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Personal statement for applying a MAs educational leadership

Cutecarrot 1 / -  
Mar 20, 2020   #1

My lack of "domestication"

When I read the news, I learned that AI is developing and applying rapidly. By 2025, at least 15% of the occupations will be replaced by AI, such as bank teller and toll collector. I am shocked and feel that the most urgent task is not to learn much knowledge, but to cultivate the ability to think and learn new things independently, which is the key factor for human beings to be higher than AI and not fail in their future career. I studied finance in the undergraduate stage, but I gradually found that my interest is management. I am "the manager and leader of an enterprise" for my future planning career. I do not confine myself to the scope of financial accounting that only looks at statements, but make use of the ability of financial analysis and management coordination to become the core leadership of a company. In order to achieve this goal, what I lack now is the ability of leadership and management, which is called "domestication" in Chinese culture. It refers to the ability or charm of using one's own education and guidance ability to make the individuals in the organization have a common character when there are differences. This common character is to regard the people who have this ability as the leader and be the leader When the sheep do something, they will follow him faithfully. This kind of ability is what I long for now, and it is also indispensable in my future career planning. I read a book called <<leadership>> in which the writer argued that the leader is never born but can learn, everyone could be a leader after professional training. I am deeply moved by such a theory, or the spirit behind it. These sentences also make me ambitious. Therefore, I intend to apply for your university's Educational leadership master program to enrich my theoretical study and professional cognition in this field.

I chose your university for the following reasons:

First, your university's performance in 2020 QS ranking is very eye-catching. I think it's most attractive to be able to study in such an excellent university with academic research and overall atmosphere. That is to say, your university has many excellent and experienced teachers, has a long history of accumulated teaching experience, and can provide students with the opportunity to cooperate with famous enterprises or institutions, as well as the best students from all over the world, to immerse the university in a strong academic atmosphere. I firmly believe that if I can study in such a university, it will be very helpful for me to have a good understanding of my professional knowledge, the guidance of my study and life from an experienced team of teachers, group work and individual study, the accumulation of internship experience in top enterprises, and the guidance of my future life.

Second, your university is located in London, one of the oldest and most profound cities in the world, and also the most famous modern city in Europe. It has incomparable cultural and working resources in other cities. On the one hand, I can learn more knowledge in libraries, galleries and museums, inspire more inspiration and learn more knowledge; on the other hand, There are more internships in London. Top companies or institutions in all fields of the world are set up in London. I can have the opportunity to visit or practice in these companies or institutions. These two advantages are very attractive to me.

Third, the most important thing for me is my challenge to my ability. I want to have higher standards for myself, just like I challenged myself to study in the UK two years ago. I never thought that I could finish my overseas studies so smoothly before, even now I apply for the world-class university for further study. I think life is constantly climbing a mountain with a mountain. I will never know how many mountains I can climb without challenging myself. Studying in your university, I think I am climbing another mountain. I can't wait to see how beautiful the scenery on the mountain is.

I have a course called organizational behavior in my sophomore year. I have learned that different behaviors will occur in an organization under different or the same circumstances and policies. When doing individual assignment, I look for a lot of empirical evidence In reality, no matter in enterprises, schools or other institutions, the leaders and managers of an organization are crucial to the external performance of the organization, while the internal performance is the leadership's control over the organization's spirit and culture, most of which are achieved through educational means. Through the education of the staff group, they can not only achieve their expectations in business ability, but also obey the instructions of the managers in spirit. It's also like our behavior of showing respect and obedience to our teachers. When we encounter choices or problems, we always tend to ask the teachers' ideas and get their support. In my opinion, such ability is what I lack most at present. To achieve this goal, what I need is theoretical study and professional guidance for education leadership in your university, and cooperation with top institutions to accumulate experience. I am convinced that your university has such ability to provide me with professional and responsible tutors and internship opportunities related to it. When I browse MAs Educational leadership's course description website, the course design of this major is very reasonable, and I am very interested in some courses of this major. The first is leading and managing change and Improvement, in the future society, because of the change of technology and situation, both educational institutions and market enterprises are facing internal and external changes, which may be the change of internal members or the change of external policy environment. In my opinion, being a leader and manager at the beginning of the change trend is a crucial ability to learn this course well It is undoubtedly very helpful for the future changes. Next is the leading in diverse cultures and communities (Leadership) course. Combined with my future career planning, I believe that this course is very helpful for how to maintain the cultural diversity of enterprises or institutions, and how to find the balance between cultural diversity and core corporate culture. In addition, I think the course of developing personal leadership is the only way to become a leader. Only by learning the professional knowledge and theory that leaders should have, and combining theory with reality in future practice, can we truly create a successful leader.

