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Personal Statement - Digital Business Management

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Dec 20, 2021   #1

MSc Business with Digital Management program application

I've always struggled in school due to a lack of role models in my surroundings; seeing female friends and colleagues drop out after finishing primary school was the norm for me. I grew up in a little village in the idaoutanane region of Morocco, where young females are forced to leave school. As the product of an illiterate family, I played a significant role in reversing the trend toward an uneducated generation of females. I graduated from high school first in my family and was the first female in my hometown to attend university. As a first-generation student, though, my route to higher education has been difficult, but this has not stopped me from succeeding in my studies and obtaining various scholarships that have broadened my perspective.

I enrolled in an English studies undergraduate program at Ibn Zohr University in Agadir after graduating from high school with a Humanities degree since I had a great affinity for American and British cultures and desired to study the language in order to better grasp them. That was the time when, despite my lack of business expertise and experience, I co-founded 'Yourz Center,' which provided tutoring and language programs to elementary, middle, and high school students. After four years of hard work, we were unable to continue the business for a variety of reasons, including a lack of managerial skills and academic background in business for all team members.

My master's degree in Moroccan-West African border studies prepared me with a good awareness of immigrant demands and Morocco's critical position in the Sub-Saharan migration cycle. However, my goal is to develop a digital business that helps immigrants find work by exhibiting their professional profiles on a digital platform in order to attract recruiters. However, I require a strong academic background and a thorough understanding of digital business management in order to complete such projects successfully, as I have learned from my previous business experience that one must first understand how things operate in each field before embarking on a particular journey.

Meanwhile, my determination to make a difference in my community compelled me to return to my village, where I felt bound to address the issues plaguing my rural town. I decided to found an NGO to help the residents of my area, and it was here that I confronted one of my first significant obstacles: being the region's first female president; starting with my own family, few believed a girl could head an organization. Despite the rejections, I was elected as Akdam Elkhir Association's first and youngest female president: a girl with a vision, a dedication to change, and a strong desire to serve. I led a team of seven men for three years, organizing events, developing and maintaining relationships with the community and association members, as well as designing, enforcing, and reevaluating the association's procedures. As a result, over 100 farmers have been assisted in harvesting their fields, over 30 skill-building workshops for primary students have been held, 20 girls have been supported and placed in various middle and high schools to continue their education, and a project to provide in-home water to over 100 families has been implemented. This commitment in social work has resulted in my selection for a leadership exchange program sponsored by the United States Department of state in 2018, which was an eye-opening experience for what I am capable of.

When I returned from the United States with new ideas, objectives, and a desire to advance my career and collaborate with other alumni, I joined the Youth of Tamdoult organization as an intern and am now a full-time employee working on the Compass Program, which provides training to project holders and artisans to help them build their businesses and enhance their entrepreneurial skills. I worked on the Alumni Entrepreneurship program at the same organization, which intended to equip 30 alumni with the skills essential to succeed as entrepreneurs. The US State Department's Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) provided funding for the project, which promotes shared ideals and innovative solutions to global concerns. In 2019, more than 1,400 projects from 150 countries were submitted. We were selected as one of 64 alumni teams from 52 nations. Additionally, as a winner of the US Department of State's and IREX's MEPI Leaders Grants for Community Projects, I developed the Multistory Academy, which offers online training courses in digital entrepreneurship, digital storytelling, and citizen journalism.

It's never been easy for me to figure out what I want to do with my professional life, as my illiterate family and Moroccan public schools provided little guidance. However, as a result of my academic background in English Studies, Sociology, Border Studies, and Migration, as well as my professional experiences in business and non-profit work, I am now certain that I want to start a digital enterprise that will enable me to channel everything I've learned through my diverse and seemingly random experiences into a successful digital business model. This demands a solid grounding in the key business disciplines, as well as enhanced knowledge and abilities in digital management, which I can only obtain through the MSc Business with Digital Management program at Bristol Business School. The modules of this course will equip me with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage digital transformation and the advancement of digital business, as well as prepare me for a variety of roles in digital business, including management and leadership, consulting, and contracting for businesses of all types and sizes, as well as for entrepreneurialism and the creation of new digital businesses, as I will be introduced to digital business, digital markets, and various types of contemporary and emerging digital businesses.
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Dec 21, 2021   #2
Depending on the actual maximum word count as provided by university for this essay, the average personal statement should not go beyond 500 -750 words. This is not an autobiography but rather, a discussion of specific topics in relation to your interest in the masters course. Your essay appears to be too wordy and in need of editing to bring down to simple factual statement levels.

The elements relating to your educational background in the introduction are irrelevant. You are applying to admission in a masters course. Therefore, how you began your academic career is irrelevant. What is relevant to the discussion is how your college courses, grades, and internships / training prepared you for your professional career and, how these apply to the MSc in Digital Business Management based upon the course requirements. The better your performed in college courses relevant to digital management, the better.

The reference to your community service may, or may not be relevant to the personal statement. That is because the activity does not relate to the continued development of your digital management skills. The concentration on what is happening in your home country does not connect with the requirements of a digital management course. While this is part of your personal story, it is your professional story, in relation to the development of your interest (digital management) that will matter more to the reviewer.

Please consider these general review comments. You did not provide any actual prompt guidelines for the writing as shared with you by the university so I cannot give a targeted review of your personal statement.

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