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Statement of Purpose-SCAD-Animation-MFA-Review

AjayReddy 1 / -  
Nov 10, 2013   #1
Hi, this is my SOP for Scad Animation MFA. Please review and suggest changes if any!
Thanks a lot in Advance :)

I have completed my bachelors degree in the field of computer science, the four year intense program has thought me all nuances of computer technology and it's versatile application in various fields, especially in the entertainment industry.

I have also attended an animation school MAAC, through which I had the pleasure of learning important skills in softwares such as Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Premier and Adobe After Effects. The school was very important in introducing me to the fundamentals of production pipeline and the importance of various departments.

Of all the options available to me such as modelling, rigging, etc I had a special affection towards animation that led me to study the basics and fundamentals thoroughly thanks to my faculty and a couple of books like the illusion of life and the animators survival kit. The Internet proved to be very helpful with online forums, Inspirational blogs by famous animators and online tutorials. I have also realized the importance of life drawing and have been since working on improving my drawing skills.

My ultimate aim in studying the art of animation is to become a character animator and grow to become a master story teller and experiment with various mediums to bring the best out of the limitless possibilities of imagination through the art of animation. I also see myself writing and directing feature length animated films in future.

I am also very excited by the prospect of making short films in which I can experiment with various mediums and get the best out of my story telling skills and compete in many film festivals and possibly the academy award for animated short film.

I have spent a considerable amount of time studying the basics and fundamentals of animation. I am habituated to assignments and deadlines, I set myself high standards and with a clear focus and plan for future, I believe I qualify for graduate study in the field of animation.

I have always enjoyed cartoons and the inexplicable joy that it brings to me is what drives me to learn and master this art form.

I am really excited about SCAD and it's historically preserved campus in Savannah. I believe the faculty, facilities and the awe inspiring city can help me greatly in achieving my goal. In India we lack proper education and inspiration in the field of animation, which is one of many reasons why I chose SCAD to fulfill my dreams. I wait to begin my education in the beautiful city of Savannah.

I hope you realize my intent and passion and present me with the opportunity to study in one of the best art colleges in USA.

dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Nov 10, 2013   #2
In my view, a SOP is the best opportunity for you to introduce yourself as a person to the admission panel. So it should not sound like a list of things that you did and intend to do in the past. Instead it should present your proudest accomplishments alongside your fondest hopes and dreams.

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