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Statement of Purpose for Master's in Urban Planning. Experience at SPA-Bhopal

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Mar 30, 2014   #1
My interest in Planning started right when I was a child, playing legos. I used to design small towns and explain to my parents the land use and road network pattern, though I didn't have a clue what land use was then. Then in my teens, I started playing computer games. One game that I was addicted to was Zoo Tycoon 2, where we had to build a zoo. It was pretty simple. Construct roads and create specific biomes for specific animals. The best thing I enjoyed in the game was creating road networks. I used to make loops of road network so that the people who used to come in can have a look at everything in one go. It was right then that I decided, I'd be choosing a course which allows me to construct cities. After my 12th, I decided to opt for Bachelors in Planning. And fortunately I've got into School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal (SPAB).

Experience at SPA-Bhopal:
First, when I joined SPAB, I was overwhelmed looking at all my friends. I thought I finally reached where I had to. In my first year, the course of Planning was pretty basic. In my third semester, we had Housing, we had to design a virtual township in a given area. What mostly interested me was in my fourth semester, when we had Transport Planning. We had been given a small area, and we had to conduct surveys, study about the traffic volume, analyze the road network, and come out with proposals. The part that I enjoyed in it was how we actually conduct surveys and analyze the data. And then finding out the gap and come out with necessary proposals. It all felt real. I had a feeling that I was working on the real world from then. During that semester, I unknowingly developed an interest in Transport Planning. Then I sat in our college library and started reading articles and books about Transport Planning. That made me more interested in Transport Planning. In two out of the three later semesters, I chose to stay in the group dealing with Transport issues. Ever since then I continuously gained knowledge on Transportation Planning.

In my current final semester, I've chosen "Planning for Pedestrians: Case of Charminar Precincts" as my thesis topic. Why did I choose this particular topic? One obvious reason would be my interest in Transport Planning. Second important reason was, every time I went to Charminar (a monumental old city area in Hyderabad), I abhorred the place. I find it very difficult to walk on the pavements, cross the streets and it is always crowded. Then I decided that I would be working on an issue related to ease the pedestrian movement in the Old City area.

Future Plans:
I think a planner should have knowledge about the Planning policies and guidelines of different parts of the world. In my bachelors, we were taken to different parts of India as well as Bhutan. I gained immense knowledge about planning guidelines and policy making in these trips. I now think that I should pursue my masters outside India to improve my knowledge about planning in different countries. To add to it, my interest in Urban and Transport Planning and the way we can interlink them to make a city's ambience picture-perfect, forces me to opt for a course which has Urban Planning, and later I can specialize in Transport Planning.

Then here comes the college specific details.
Please help me!! My english isnt so good!!!
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Mar 30, 2014   #2

Unless you are required to write a short response to a series of pointed questions, your graduate admissions essay should flow fluidly and should follow the following general outline. If you are still stuck we can help.

1. Your Background
2. How your interest developed in your area of study
3. How you pursued your interest (here you can talk about your education, research etc.)
4. What are your future goals
5. How will this program help you achieve your future goals
6. Final summary.

-Admissions Advice Online
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Apr 23, 2014   #3
I now think that I should pursue my masters outside India to improve my knowledge about planning in different countries.

This statement actually speaks to general, not differentiating you from all the other applicants.

Let me give a try:
My passion for the work of planning guidelines and policy motivates me to share that Planning with a new generations of scholars.

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