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Statement of Purpose for Masters in System Engineering

Aaditya_karan 1 / -  
Apr 28, 2020   #1
Hello everyone, hope you all are safe.

This is my Statement of Purpose, please feel free to express your views by commenting.


"As engineers, we were going to be in a position to change the world - not just study it." -Henry Petroski

As rightly said by Mr. H. Petroski, being an engineer is nothing unless you make contributions to the development. I, Aaditya Karan a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology, would like to take this opportunity to describe myself. The interest for applying in Mechanical Engineering arose when my father took me to his workplace i.e. Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) after I completed my high school. He was one of the Safety officers of the company, but he shared his vision & knowledge of steel getting produced and manufactured. These site visits embarked on my feelings towards the machine and equipment sector, and the feeling of working in the industry was the answer to my happiness and self-satisfaction.

In my opinion, Engineering is that part which will always unravel all the unturned stones which are occurring in reality and will also share and teach us the fundamentals of practical and real purposes. Engineering Subjects like Manufacturing Process, CAD/CAM, Strength of Materials, Applied Thermodynamics and many others revealed limitless horizons in the field of Mechanical Engineering. After getting into Engineering, the developing phase began in the sophomore year. The subjects which were related to manufacturing were always mesmerizing for me. The courses covered a wide panorama of subjects. Besides the core technical subjects, I also gained knowledge in the semi-technical as well as managerial subjects like Industrial Management, Product Engineering, Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Operation Research.

At the end of my 2nd year, I participated in a " Hybrid Vehicle Design " workshop. In this, we were taught Solidworks from the basic and in future, we were asked to design a chassis of a Formula 1 Car. In this workshop, I got an opportunity to perform as a team leader as I was asked to explain the basics of SolidWorks because of my prior knowledge in this application. The fabrication of the chassis was done along with welding, grinding, drilling, Hex saw cutting and many more. This workshop was like my first job, where I get to work in my field away from the lab work. After this, I also attend another seminar on the automobile by "Team-KART". They taught us from the basics of the working of an automobile, from aerodynamics to electronics. After these bright and exciting workshops, I was more career-focused and started taking Udemy online courses on AutoCAD 2010, Solidworks 2016 and ANSYS 13.1, presently I am learning CATIA V5R20. Due to prior knowledge on CAD softwares, the analysis of parameters in my project seemed effortless.

In the final phase of my Engineering from M.S.I.T, I completed a project on "DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF AN INSTRUMENT FOR VISUALIZATION OF TAYLOR-VORTEX REGIME IN THE FLOW BETWEEN CONCENTRIC CYLINDERS". While working on this project, I had to study a fair amount of literature on various Fluid Related topics by the Scholars and came to know about various possible dimensions concerned with Engineering and that too in Fluid field in general and in particular.

Currently, I am working at Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited, Hyderabad, India. We are a waste management company, having a solo goal of recycling Waste generated. We deal with every type of waste from Industrial waste management (IWM) to E-Waste. We also operate on converting Waste to Energy (WTE). Currently, I am looking over Industrial Waste Management and it includes 15 Sites all over India. My job is in Plant and Machinery department and I am involved in fleet management and day-to-day vehicle deployment operations. This includes keeping track of vehicles as well as equipment availability, breakdown status and time, Preventive and Scheduled Maintenance. I also look over the Telematics of the equipment as well as waste carrying vehicle's (WCV) health, utilization, fuel level and working hours.

The course of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management is a fascination for me because of the real-life application of the theoretical subjects like Basic Production Engineering provided in the basic as well as in the intermediate level. I found Manufacturing course very interesting and easy to visualize and its sub-topics like Water Jet/Abrasive Jet Machining are very much essential and are related to other mechanical engineering subjects like Machine Design and Material Science. Studying in Fachhochschule S├╝dwestfalen, being one of the most prominent universities in Germany would be a motivation in itself. Germany being a birthplace of Mechanical engineering, and it would provide me with extra knowledge and learning experience that I lack. After completion of Master studies from Fachhochschule S├╝dwestfalen, it will open a plethora of opportunities for me and would encourage me to pursue Ph.D. If in the future, If I get an opportunity to serve my motherland in the field of science and research, I would like to devote myself to this rediscovery. I strongly believe in Innovation, as the above-mentioned subjects are very extensive and creative. I understand that Innovation can be brought through the creation and implementation of a new algorithm, which is possible only through intensive exposure. That is why I am highly interested in further studies so that I can join the group of researchers in these fields who are busy creating new ideas and innovations. I believe that professional guidance and updated training will help me greatly in achieving my career goals. Eagerly looking forward to an opportunity to learn at your reputed institution.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,230 3651  
Apr 29, 2020   #2
The first part of this essay is really not worth the time you took to write it. It does not apply to the statement of purpose in any way. Your statement of purpose should answer a specific set of questions, which will inform the reviewer of considerable information with regards to your application.

There is no clear career purpose designated in your essay. Enrolling in a PhD course in the future is not a qualified goal for someone who is still trying to get into masters school. Answer the question: Based on your current career experience, what future professional heights can you achieve by the completion of this course? Define how you will use the course to aim for career advancement. Illustrate how the lessons learned will be applied to your present and future workplace. That will be the purpose of your essay.

The extreme focus on your academic background is misplaced. A masters student must have at least 2 years work experience in the field. The experience should relate to your course of choice. That said, only a summarized background of your undergraduate course is required. What you should be focusing on, is proving that you have the foundation to do extreme amounts of research. That is why masters students often relate their thesis with the interest in the course you are pursuing. If you can show a relationship between your thesis, your current work responsibilities, and your masters degree thesis goals, then you will have proven that you have the abilities with which to complete this course.

Currently, your essay speaks of future plans you want to complete for your motherland. Wrong approach. You are taking a masters course to allow yourself to grow personally and professionally. The motherland should not factor into this discussion. The masters course is all about continued education with regards to the continued development of your profession. This essay does not reflect that at all.

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