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SOP; The perfect fit. The Data Science and Analytics program is what I am looking for.

Chikaa 1 / -  
Sep 30, 2020   #1

SOP for Masters in Data Science and Analytics

Data Science plays a key role in changing the world by transforming raw data into valuable information in various industries. Once I researched on how this could be achieved it motivated me on exploring more on the topic. While perusing my undergrad I was never keen on pursuing a profession focussed on databases and joined product based company where I worked as a PHP developer, very soon I realised that this was not my interest and moved into a different field which was more data centric.

It is here that I found my calling, I was a part of the data analytics team and was mainly working on building Dashboards, 2 months into my job I was well versed with the tool Spotfire. Since our clients were pharmaceutical based the data was huge and there were multiple dashboard's that needed to be built which involved complex calculations. . I also learned tableau as I found the graphical representation of the data fascinating. I also learned PL/SQL which helped me understand the database and its structure, Also I had knowledge on Oracle and My SQL from my Undergrad program.

Since I was someone who was a fast learner, I was put into projects where I worked on managing data using C# and Python. I was also a part of the team in developing a chatbot which mainly used AWS Lambda functions. As my curiosity increased I took up a Data Science course on Udemy which involved data Analytics using python.

This is when I planned on pursuing my Masters in the field of Data Science and Analytics which would let me expand my knowledge an help me build a better career. And _____ University is the perfect fit. The Data Science and Analytics program is what I am looking for. After program completion I will have massive knowledge of data analysis, which would help my professional development. And I greatly appreciate your consideration of my application
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,377 3372  
Sep 30, 2020   #2
This better be only a partially written SOP because if this is your full SOP, then you have a problem. It does not accurately highlight the purpose of your interest in this course. How long have you been on the job exactly? The masters courses often require the applicants to have at least 2 years work experience. I do not see anything in this essay that will tell me you will pass the professional qualification section.

You have no clear explanation regarding the purpose for these studies. What is the professional requirement for this course in your line of work? Why did you decide to study this course based upon your professional requirements and future career plans? Truth be told, this sounds more like a college personal statement instead of a statement of purpose for a masters course.

The statement of purpose should represent:
- A personal goal for these studies
- A professional application
- A quick explanation of your undergraduate foundation that prepared you for this course
- An idea as to how this course will help improve your career potential
- The reason why you chose the course and university based on actual curriculum information and other information

Like I said, this should only be a draft and not the final essay on your part. You still have a long way to go in terms of editing the paper before you achieve the final version of your presentation.

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