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SOP- SCAD - What first drawn me to a career as a visual artist were animations I watched as a child

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Feb 15, 2021   #1

Statement of Purpose - SCAD-Animation

Hi, this is my SOP for Scad Animation MFA. Please review and suggest changes if any!
Thanks a lot in Advance :)
Has to be at least 500 word count.

-500 word count

What first drawn me to a career as a visual artist were animations I watched as a child. At first it was mere fun and enjoyment, but as I got older I started to realize the intricate details involved. This later would develop into me copying what I saw, then later taking art classes. My adult aspiration to pursue a career in the visual arts began as I realized the work that had to be done to narrate a simple scene into a painting or scene in animation. For example, seeing someone scramble an egg. It's so easy to see this scene in real life and even do it yourself, and something so simple can be easily taken for granted. However, painting this scene or animating it is not an easy task. How something done so simply in real life took hours to portray on a canvas or on screen. My goal is to obtain a Master degree in Animation, and it is for that reason I am submitting this Statement of Purpose.

I have completed a Bachelor's of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting. My coursework helped me further develop my technical skills and be able to narrate a story within a single still scene. I have learned that every day scenery can be so beautiful and meaningful. While I live in the world I find a scenes, picture perfect moments. And it's up to me, the artist, to make these scenes seem more that just everyday, even magical. Up till now I have been doing commissions and working at a local art gallery to be by creative minds and be inspired. I take classes to keep improving my technical skills and also study a variety of animated films and short films.

Who I find to be my inspiration is Hayao Miyazaki. He is the director for Studio Ghibli Films. His work is inspirational because the range of emotion, sound, and visual aspects are all exceptional. If I had to explain his work, I would describe it as a perfect example of drawn emotion. He is able to tie in his characters feelings and visual scenery along with sound to really capture his audience and have them feel what his character is feeling. If I could ask him one question, that question would be how can I relay my thoughts onto the screen and have a wide audience understand it, when it's not directly spoken with words.

In the future, I hope to become an Animation Director working in an animation studio in the industry. This graduate program will help me hone my existing knowledge of the arts and storytelling, presenting me with projects that will challenge me to create something all can enjoy. The training I will get through this graduate program will encourage me to innovate, giving me the skills and techniques that I will need to be a successful animator in the job market in the field of my dreams.

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Feb 16, 2021   #2
There is no real purpose for your studies. You have written a motivational letter rather than a statement of purpose. This is my assessment based on the general requirements of an SOP. Since you did not indicate the writing instructions for this SOP, I had to use the general reference. Is it applicable to this essay? I sincerely hope so because, even as a motivational letter, the essay is really weak and one dimensional. What is the actual purpose for your studies? Consider the professional requirements of your current job and you will develop your academic and professional purpose for your studies. Think of your previous training and studies, how did these fall short of your needs and why? These are some discussion points for consideration that should help you create a more targeted draft SOP. That is, unless you wrote this based on a specific writing instruction. In which case, you just wasted your single free essay advice opportunity by not letting me know about it in the post.

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