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Statement of Purpose in Motion Media Design - application to SCAD

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May 31, 2014   #1
Could anyone help me review this statement? PLSSS This is very importance to me.


For over ten years of being involved with animation industry. My interest has expanded beyond the past life experience. My motivation of creativity production has increased after establishing my life in education career. As a teacher, I started teaching at Rangsit University, in Faculty of Digital Arts, department of Computer Arts, in year 2008. The subjects I teach consists of 3parts of knowledge skills; Animation, Interactive Design and Motion Graphic. The department currently organized student to learn a holistic way of media systems, in terms of meaning by digital arts. But the next coming year, in the future faculty's plan is to distinguish individually created one specific course of digital media industry needs into separate department, in order to accumulate a specialist for each field of careers. To having a specific course area in every new department, Motion Graphic Design is one of the future departments that need a personal expertise to collaborate with the course management. Consequently, the faculty has selected me for responsible in the future course description. Under those circumstances, I started to evaluate the experience techniques and understanding in professional field of motion graphics, I would like to put to use this knowledge to do my Master of Fine Arts in Motion Media Design at SCAD University, with my strong ambition in achieving success. I realized that the time has come to pursue my personal goal and reinvent my concept of in-depth knowledge of the subject and to manage this chance to the fullest possible extend and for achieving the ultimate success.

During my high school in College of Fine Arts, my first comic competed in Thailand comic rookie challenge festival. In that moment, I completely knew that I would develop my ability of cartoon making performance to a high level of professional standard. A various aspect of art that I was taught for 4 years became my confidential in target of study. Consequently, I specified art skill in learning and understanding an animation media by chose to study the advanced diploma of Electronic Design and Interactive Media at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. While I was gaining up for all the potential of techniques and tools for emanating animation work, the advantage from many job opportunity has came over me to improve my creativity skill which always obtain a new knowledge and solution of animation career needs. I have been working for Apak Entertainment, the company in Australia, for twelve months on part-time basis as illustrator and animator for Interactive CD ROMs and web sites. I managed to find solutions and implemented them successfully in their project. After completing my advanced diploma studies, for some reason, I have to come back Thailand to accomplish a Bachelor Degree in Department of Computer Arts, a faculty of Digital Arts, Rangsit University. Few years later, I completed undergraduate course with my First Honor degree and got a job straight away. As a result, many companies assign the working projects which involved me directly field of animation.

The first full-time career experience started in Blue Wizard, Bangkok game and animation studio, in 2001. I was working as an art director for making an animation in game trailer project, Moontra Kid 2, by took responsibility for created visual design for characters, scenario, props and story board. One year later, I decided that if there was a career which could integrate creativity between animation and graphic design that would be a career I would be the happiest pursuing. Then I paced across the animation studio to the world of graphics design for website, Net-com Professional Company Limited. This profession brought my early education played key role in developing my ability that created important condition for me to learning interface design knowledge at a very early stage. Several projects passed on me while inserted utilizing conceptual of user interface design which applied to the function and combine with animation gimmick were my best way to found the solution of client purpose. But still, I need to satisfy of develop a real desire to advancing my animation skill.

During my career, my interest of refining new effective way by combining two techniques of animation and motion graphic into the work. I suddenly discovered that my enthusiastic life of animation would be enhanced by the use of motion media. Whereas the company supervisors discovered my specialize technique in 2D animation which could bring their business in great higher expectation by come up with the idea of inaugurate a new specific branch of animation work department for taking more advantage in market strategies. I thought that I could grow with them of the use of my accurately work field, but I profoundly impulse to cross traditional boundaries of different techniques and media. Before I leave the company, I organized production team by providing and training new people for practical knowledge of animation to supplanted my position. Apart from animation studio, I became a motion graphic artist at Emotion Lab Studio as I delighted to find my improvement of motion graphic techniques and skill and problem-solving skill as well as teamwork skill. During my skill combination, my interest in motion graphic work has transcended mere curiosity to become a potential career pursuit. Therefore I paid special attention to be well-learn for new experience in order to broaden my horizon.

Not for long, Rangsit University offered me to participate in a full-time teacher in faculty of Digital Arts department of Computer Arts. Consequently, I have a chance to give my fair amount of extensive knowledge of diverse art development in animation, interactive and motion graphic to contribute the systematic of education. During my education career, I have an opportunity to participated in the animation work for global warming project, "How to Save the Energy", which later was selected by committee to exposed in the International Symposium Exhibition, "Work in Progress". In 2013, I still focus in familiar techniques in 2D animation, "Alternative Energy", for the Ministry of Energy. It was collaborated into second of International Symposium Exhibition, "Work in Progress 2", in Rangsit University. In 2014, my work "Inner Tear" entered the 3rd Bangkok Creative Exhibition, at Bangkok University.

But what is exciting about Computer Arts education program for the next generation student, it's like the radical social and economic change. Changes in the excising media framework will also be inevitable. The low quality in public media, the ineffective of media supervisor and the lack of market awareness, all those inadequacies must be altered before a new era of media development can be expect. To achieve these desire changed, the development well-trained media workers is indispensable. My present application for Master of Fine Arts in Motion Media Design at SCAD University is precisely motivated by the recognition that having received a standard education which obtain universal perspective by studying with professional media industry, with this experience and knowledge I will be well equipped to face the challenges in future systematic of education for media profession needs, which increasingly convinced by another media organization.

Under the guidance of my advisor Associate Professor Pakorn Prohmvitak and class instructor Sam Forkner, SCAD alumni who explored my further vision in graduate studies. After having done a research in the SCAD website and discussed with my professors and colleagues about my choice of University, I have no doubt that SCAD is the appropriate place to pursue my further studies, since it will provide me not only an opportunity to attend classes and laboratories that are taught by well qualified professors and professionally qualified instructors with rich industrial research and consultancy experience, but also the soft-skill that will be needed to become an outstanding researcher in the field. SCAD's extensive connection with industry and companies will enable me to apply the knowledge and theory to the real practices through the project works. SCAD's focus on a project will enable me to put my knowledge into a direct practice as well as to develop professional contacts for future employment in the world marketplace. My carefully planned career path and professional individual experiences in combination with SCAD will ensure that I am successful in my next career.

For many of my background education, I face a turning point of my intellectual development. I found an enjoyably life in educated children became my most happiest career. I strongly believed that SCAD will help me build the confidence and skill require to face the challenge in the next educated generation which how to convey the aspiration and evaluate the motion media framework by incorporating avant-garde western element while remaining connected with Thai traitional art heritage. In addition, SCAD multidisciplinary integrate approach not only to building a unique set general design management and international media skill is essential for my new faculty's department, but also by studying how western and international television, broadcasting and motion media operate, I will acquire knowledge highly relevant to teaching in media profession. The relevance will be two-folded. First my increased professional standard will made me an accomplished teacher and as such I will contribute to the role of education of Rangsit University. Secondly I am also interest in learning media and combining techniques of using media as in depth desire. Through your fruitful education, this will enable me to explore how my background sensibilities will interact with your culture and education and how this interactivity will impact on my future artist endeavors.

I have a strongest incentive to advance as far as I can in this field and to discover something that have not been known before. I am certain that application to SCAD is the best possible step to accomplish it and I would regard my admission not only as a great honor but also as a great responsibility and an obligation to work hard.

I appreciate you taking the time to accommodate me.
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Jun 1, 2014   #2
Is there a word limit for this? Normally, SOPs should be 2.5 - 3 pages, double-spaced maximum.
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Jun 2, 2014   #3
It's actually my first draft. I'll cut out some sentences to make it shorter.

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