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Statement of research interest - Applied to Master's Computer Science

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Aug 22, 2021   #1
Hi, This is my 1st draft of statement of intent/statement of research interest in Computer Science . I want to attend to University of Alberta in Canada. Please help me to review and feedback.

A brief statement of research interests, 1-3 pages in length, which should include:
· Specific areas of interest that could lead to a thesis topic;
· A description of your educational and career goals; and
· An assessment of how a graduate program in Computer Science will help achieve these goals. Append your statement to the end of form.

Master of Computer Science (Thesis based and research topic is about AI and ML)

To me, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been taking the crucial role in the industrial developments including the management of various issues in modern society whether in business, health, environment, or even politics and cultures. Particularly as I am witnessing this Covid19 pandemic situation, most of business and industrial manufacturers have got limited operational ability, resulting in the drop of quality, productivity, and hence global competitivity. However, I strongly believe modern technologies of machine learning, AI or internet of things (IoT) can help find solutions by executing huge data sets that are over human capacity. Having a goal of working in the field of advanced Machine Learning Engineering and data in the next few years, I am thus determined to join a graduate program that allows me to pursue my academic and research interests, and prepare myself for the technologically changing world.

Being in the surroundings of the modern society driven by technology, my interest in computer has accumulated since I was a school student when curiosity motivated me to think of the design and creation of innovative technologies with computer to change the world. That was why I chose to pursue my bachelor's degree in engineering with a computer major from a top national engineering school, KMUTT. I have already grounded fundamental engineering knowledge from math and stats, OS, coding and programming, SDLC, electronics, signals, network, database, data structure and algorithm, digital system to interactive computing. I thus got insight into concepts of the design and formation of various computer-based systems. Through the curriculum, I was always excited to discover how crucial the role of machine learning and IoT is, trying to relate things around me with the fundamental concepts of ML. From the academic experience, I found out that advancing knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning can be applied into a variety of purposes to facilitate sorting out problems of the present and the future. As for my extra-curricular activities, I have already experience some global experience through my exchange programs in the USA in 2015, Japan in 20xx and in Australia in 2017 when I greatly developed my global mindset about tech and innovation, as well as the inspiration to go study abroad again to learn those technologies.

My 5-year work experience in the IT field has strengthened my practical skills, and especially my motivation and desire to improve myself academically has been also growing. Through the roles of programmer, developper, data engineer in different industries from IT, Food, Finance, Insurance to Energy, I have gained the vital understanding of how machine learning and IoT are integrated in every project. Apart from the general programming procedures comprising designing, coding, testing, and maintaining the program for the operations, I had a chance to work on data management and the application of machine learning meaning the design of algorithms to learn from the data, to create automated systems in managing the business and industry operations comprising the ETL data process, the detection system, the auto-scheduler, or the maintenance system. Particularly in my current position as a senior data engineer in an energy company, I realized the power of data and the importance of these technologies in boosting the business operation and productivity as we have been experiencing serious challenges of the covid-19 pandemic situation, when there are limited operational abilities due to the human-depending machines and tools, as well as the lack of human resources for the intervention in the operations. The business has consequently been facing the drop of productivity and quality in products. Since then, my interest in the ML has increased at the peak and driven me to pursue a higher degree. As for my further preparation for the higher education, I have started to deepen the knowledge of ML and gain several technical skills on my own via different courses and training such as my participation on the online course of Machine Learning offered by Stanford University on Coursera, or self-practices of programing languages like Python, JS, HTML; software and platforms like SQL, Tableau, Power BI, AWS, or Apache in also gaining project management knowledge and technical research skills from these experiences. Therefore, I can thoroughly understand that th e IoT & Machine Learning and the data science are interconnected and will be essential to most of the future industrial developments.

My career goal would be toward the Machine Learning Engineer path that would allow me to develop impacting projects in various industries, as a practical and research engineer at the same time. As for my aspirations, I would like to equip my ML knowledge coupled with the package of accompanying knowledge like AI, data science, or IoT to be able to make part of the development of the advanced industries in my home country. Given the context of the fast-changing economy and the evolution of business and industries, Thailand is still facing a big challenge meaning not only advanced technology, cutting-edge knowledge, or innovation but also the sufficient human resources to cope with those developments. Working in this field, I will thus be able to fulfill the country's requirements. After this Master's degree, I will have a qualification to step up to a higher position in the field of data engineering as a Data Manager in a leading business company in Thailand. I strongly believe that your program can respond to my aspirations and career as it greatly offers research opportunity to be able to study my interested topics in-depth while your university is reputed for the academic excellence coupled with the talented experts with outstanding research works.

Therefore,my research interest would attach to the Machine Learning and IoT topics. I am interested to study and develop the anomaly detection system and the auto-maintenance system using the machine learning technology coupled with data management system as well as IoT. I would like to focus on the local manufacturing industry in Thailand, in the context of a developing country where manufacturing businesses still have potential to grow to the global level. Certainly, the problematic issues obstructing those developments are not only the Covid19 pandemic situation but also the lack of research, advanced technology and innovation as well as reliable professionals meaning principally machine learning and data engineers. While the automation system have already been developed and implemented in various businesses in many countries, most of Thai manufacturers whether in the food, energy, agro, IT, service, communication, retail & commerce, etc. are still struggling to step up to the break even point, plus requiring more and more human resources to keep the business running and growing. The implementation of the automated systems into the industrial operations will certainly change this game, as envisioned by the Thai Government who is currently working on the "Thailand 4.0" strategies that promotes the R&D, Innovation and Technologies in the industrial businesses. My research would mainly investigate the traditional data management system of an example manufacturing business in Thailand to compare with ones in the industrially developed countries, and to identify ways for the development of automation technology meaning the anomaly detection, condition monitoring and statistical process control systems with machine/deep learning techniques, using IoT devices to support the efficient management of large data sets to generate more comprehensive insights. The study may propose strategies and techniques to predict anomalies before actual failure and to develop elemental automated maintenance systems or remote control system that requires less human intervention, and can keep the operations running longest as possible to maintain the operational productivity.

Apart from my lab work, I also plan to join outside-classroom activities such as academic seminars, trade fairs, exhibitions, expos, internship etc. I will surely benefit from the Country's advantageous location as a hub of reputed tech companies, additionally enjoying the city's accessible learning facilities like museums, libraries as well as student clubs where I could join interesting discussions on different issues, especially in data technology and information issues. I would like to exchange ideas and cultures with people of different backgrounds or international students from around the world. That will also be a chance to build a strong network for my future career.

I would like to make part of the university's alumni community representing success stories and academic excellence, and being able to make an impact on my local society and global communities afterward through my career path. With this program, I am certain that I will be able to reach those goals.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,560 4442  
Aug 23, 2021   #2
The essay needs to be refocused to provide clear responses to the prompts alone. Do not overdiscuss things by delving into an educational history that does not relate to intent. Avoid a convoluted professional background that again, is difficult to relate to intent. Observations in the field are one thing, intent is totally different. Consider the statement of intent your thesis proposal. What would the foundation of your proposal be? Why that topic (areas of interest that could lead to a thesis topic). How would this interest explain your educational pursuit in line with professional growth (description of your educational and career goals)? More importantly what aspects of your chosen course would aid in career advancement based upon the first 2 question responses (how a graduate program in Computer Science will help achieve these goals) ? Develop the responses between 5-6paragraphs, the ideal length for the required simple response.

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