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Statement of Purpose MS Chemical Engineering

alimohsin858 1 / -  
Jan 26, 2013   #1
I need help with this statement of purpose as how can i improve it?

I wish to pursue my graduate studies at your esteemed institution, as I believe that a Masters degree at XXXX University will help me to develop myself as a well trained chemical engineer and establish a career in the chemical industry.

Chemical Engineering appeals to me because of the challenges involved in the application of scientific theory to practical, real world problems. I was amazed by the role of chemical engineers played in helping mankind lead a better life. Fermentation for making alcohol and various foods, the use of enzymes for tanning leather, the use of bacteria for biological waste treatment, production of antibiotics from mold culture and alternative energy resources are examples of the role played by chemical engineers in helping mankind.

In the period of study at XXXX University, I have undertaken various courses like Heat transfer, Fluid mechanics, Mass Transfer, Plant Design, Chemical Reaction Engineering and Thermodynamics. These courses have introduced me to various theoretical concepts and methods that are widely used in chemical industry.

During my undergraduate study, my final year project entitled "XXXX" was aimed to optimize productivity of Hydrogen fuel with cost efficient. This being my first foray into research work, it has been huge learning experience for me because I analyzed that shortage in energy can be compensated to some extent by tapping the potential of alternate sources of energy like Biomass and biodiesel. Especially in a developing country like XXXX, where biomass is aplenty, it could prove to be the major source of power in rural areas.

My interest in my final year project grew stronger as I learned more about it and working on this project, I had the opportunity to study numerous articles and reports on alternative energy sources. The knowledge I gained was invaluable and I was more than convinced that this was a world changing technology of the future and certainly where I wanted to be involved.

During four weeks summer internship in XXXX Company, I acquainted with the Urea and Nitric Acid manufacturing processes. As an ‎Industrial Intern, I provided energy and material balance for the Nitric Acid plant and ‎evaluated urea consumption and also design shell and tube heat exchangers in the ‎plant and compared results with available data sheets.‎

In my four years of studies, I found that chemical engineering has so much to offer to my quest for knowledge. Being a dynamic field which touches almost all aspects of modern science, it has kept me interested and inspired throughout. Seeing its vastness, I certainly feel that a graduate degree is essential to focus on my interests.

I believe that XXXX University with its high number of good reputed faculties supplying instructive and innovative projects and various labs with an extensive range of computational facilities would provide me with essential knowledge and skills. I am also excited to interact with Assistant Professors, XXXX and XXXX whose work is closest to what I want to pursue for the original research component of the masters degree. I also believe that studying in such an academic atmosphere would help me to shape my career and academic skills much better for the future and it makes me a more valuable asset to the society. I hope the Admission Committee considers me for an admission and thus gives me the opportunity to show my thirst for knowledge.

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