My idea about my future career planning comes from a friend of my father's. I was infected by her personal charm in the interaction and communication with her and had the idea of becoming like her in the future. She is the corporate culture director of Mercedes-Benz in Beijing head office. She often holds many staff cultural activities and staff education meetings. She is respected and loved by everyone in the company, which makes me deeply admire her personal charm and leadership ability. Therefore, my short-term plan is to enter the world's top 500 enterprises after graduation to become a corporate culture On the one hand, top 500 enterprises have rich and profound corporate culture, on the other hand, top 500 enterprises have more resources and opportunities for future development. I will use the teaching leadership knowledge and accumulated experience learned in your school, plan and organize the company's education and related activities according to the development strategy of the company's culture, explore the positive elements of the company's corporate culture, and use the means of education to make the company more cohesive. My long-term plan is to accumulate the respect of the staff group for me while being the corporate culture director, and make them become my loyal supporters. After accumulating experience and fully understanding the company's operation, I will use my accounting and finance in underground, And Management knowledge, to control the company in all aspects, to enter the top management of the company, and to become a core leader, to realize my market value, leadership in education and monitoring in economy are my important tools, I have already possessed considerable economic and management ability, and what I lack and desire now is education and leadership ability, which is what I apply to your school The professional reason is also the ability I hope I can have in the future.

When I was a university student in Beijing, I used to be the director of the youth volunteer association and was awarded the title of "excellent youth volunteer in Beijing" in 2017. My main task in the association is to train the new volunteers of the association. According to different volunteer activities and activity requirements, I will convey the main idea and specific precautions of volunteer activities to volunteers. Each volunteer activity has its own specific requirements Different, for example, there is a huge difference between the activities of caring for autistic children and the volunteer activities in the subway station. The volunteers who care for children need to be careful and patient and take care of their feelings. The volunteers in the subway station need to help the staff to maintain order or help the passengers find their way. In the process of teaching volunteers, I feel that the skills of education are very important. Not only do I need to In the face of volunteers from various universities, with or without experience, and in accordance with the requirements of different voluntary activities and association policies, I need to change my training contents and strategies. In this process, I feel that education leadership is so important and runs through all aspects of life, and it is so obvious in voluntary activities. I hope I can have more about this On the one hand, so that in the future when I am facing such a situation, I can use my professional knowledge to solve problems.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,531 2963  
Mar 21, 2020   #2
The essay tends to be mundane overall. It doesn't really catch the eye of the reviewer. It is descriptive to a fault, one dimensional overall. Placing myself in the role of the reviewer, I found myself tuning out of your essay by the 5th sentence. That is a bad sign. If I tuned out at the 5th, reviewer will tune out at the 2nd or 1st sentence. You need to shorten the essay. Make it more interesting. The first paragraph has that potential. You just need to focus on the things that might catch the interest of the reviewer like the meaning of domestication and how it relates to your career plans. Be imaginative. Excite the reviewer. Right now, he is asleep in the back row.

As for the reasons you chose the university, paragraphs one and two are highly commonplace and will not impress the reviewer. This is part of what made the essay boring to read. However, the 3rd paragraph and the paragraphs thereafter started to becoming more interesting and relevant to your personal statement. So you may want to rethink your overall presentation. Make it shorter, concise, and interesting. Otherwise, the reviewer will fall asleep due to boredom. He won't be able to properly analyze the content of your essay. So, he may just decide your application isn't worth it, no matter how well qualified you are.

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