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Statement of Purpose - what area of CS interests you particularly? Masters in Computer Science

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Aug 20, 2021   #1
Hi All,
This is my first time attempting to write an SOP. Please give your feedback on the fluency and topic flow. Below is the requirement of the university

Please upload a "Statement of Purpose" and indicate what area of CS interests you particularly and why you want to do research.

"So often people are working hard at the wrong thing. Working on the right thing is probably more important than working hard. - Caterina Fake"

As a child, I believed that the only individuals who could be successful were those who possessed "talent.". Then I discovered that by putting in the effort, anyone could become "talented." In time, my curiosity developed, and I observed the best of the best and found that they were all preoccupied with one thing: working harder than they did yesterday. As a result, I vowed to follow in their footsteps and give everything I had to my work. It was only a matter of time until a second and perhaps even more crucial realization dawned on me. It's the fact that what you work on matters far more than how hard you work. You can be the hardest worker in the room, but if you work on something you don't care about, you're wasting everyone's time.

Since I started understanding the world around me, I have always been curious by nature, who loves to think abstractly, and always looking for creative and challenging endeavors. Computer Science, therefore, is an inevitable decision for me. As a child, I was a well-rounded individual with an innate curiosity for the world around me and was always on the lookout for the cause of any event. The ability of a simple idea, as in the case of the computer, to evolve into a globally life-changing factor awed me. As a result, I spent my school years shadowing and assisting my father, an ex-serviceman, and businessman by trade and a self-taught software engineer by passion, as he learned the inner workings and complexities of a computer. During that time, I didn't limit myself to just computers. I was an active participant in inter-school science and sports competitions, where I received numerous awards.

Owing to my father's influence on my computer interest tending more Electronics, I opted for XXXX Engineering College which is the top college in my state for pursuing my undergraduate studies in Electronics and Communications Engineering. According to my firm belief, technological and scientific advances should be exploited in a productive manner to create effective solutions for the common man's problems. I designed a code for autonomous traffic signal control using MATLAB, which received good appreciation from my professor. I actively engaged in workshops, seminars, and presentations iINNOVATE, our department's annual celebration of engineer's day, awarded me a second prize for my poster presentation on "Automatic Traffic Control System". I also participated in Pravegyan, a national-level technical workshop conducted by ABLab Solutions in cooperation with the Indian Institute of Science, where I was one of the students chosen to attend the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in appreciation of my excellence during the workshop.

Keeping my academic skills apart, my college provided me a platform to develop leadership and managerial skills. I volunteered for national level XXX-FEST where I was assigned a managerial role over a section of the fest. Although I never had the opportunity to engage in sports events, I was a regular badminton player with the team. Since joining, IETE, a students' forum, I've organized a variety of technical and cultural events, during which I've gained managerial experience. After learning C as a part of our curriculum, I became obsessed with programming in addition to academics and extracurricular activities. I decided to learn HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery for my own interest and developed a couple of small websites.

During campus placements, I was hired by an IT company before I graduated in May 2016. Because of my interest in the development industry, I jumped at the opportunity. For six months, I was assigned to Java Developer support. When it came time to study Java, SQL, PLSQL, and a few more technologies I saw it as an opportunity Although I was glad for the chance and learned a lot during the six-month period, I was looking forward to strengthening my skills in the front-end category. I taught myself AngularJs, the industry's hottest framework at the time, as well as HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery, by attending a series of online and offline classes. I was able to acquire a contract position with XXX, a global leader in energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability, as a front-end developer within five months through XXX, a major business services provider. After four months of working with them, I was offered a permanent job. I've been working with them for the past four years, albeit we're now known as XXX owing to a merger trade.

Over the course of my time with the company, I've worked on a variety of projects, from creating widgets and web apps to creating dashboards for efficient, interactive, and configurable visualizations of oil and energy information management, to a yearlong project developing an idea into the reality of smart which can monitor and control the entire city operations. With the adoption of peripherals like IT and OT Technologies, Connected Devices, Edge Control Software, and Apps & Analytics. When I worked on the project, I was introduced to new opportunities, which eventually led me to reapply for school and gain even more expertise.

A master's degree in computer science with an emphasis on data mining and data retrieval is something I'd like to pursue. A further area of particular interest to me is the interaction between computers and humans, which makes Artificial Intelligence so user-friendly and cutting edge. I see myself as a professional who, using research as a tool, will produce sustainable and dynamic results, and turn cloud computing into a dynamic instrument. Another stream that I'm interested in exploring in the future is operating systems.

The university's comprehensive and rigorous curriculum astound me. Your computer science curriculum providing M.S. caters to my requirement of studying subjects of my interest, from artificial intelligence, networking, data mining, and data retrieval to software systems which will help upgrade my knowledge base and aid in my complete understanding of computer systems. I am hopeful that my confidence, aptitude for learning, strong determination, resilience, and positive approach will facilitate my growth as a scholar.

. One of the reasons I applied to your university was because of the professors. Beyond its renowned research infrastructure and teaching personnel, the University of xxx provides students and researchers with both state and federal funding. As I plan to pursue a job in research and innovation after completing my degree, I am more determined than ever to attend University of XXX.

While I bring with me a solid understanding of computer science foundations, a knack for research and teamwork, a thirst for challenges, and a burning desire to learn everything I can. I hope to leave with a network of strong and enduring ties with my lecturers and fellow students. I'm hoping that my history and qualifications will be deemed eligible for the MS in Computer Science program at University of XXX.
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Aug 21, 2021   #2
Half of this paper is a personal statement. The first half should be removed from this presentation as it does not deal with the purpose of the study. Paragraphs 1-4 are not relevant to the purpose. The latter half can be retained with adjustments to create an appropriate statement of purpose. Paragraph six should be the opening statement. Aside from areas of interest the professional purpose of the studies needs to be highlighted.Studies without career application does not create a solid professional purpose. Since you are applying to a non-work experience masters course, the application will benefit from an expanded after study purpose. The relevance and connection of your study plans with your career would give the paper a definite direction , expectation, and function .

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