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SOP for Msc in Renewable Energy: a successful engineer

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Apr 3, 2011   #1
Personal Statement
Looking back in my life, I always feel a strong connection with engineering. Later during my adolescent years, I found out that I had a strong inner passion for mathematics and physics. I have always been a bright student of my secondary and higher secondary school and got straight 'A' grades representing outstanding. Soon I realized that the field of engineering would be an excellent choice for my future studies. I was among the top ten position holders in my higher secondary board exam in pre-engineering group. As a result, my first choice when I graduated high school was the department of Mechanical engineering.

I have completed four year degree of engineering in Mechanical at NWFP University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, and graduated in July, 2009. I continued to excel in my university, achieving first division in my bachelor with distinctions in many subjects. My undergraduate education has given me a certain set of skills and strong fundamentals in both mechanical and electrical engineering. As a result, I incorporated a combination of models for understanding into my way of thinking and research.

After my graduation, I joined AKRSP as an internee. AKRSP is a donor-funded rural development NGO working in Northern Pakistan (Northern Areas & Chitral). It is the implementer of renewable energy projects as well as the facilitator of community participation. AKRSP has, since 1991, completed more than 200 micro & mini Hydropower schemes. To date, a total of about 10 Mega watt of installed micro & mini hydro capacity has been implemented by AKRSP in the region. As an internee, I visited the remote areas of Chitral and realized that I have to choose this field as a career because living in 21st century and having huge potentials of renewable energy resources, people in this part of the world are still deprived of the basic needs of life. Among those clean source of energy is one.

During my field work I faced many issues regarding sustainable energy and felt that I need advance knowledge for improving capacity and quality of renewable energy systems. The effective and efficient use of renewable energies in Pakistan can provide a large number of rural households in mountain areas with affordable electric generation for helping low-income strata, milling, small enterprise and other needs. Such renewable systems have direct local environment benefits in terms of substituting for existing diesel based power generation, reducing the emission of poisonous gases and other harmful chemicals, reduction in the extensive use of fuel-wood and kerosene oil for household cooking, heating and lighting, reduction of deforestation and degradation of natural habitats of rare plants and animal species.

Pakistan is facing the worst energy crises despite of huge potentials. Yet, these available opportunities for solar, wind, and environmentally-benign hydro-power resources as well as existing energy saving potentials have not been used so far. Presently my country is lagging well behind in the field of renewable energy. Thus keeping my interest and today's field demand in mind, I have decided to apply for postgraduate studies in order to broaden my knowledge in the field of renewable energy. By applying to the MSc in Renewable energy, I am aiming to enhance my knowledge of renewable energy systems, renewable energy policy, and energy efficiency. With this I can not only serve the industrial side of my nation but can also start such field in academia sector so that the youth of the nation starts learning it from the time of their education and understand its need and importance within the country.

Over the past two years, I have developed a particular interest in the area of renewable energy while working in the field of designing Micro Hydro Power Plants, construction of domestic Biogas plants, metallic cook stoves and biomass briquetting. I have gained an important professional experience as Design & Production engineer while working in a turbine manufacturing company. In addition, I am also working with university professors and donor agencies for technical cooperation, to develop new products in this sector. Furthermore, I have attended much training and seminars both at national & international level which keeps me up to date in energy sector. In the past; I had the opportunity of work in multinational environment and the work results have shown that I can be equally productive and creative working as a part of a team or individually on a project as I am able to perform several tasks at once.

Career is not the only thing I have focused on in my life. I try to maintain balance between work and leisure. As a pastime, I enjoy playing games, hiking, listening to music and surfing internet. I was the best player and captain of our college basketball team and represented my college in different national tournaments. Due to my social and flexible nature I enjoy a very diverse circle of friends. With an approachable personality I am able to put at ease, everyone I work with.

Finally, I believe that life is constant learning process and I am confident that I have the technical skills and the qualifications that meet the requirements for the masters in renewable energy. I am certain that my passion, ambition and willingness to work hard will help me to become a successful engineer.
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Apr 3, 2011   #2
I have completed a four-year degree in Mechanical engineering

Due to my social and flexible nature, I enjoy a very diverse circle of friends. With an approachable personality, I am able to put at ease, everyone I work with.

Finally, I believe that life is a constant learning process

I hope this will help.
Good Luck
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Apr 4, 2011   #3
Skim the first 2 paragraphs, and make a list of the significant pieces of info you give. I think you do not give all that much info. So, you use a lot of text to give a small amount of info. I think you should brainstorm a perfect word or concept that you can use as your theme. Do you know what I mean? While you give this info, explain it in terms of a memorable theme -- some word that is perfect for explaining your career plan.

So, can you add a theme to that introduction?

Career planning is not the only topic I have focused on in my life.---I made 2 small changes.

Throughout the whole essay, you write very professionally. I just wish you would think of a "magic word" that would make the whole essay more memorable.
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Apr 6, 2011   #4
thanks zubaida,,,,
thanks kevin i get your point, i will make it :)... i really appreciated your fruitful suggestions and correction....

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