it is not possible for me to go abroad and bear such expenses because I belong to a middle class family and my father cannot bear such huge tuition fees. But they did not offer me any job. I even said, please let me work as a volunteer, I don't want any wage from you, because at that stage, time was the most important factor for me and I did not want it to be wasted. After struggling and begging so much, I got a chance to work as an internee in the China National Logging Corporation for two months only.

There I learned the basic training of the disciplines like surface well testing, drill stem test and slick line operations. During the two month internship period I had to clean all the equipment on the yard with diesel and other materials with the help of my colleague internees. By doing such regularly we got to learn the basic purpose of the equipments and machines present on the yard, their specifications, their working procedure, how to open and re assemble them,

The only factor lacking was my field experience, through which I could make the most of what I had practiced in the internship period. At the end of the internship period, I was quite sure to get a call for job. But I was amazed to hear that my qualification does not match with their requirements as I don't have any specialization in any particular field. From that day, I made my mind and decided to get a masters degree with specialization from abroad, in order to shut their mouth by accepting me as a complete package engineer.

This is now my dream, target, goal, aim, passion or what ever you understand. I have to achieve master's degree at any cost. I thing it is enough to express my enthusiasm, and this is my very own and personal, purpose of statement.

Definitely not so many students like me are able to continue the struggling phase of their life after having 16 years of education in Pakistan. But by the grace of God I think I am the lucky one to be blessed and think something differently.

Obviously, it would be a precious asset for my country and my family to return with a foreign qualification and working in Pakistan for the development and progress of the petroleum industry. It will be an honor for me to serve my country.

Thank you

Faizan Muhammad Ramzan

Jan 9, 2011   #2
hi dear faizan
I have read your essay,
I think if you wana get any fund for your major you should show something more than your dream or interest.
you know? I mean you should show something different with your competitors such as great grade, job experience or others.
of course you have something, just look carefully around your self.
Jan 9, 2011   #3
thanks for your quick reply

my dear friend i don't have great grades or any job experience as i mentioned in my SOP. well i don't need funding, i will manage by doing some part time jobs along with the studies. what i need is admission in good and reputable university to get a masters degree.

hope you understand.
if you still find some mistakes in SOP plz let me know. i would be happy to get corrected

Thank you

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