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Personal statement for MSc in Advanced Security and Cybercrime; The need for cyber security expert

yauwalu84 1 / -  
Feb 12, 2018   #1

security agencies expert in Nigeria

After half a decade working experience in various organizations, I want to return to the academia and undertake a graduate study in Advanced Security and Cybercrime or Computer Forensic and Cyber Security.

In the past decades, the growth of the internet has been such that, a modern society without the internet is hardly conceivable. Like the normal society, bad behavior also occurs on the internet. As a result of this, internet users must protect the security of their information exchange as well as the systems that connect to the internet. Hence, the need for experts with the knowledge of Computer Forensic and Cyber Security. This therefore is one of the motivations for my desire to be a Computer Forensic and Cyber Security expert. More so, the Gartner Group, a leading Computer analysis group has projected that the field of Computer Security is going to be one of the areas that will shape the future of technology in general. Nigeria like the rest of the world is experiencing a digital revolution and there is an evident growing need for professionals in Computer security, due to the constant need to secure and protect computers, networks, information and data.

During my undergraduate study, I studied courses like Object Oriented Programming, Database Management, Data Communication Network, and Research Method. These courses helped me gain a strong background in the fundamentals of computer science.

My love for computer science started in secondary school. My colleagues and I do discuss about computer games, films and science fiction.
My working experience gave me the opportunity to practice what I studied, first as a System Administrator in an internet café, to an instructor at Himma Computer Training school. After which I became a teacher at Federal collage of Education Kano Staff Secondary School Teaching Computer Studies. I also worked as a Network Operation Center Engineer and presently as an IT Support Engineer at IHS Towers LTD. My working experience has sharpened my research skills. It has inculcated in me team spirit and ability to interact and work with both colleagues and seniors in a proactive manner. It has also helped me in accepting the challenges involved as well as expertise in new domains and new technologies, getting familiarized to new concepts and professionalism

As an Instructor and a teacher, I had to do a lot of research so as to share my knowledge with the students. It helped me to develop an interest in lecturing and with this same drive of interest, I am presently seeking for a part time lecturing at Federal Collage of Education Kano. Becoming a Lecturer after my Master's program will be a great privilege.

It will be a great honour to become a consultant and an instructor to some of the security agencies in Nigeria such as EFCC, ICPC, Police etc.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,594 3760  
Feb 13, 2018   #2
Yahaya, here the thing. Your whole essay does not tell me anything about the development of your interest in cybersecurity. Neither does it tell me that you have the educational foundation to function in the cyber security field. In relation to those 2 points, the essay also does not depict you as having any sort of relevant work experience that would imply that you had a certain amount of exposure to the cybersecurity field in one form or another. That is why I believe that this essay is not going to be able to help your application in its current form.

This essay must be revised to show how you developed an interest in cybersecurity based upon personal experience in the various workplaces that you found yourself immersed in. It should not read like a research paper on the importance of cybersecurity in Nigeria, which is what the first half of the paper sounds like at the moment. A personal statement must indicate the foundation of your interest and the reason why you believe that, based upon your interests, skills, and experience, you would be a good candidate as a student at the university of your choice.

The personal statement must indicate what your academic and professional goals are in the real of cybersecurity beyond being an instructor and a consultant to the police force. Most specially since you are lacking in relevant work experience to be able to enter the field at the level that you ambition. How will this course prepare to become a member of the force, even though your original training in computers was not related to cybersecurity and you never had any experience dealing with a security hack or finding software vulnerabilities and plugging the backdoor entryways.

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