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Personal Statement for Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts Infusion 1 page

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Feb 21, 2016   #1
My name is Kyisha Monae Woods, and I am a graduate of Towson University, where I received a Bachelor's of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. My undergraduate major was through the Individually Thematic Design Major Option in Performing Arts Management. I am interested in applying for the Master of Arts Interdisciplinary Arts Infusion graduate program. In my efforts to become a professional arts administrator, I am eager to continue to build upon my experiences and skills through graduate coursework. Throughout my academic career, I have been involved in the arts community within the university and neighborhood which have provided some introductory experience into the professional field of arts administration.

Based on my experiences and my Strengths-quest results, I have gained a few specific qualities; I would like to call to attention. My greatest strength is my creative strategic ability to come up with several new ideas and apply them within a professional environment, for example my work as a Group Leader with AileyCamp Baltimore. As an achiever and responsible individual, I have the ability to multitask and work diligently with exceptional communication skills. Lastly as a learner and restorative personality, I am a hard worker, detailed oriented and I am always enthusiastic about my solving problems and exploring new heights.

In creating such a unique and individualized major, I have been able to explore a variety of perspectives through my academics "Art is an Instrument of Humanity, No matter the Background" is a quote I developed to define my perspective of the arts during my undergraduate career.

As an inspiring entrepreneur, I have based decisions on my course work and professional work that would enable me to evolve into a well-rounded candidate in the industry of Performing Arts. My decisions have aligned me to be successful in my efforts to become a Creative Entrepreneur, Arts Administrator, and Writer.

Some of my goals as an entrepreneur are to create a nonprofit organization that helps develop community based art programs for at-risk youth, found my own performing arts academy with mentoring and specialized programs for the differently-abled, as well as become a novelist. Within my goals I have established some values in which my companies will strive to adhere to. They are as follows:

• Enhance the language of the individual through the development of diverse perceptions and personal messages
• Equity of Access to the Arts to serve all Communities
• Creating an environment for individuals to use the arts as forms of therapy, recreation, and entertainment
Towson University's Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts Infusion can help me establish these academic and professional goals by providing me with these additional tools:

• Become a well-rounded leader in the arts community
• Develop an understanding of the how community arts programming enhances
• Effectively bridge gaps across disciplines to create a synergy
• Expand knowledge of the arts in community and the business of nonprofit arts organizations
Finally, with the skills acquired from the program, I will successfully be able to make a change in the way communities view and respond to the arts. For young children and adolescents, I will be able to create educational, meaningful, and joyful opportunities for them to develop a passion such as the one I hold as well as become the world's future leaders in their community and in the arts. This program will enable me the support I need to continue to build my network within the arts community in Towson, Baltimore/DC Metro area and beyond.

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Feb 21, 2016   #2
My undergraduate major was through the Individually Thematic Design ...

I am eager to continue to build upon myDEVELOP MY experiences and skills throughBY ENROLLING A graduate coursework

I think it is important, either, to pay attention carefully to the way you type this essay. Overall, the content is really okay, but I find that you use capital letters in inappropriate way here. As far as I know, the capital ones can be used merely for describing an abbreviation or names of places or a person.

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