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Statement of intent for MA in Education at University of Nottingham UK

Jegede 1 / -  
May 25, 2019   #1

Nigeria's education

Quality education has not yet been achieved in Nigeria, the homeless children are denied their rights to education, this is also obtainable in some countries in the world and this calls for global concerns. According to UN sources, there are about 150 million homeless children in the world today. There are over 230,700 children who live in the streets of Nigeria. These children work and live on the street. They have been abandoned by their families, and hence the streets have now become their homes. In the northern cities of Nigeria are found the Almajiri. These are children who are sent by Islamic tutors to beg in the street. Koranic education in northern Nigeria actually encourages this practice. In the cities of southern Nigeria, a few of such could also be found, but in this case, they serve as guides to physically handicapped adults. Homeless children and unaccompanied homeless youth should have equal access to the same free, appropriate public education.

In the education sector, this part of the population are not included for holistic educational development, this is of great concern and strongly call for action to make a significant difference in the lives of homeless children in my country. It is this consciousness that motivates me to aspire towards undertaking postgraduate studies in education. The knowledge and skills that I will gain by taking modules such as Effective Leadership and Change in Education and the Literacies and Learning in and out of school would prepare me to contribute to the education of the homeless children in my country.

The homeless children struggle on a daily basis and experience barriers to education because of their homeless situation that restricts their educational achievement. The knowledge and skills that I will acquire during the course of the programme would enable me to create educational access and opportunity to this disadvantaged group of the population which would enhance a sustainable development in Nigeria. The vulnerable homeless children will be the ultimate beneficiaries of this educational investment.

Upon returning to Nigeria, I look forward to using my newly acquired knowledge, exposure and broader perspective in education to lead my NGO "Our Love for Literacy" intending to provide education opportunity for the homeless children in Nigeria.

I look forward to running the homeless children education upon my return from the UK by 2021. I am already registered with two professional bodies in my country, the Teacher Registration Council of Nigeria and Nigeria Institute of Management. These associations should give me the right edge and support in education and management within Nigeria. Hence, upon returning they shall be a networking base. By 2025 I should have over 2000 homeless students in my school. My NGO would be in form of charity home where homeless children are housed, feed, clothed, educated and trained to join the global society as responsible citizens who shall also contribute to national and global development. By 2035 'Our Love for Literacy' foundation should be nationally and globally known for educational impact.

Maria - / 1,099 389  
May 25, 2019   #2
Hi there!

I've noticed that you're new to the forum. Welcome! I'll help you with your essay.

First and foremost, be cautious of your sentences. Remember that when you are writing, having concrete sentence structures is crucial. This means that you have to have an organized pattern and ensure that you are consistently abiding with the conventions of grammar. This will let you create a more formal structure, creating more leverage for you to work with.

Be cautious of your punctuation, preposition, and the tone that you establish as you are writing.

Let's revise a few portions of your essay in accordance to these guidelines.

Quality education has not yet been achieved in Nigeria: homeless children are denied their rights to be educated. According to the United Nation, there are about 150 million homeless children. In Nigeria alone, there are 230 700 children living on the streets. Abandoned by their families, they are sent by Islamic tutors to beg in the streets; this is partially due to Koranic education in the northern parts of the country. [...]

I would suggest that you minimize the irrelevant/unnecessary add-ons in your explanation. While I know that you were trying to explain why you have chosen this program, it would be beneficial if you could as well allocate time and space into expounding more on your prospects for research in the field. Remember that your the pursuit of postgraduate studies would almost always be towards this. Discuss specifically how you can apply these research skills to your long-term career goals. Being as specific as possible is the key.

Best of luck in your endeavors!

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