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Statement of Purpose for Data Science & Analytics (MSc) from Cork Institute of Technology

ZeroToInfinity 1 / -  
Jan 30, 2020   #1
Hi All,
I am planning for MSc in Data Science and Analytics from Cork Institute of Technology. Requesting for honest feedback for my Statement - detailing motivation for applying for the programme and how it will enable me to meet my career goals

sop for Data Science & Analytics

Steve jobs once said "If you are working on something that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The Vision pulls you" and in my case, it is this spark which is taking me forward to pursue MS in Data Science and Analytics.

From my schooling days, I was always attracted towards computers and mathematics. It was one of the very few subjects, in which I can always storm in with sheer confidence of excellence. This love pounded its way in my high schooling as well, resulting in considerable good grades. My zest of pre-determining the output, before starting the game, led me into pursuit of a diploma degree in Computer Science, prior to my engineering. My engineering major was in Electronics and Communication. This selection was a pure thought process work, where I can indulge my past diploma knowledge of programming languages like C, C++ while parallelly diving into electronics. I showcased this in my grades and with my final year project where we designed "Plastic Water Bottle Crushing Machine", using Java for GUI, microcontrollers for circuiting and RDBMS for tracking the user data - A step towards environment protection.

I have been working in the IT industry, with ABC Company, for around 6 years now as QA - Automation Engineer. I have worked with major clients for ABC across Gulf, Europe and USA, coving Banking and Finance, Retail and Insurance sectors. I earned back to back progressions to Associate analyst and honed my technical skills at an equal degree. It has been a revelation working with Consulting firms as we help companies on their Digital Transformation. I have been majorly associated with Automation tools like Selenium, Appium, Rational Functional Tester, using Java and Python. My work requires me to constantly create automation frameworks, extracting data modules, Dashboards representation and reporting using Maven-cucumber, Power BI and host of tools for my clients. I worked with clients on analysing their business processes, optimizing their KPIs and designing automated analytics architecture in line with their organizational goals and aspirations. As an individual contributor, I found out that Analytics is one-of-a-kind Techno-Functional discipline and management skills are an absolute must for any Consultant to deliver.

My major inclination point towards data analytics came, when my younger brother started his professional career as a Big Data developer in 2016. We used to discuss the numerous implications of this technology and how vastly it plays the game changer role. Each and every sector relies on data to show its excellence. Analysing Data helps to track, predict and gain accuracy, against the opponent. I started digging deep by referring to online study materials, participating in online lectures and even completed a few online courses. This resilience has now taken me to the point, where I have to part ways from my current technology, to move on to something much advance, where I can present a solution to a problem, just by understanding and using the raw data. I realized that I will need to devote extra efforts and dedicate myself completely to bridge the gap between my experience in data engineering and data science.

For the last 1 year, I have been deployed in London, UK. Staying here lead me to understand that for studying Data Science, Ireland is the best place to look for. My further research for best options took me to CIT, who has been serving as a pioneer in the education field for around 46 years. Therefore, I am applying to Cork Institute of Technology, for the course Data Science & Analytics (MSc) with primarily one reason, to be a Champion in the field on Analytics. I have the necessary technical skills, experience and know-how but I aim to learn more. I want to delve deeper into the field of data mining , machine Learning and further enhance management skills that I have garnered in all years working with people from different cultures and practices.
Uromi 4 / 10 1  
Jan 30, 2020   #2
You need to talk about your career plan and how the university will help you achieve it. Discussing a solid career plan after you graduate is a must. I didn't find this in you statement of purpose.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Jan 30, 2020   #3
One thing that reviewers do not really like coming across in any sort of essay is a quotation from someone else. It is believed that the quote chosen is used by the student as a cop out to meet the word requirement (when there is one) or, as an easier way to try to explain something they cannot find the words to do so. Which is why I believe it would be better if you omit the Steve Jobs reference at the start of this essay. Instead hook the reader using information that directly relates to you. You can open with paragraph 4 to indicate how your interest in Data Science began, revising it to include a motivational point in relation to your current employment. Consider using the following information for your revised essay:

Foundational Interest: My major inclination point t... few online courses.
Motivation: I have been working in the IT industry...goals and aspirations. I realized that I will need to devote extra efforts and dedicate myself completely to bridge the gap between my experience in data engineering and data science.

Relevant Background: My zest of pre-determining ...A step towards environment protection.

Your primary reason for enrolling in the course cannot be so general as to refer to your becoming a "champion of analytics". You need to have an actual purpose applicable to your current or future career path to relate to your motivation, purpose, and goals. I have tried to direct your essay in that manner. The rest of the content is up to you to revise. BTW, don't give the reviewer an introduction to his university. Tie in the university course curriculum with your academic objectives instead. That way you can use your previous educational experience as a reference point for classes of interest to you under this masters course. Consider the college courses the supporting evidence as to why you are well prepared academically to complete the course.

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