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Statement of purpose for GKS 2020 (computer engineering) embassy track

getdani 1 / -  
Mar 9, 2020   #1
please help me on my statement of purpose

Goal of study & Study Plan

o Goal of study, title or subject of research, and detailed study plan

The reason why I want to apply for masters degree is during my study and carrier I came to know there is a lot to explore about computers. Specially when I taught computer architecture and organization course the issues related to making fast computers caught my attention. In the 1990's the design goal was to drive the clock rate up by adding more transistors to a smaller chip. But this increased the power dissipation of the CPU chip and makes it hard to cool the chip. Then computer architects came up with the idea of multi-core processors to improve overall processing performance by having multiple CPUs on a chip which can perform different task simultaneously. But in order to fully utilize this improvement applications should be written in a parallel manner. Unfortunately Developing a parallel code is very hard because we need to care about how this parallel codes synchronize if they access shared data and we have make sure that a deadlocks situation never happen and its easy to make mistakes. So most programmers write sequential code.

The topic of my research will be on automatic code parallelization which take a sequential code and parallelize it to exploit the ability of multi-core processors. With automatic parallelizers we can decrease mistakes that are made by programmers and the programmer needs to focus on the logic of his program not on how to parallelize it.

My stay in Korea will be three years. On the first year I will study Korean language , and I believe the best way to learn a language is to practice so I will go out talk to people in Korean, read news papers, books written in Korean and watch Korean movies as much as I can. I will spend my free time by going out and exploring the town. I will try to visit the historical places and try to know every neighborhood. I will also visit other towns in my semester and summer break.

On the second year I will spend most my time studying core graduate courses. I will attend every class, participate and ask questions if there something I don't understand. After class I will do my home works and spent most of my time in lab to practice what I have learned in class. I will also read papers, attend and do some preliminary researches that will give me a good understanding and experience on my final year research topic.

On the third year I will prepare my graduate research proposal under my advisor's instruction. Then I will carry out my research plan, conduct experiments and analyze the results according to my proposal. I will meet my advisor to show him my progress, discuss the difficulties I have and ask for his advise on how to proceed. And I will prepare my paper carefully and prepare my self for my degree defense.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,494 2944  
Mar 9, 2020   #2
The goal of study, title of study, and research or study plan is incorrect. Remove the first paragraph. Open with the second paragraph instead. Delete the rest of the essay after that. Based on the topic for your research, discuss the goal of your study and how you plan to study that specific topic while a student in Korea. You are not an undergraduate student so you are not required to detail a language study plan, which, even if it were required, would be in a totally separate essay. In the Goal of Study, you are to focus on your masters thesis.

Explain how your time in Korea and the Korean university system will be perfect for this research. How will you utilize your time as a student and the resources of the university to complete your research? What kind of research help might you need? Think of the thesis proposal you submitted for your college thesis. That is what this essay should represent.

Don't worry, you can still change your research when the time comes. The reviewer just has to see that your research interests match the masters course you are applying for and that the university has the ability to help you improve your academic and practical skills.
shingeki1996 3 / 5 1  
Mar 11, 2020   #3

I think you should start the essay with a nice introduction. Don't hold shotgun than blows it immediately, make an aim.
Focus on the unique experiences that you encountered, educationally. This includes projects, organizations and voluntary work.
I think you are too much specific what you gonna every year, that is not possible. Write a goal that is not too specific but not too general.

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