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Personal Statement for Computational Mechanic Master Degree in Germany

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Jan 8, 2018   #1

Engineering (civil) personal statement

Being a female civil engineer has certain challenges. In my country, people often see that women are not suitable in engineering field. Some say we should do accounting, be a secretary. Some even say we should stay at home and do chores. It is uncommon for women to take a step in higher education. For me, however, my parents always teach me to pursue my own dream, to be the best of myself, to be a blessing for the motherland. So I decided to take parts in infrastructure construction in my beloved country, Indonesia.

I earned my bachelor degree (a 4-year study program) in civil engineering from Parahyangan Catholic University in January 2017 with a study period of 3.5 years. During my study, I learned about structural designing and realized that I wanted to pursue further knowledge. Therefore, I took two internships in the near end of my study. Firstly, I designed three bridges for NIPAH Project in Makassar, and secondly, I remodeled Crompton Factory in Banten. Both projects are located in Indonesia. In order to fulfill the prerequisites for graduation, I had to do a research, entitled 'Observation of Dynamic Responses of the Cisomang Bridge Loaded by South African Class 6E1 Series 4 E1525 Train'. I used several structural programs to do the modelings, such as SAP2000, ETABS, and Midas Civil.

As I graduated, I started to work at PT LAPI Ganeshatama Consulting right away. I am involved in LRT Jabodebek Project until present. Becoming a junior structural engineer, I have been learning a lot about designing substructure for bridges, such as bearing behavior, pile pile cap, and pier design regarding to AASHTO Standards. Once again, I use SAP2000 and Midas Civil for the design models.

In the present time, engineering and technology are inseparable to each other. Since being a university student, I have learned to generate model analyses mostly by computers which are used to simplify the calculation process. By a click on the 'Run' button, the result is displayed. Ironically, many young engineers in the present time do not possess comprehensive understanding regarding how the outcomes originate). This is critically serious since engineers are lack of abilities to judge if there is an error in their computations. Unless the input is correct, it can cause miscalculation which leads to a structural collapse.

I recognize the relationship between engineering and computer, thus I feel the urge to understand further about computational mechanic. It comes to my realization that the knowledge from my bachelor degree is insufficient to overcome all the problems. In order to aim for a higher level of career, to design even bigger infrastructures in my homeland, I need to achieve further knowledge about computational construction philosophy in more advanced levels. Unfortunately, there is no legally accepted guidance about computational mechanic in the country where I live.

Hence, I challenge myself: how about pursuing a master degree abroad?

Based on my personal research, I found out that Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen has one of the best computational mechanic master programs in the world. TUM has been known as one of the most notable research-based university in Germany, which has been acknowledged as a highly technological country. I confide that TUM provides its students with the most updated civil engineering expertise about civil engineering due to its continuous exploration. In some way, I believe that TUM is noticeably capable in motivating its students to eagerly develop their competence. It is confirmed by numerous papers that are authored by TUM's professors and students, along with its global reputation. I am certain that these benefits of learning computational mechanic in TUM will lead me directly to reach my life goal, being a contributive female civil engineer whose innovations are valuable to her country.

An arrow has to be pulled backward in order to aim precisely to its target. By this philosophy, it is essential to commit my time and start preparing the right 'ammunition' for focusing on a greater target. This does not mean taking steps rearward, yet this will rocket one's development accurately. Pursuing master degree will consume a lot of time, indeed, and I am ready to take the time in order to prepare the best of me. By completing my master degree, I am going to devote my knowledge and skills for a better Indonesia.

To conclude, I believe that TUM is the right place to develop my knowledge about civil engineering, especially computational mechanic. I am positive that my knowledge and skills from my latest education, internship, and professional experience make me a considerable candidate for the Computational Mechanic Program with the purpose that I can give a great impact to my homeland, Indonesia.

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Jan 8, 2018   #2
Regina, since you are applying for acceptance to study a masters degree course, there are two things irrelevant in your presentation. Your gender is irrelevant, your college saga is also irrelevant. Your college accomplishments are not notable because they did not bring you any recognition or awards. You are basically just presenting a run of the mill essay here that will lose the reviewers interest within the first minute of reading your essay. How can you turn this around? By introducing relevant information from the very start. Information such as:

1. Kick off with a mention of the masters course you wish to enroll in and why you think your college studies, as well as your professional experience have made you a suitable candidate for this course.

2. Why this university? Beyond the obvious information that you researched, what actually drew you to become interested in what this university and this course has to offer? What specific courses, professors, and programs offered by this university align itself with your idea of the appropriate academic training one must gain from this course?

3. Discuss how prepared you are for the demands of this course. Specifically in the field of research and/or internship. Let them know that you are a person who is keen on doing research and putting your new abilities to good use via their internship programs with various architectural firms (finding a specific firm connected to the university will show that you did your homework.)

4. Why do you believe that you can thrive at this university despite the language barrier, the differing cultures, and a required cultural adjustment on your part?

5. Remember to close the essay by letting the reviewer know that this is your first choice university because your future career goals can only be turned into a reality provided you receive the required training from this university in particular.

The above guidelines will help you formulate a new and properly aligned personal statement for your masters degree application. Since this is no longer a college personal statement, you need to elevate the information that you will be sharing by focusing more on your professional aspect in relation to your personal desire to acquire higher learning.

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