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Statement of Purpose for MS Human Computer-Interaction, HCI at the University of Siegen

MTariqKhan 1 / -  
Jan 9, 2019   #1

I seek after an MS in HCI

I am applying for MS in HCI at the University of Siegen for the summer intake, have been trying to write a good SOP for months (still struggling), this is what I have been able to come up with so far, please point out the mistakes, I will be really grateful if someone can do it ASAP!! last date for submission is 15.01.19

My enthusiasm for computer science started back in year 2007 , when my father finally managed to afford us a PC. First few operations I learned were, how to install games and windows. set up a dial-up connection for a 56-kbps Modem Network Adapter Card. Fascinated with graphics designing, learned graphic designing watching youtube tutorials. Worked as a freelancer for a small period in year 2013.

Foundation to my Bachelor's degree has a strong back of 3 years of Technical Education in Information Technology. My majors were Programming, Networking, and Electronics. The subjects that caught my interest were GUI based application development in Visual Basic and Networking. This was the beginning, of me, learning and exploring computer science.

After completion of my Diploma in Associate Engineer, my interest in software development made me pursue the field of Software Engineering, an emerging field in Pakistan, back in 2013. Learned software engineering, advanced programming languages, and application development across various platforms during this period.

For my final year project, we, a group of four classmates, developed a web-based application named E-Mart using Asp.NET framework. The primitive objective was to provide household a user-friendly platform for shopping. The second objective to provide easy to use Inventory Control Management Interface for the business.

In the development phase, we came across several problems which required additional programming language for client-side, so I had to learn JavaScript to implement those modules. Another difficulty that I had to deal with was to work with the RESTful APIs for the conversion of data, so we can retrieve and process it on the mobile device, it was an 'on the run' learning process, disquieting and pleasurable at the same time.

In the early era of computing, only the trained specialist used to operate computers but nowadays everyone relies on them in some way. From working in an office to withdraw money from ATM, booking a ride or else reserving an airplane ticket online are some examples.

Pursuing Master's at the University of Siegen in HCI will enable me to enhance my drift in Software Engineering as both HCI and SE are multi-perspective group focus to achieve the same goal, ensuring user satisfaction with the end software product.

Subjects like HCI will help me understand people's cognitive thinking. UX to help me improve User Interaction Design, Usability, and functionality. Artistic design to help recognize key features of the visual design.

Other core and elective subjects of management and methodologies, development to security can enhance my insight in Information Technology, analytical thinking and comparative study of software engineering and HCI.

With well-founded back in Information Technology, Software Engineering and desire to learn more, I am keen on taking with me a network of enduring associations with my kindred understudies and instructors. I am trusting that my experience, and in addition my capability, will be useful as I seek after an MS in HCI at the University of Siegen.

Alao0702 6 / 13  
Jan 19, 2019   #2
1.).....when my father finally managed to buy us a PC. Remove this expression, it doesn't help to move the essay forward at all.
2.) Always ensure to use connectives such as " moreover, however, furthermore, nonetheless etc" in your essay. They help to give your essay a very good flow.

3.) MTariqKhan, Each of your paragraphs should contain at least 5 sentences. Most of your paragraphs are one-sentence paragraphs. Why? Your second, third and fourth paragraphs fit into the same context. They can be combined into a paragraph.

4.) You continually used the pronoun "we" in your fourth and fifth paragraphs. Your should focus on what you "did" in the group that culminated in the successful creation of the E-MART application. Remember that anyone can make the same statement as yours, however, your clear explanation of your active participation will make a difference.
Iris_viva 2 / 8 2  
Jan 19, 2019   #3
Though the deadline has passed, I would suggest that you synthesize your paragraphs otherwise the information seems to be fragments :)

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