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Personal Statement for masters in process systems engineering

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Nov 22, 2012   #1
This site has been helpful to alot of people,i just hope you can extend the favor to me. I will be applying for graduate studies in the uk. Please help give corrections and better suggestions regarding my statement of purpose.

Here it goes:

My interest in process design dates back to my first time in an offshore production platform. I recall marveling at the size of the vessels, the complex piping network and just how different it was from what I was used to on paper. What struck me most however, was the thought of how the engineers came up with an efficient automation of the production process such that, for every possible problem that could occur, they had mitigations in place. To me, it felt like they possessed the ability to predict the future. Since then, I have had my mind set on a career that will not only enable me model and design, but also develop control mechanisms for processes.

With the knowledge of mathematical modeling, process design and control theory acquired during my undergraduate study, I now have a better understanding of the underlying principles governing these engineering activities. Also, while in the operations department of the YOHO production platform in Exxon Mobil, I was introduced to the Distributed Control System (DCS) which cabinets for all the integrated controllers and intelligent devices furnished on the platform and learned how to use it in stabilizing the process conditions of the plant. This prompted my choosing a topic in control theory as an undergraduate project where I developed a control for the biodiesel transesterification process of methanol and palm oil in a Continuous Stirred tank Reactor using a Proportional -Integral Controller.

While my project made me appreciate the level of imagination and problem solving abilities required in process control, it also triggered questions in my mind such as: How do I integrate individual model based design into a multi-scale project? How best can I optimize my process and manage the associated risks in my design? My lack of answers has increased the urge for an advanced knowledge of the subject and this has led to my choice of Process Systems engineering as a course of graduate study.

As a trainee in the coiled tubing unit in Schlumberger, I obtained practical knowledge of how to dissemble, analyze for faults and reassemble equipment like the Blow-Out Preventer, Injector Head, valves and special tools like the packer. This has greatly developed my logical and cognitive skills, which in turn influenced how I tackle problems presently. Obligated to offer best service, the tools were worked on in groups before and after a job to ensure smooth operation. My approach towards work has been affected positively by this method as it taught me the importance of teamwork and safety.

Differential Equations, for me, govern engineering researches and my goal, presently, is studying those related to Process Systems Engineering and devising analytical methods of solving them as this will help minimize the error that may be introduced using numerical methods and in turn help develop more efficient process design. While awaiting the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, I have begun work on the Riccati differential equation with appreciable success and I look forward to applying my results in developing better control systems.

Being a leading institution and pioneer in the field of PSE, XXXX not only provides the environment that allows for advanced learning and innovative thinking, but also has the academic staff to inspire excellence and confidence in the students. As such, I realize that admission into the graduate school is highly competitive. However, considering myself qualified and prepared for any challenge, I will take my chances with the best. With a keen interest in PSE and a lot more than a strong drive to succeed, I hope this statement demonstrates that I am a strong candidate for admission to XXXX graduate school.

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