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Statement of purpose for graduate school, why EMECS - Erasmus Mundus Programme

Turonbek 1 / -  
Jan 18, 2021   #1

Describe your background and why you are applying to EMECS.

I have knowledge of low-level programming in C with a strong interest in embedded systems and I am extremely impressed with EMECS programme that I will be given an opportunity to continue my thesis projects which was dedicated to the implementation of IoT in my hometown. I believe that my academic background, practical knowledge and professional experience have provided me with credentials needed to thrive as an master's student in this programme.

As sophomore student, I was involved in digital logical devices, like TTL, CMOS circuits and doing logical operations like NOT, AND, OR, XOR. Later I took courses of microprocessors and microcontrollers where I comprehend how data goes through in microcontrollers via several buses. By studying these subjects, I could get insight into electronic components, circuit design, including peripherals, memory allocation, interfaces etc. Moreover, I was given an opportunity to layout ARM boards and their interconnections with displays, diode and other components and to write a code in C to run simulations. After successful completion, I did the same, but with real hardware and compared both results. Although I did small projects, I learned methods for optimal usage of RAM memory, such as importing libraries and defining variables in ROM memory. Later, I had an experience with Arduino board to implement more complex tasks, ranging from traffic lights to drones.

By taking the course "Embedded systems and its software" I had strong understanding of real time operating system, CAN bus, as well as schedulers, network stack, file systems and memory management. Furthermore, during this course I learned fundamentals of Internet of Things and its protocols. The knowledge gained via this course assisted me in writing my bachelor's thesis "The development of the concept of Safe City on the base of IoT". In this thesis, even though I attempted to focus on the type of cutting-edge cameras, boards, I ended up with Raspberry Pi 3 board and web camera to demonstrate how a taken image goes through camera wires to the board and then to the central computer to implement image processing. By writing a code in Python I managed to transfer data to my laptop through Wifi signals. However, knowledge and skills I gained were not sufficient to control data processing and data transmission in lower level and to minimize delays and jitters.

If admitted into EMECS programme, I would like to enhance my technical knowledge in fundamentals of FPGA, CMOS, IC and SoC design which are opening new areas in embedded computing systems. In the future I would like to program embedded devices at different abstraction levels such as assembly programming, MISRA C programming, and to learn hardware description languages and to get in-depth knowledge within specialization course and specialization project provided by the consortiums. I am confident that with my professional and academic background, I can contribute to the program and gain even more from it.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,447 4693  
Jan 18, 2021   #2
You cannot focus solely on your undergraduate education for an EM masters scholarship application. You have to show a clear professional purpose for your application. The educational background should explain the foundation for your skills as a professional. The discussion of your current work duties and responsibilities, and why you now require additional studies, will create the purpose for your need to complete this course.

This is nothing more than an academic explanation for your background. There is no real professional purpose indicated nor application of the studies explained. This is not an essay that can move your application forward. It does not help you compete with the qualifications of the other applicants. This is too amateur and does not serve any purpose at this point. You will be better helped if you read the other EM SOP essay samples at this forum. It should get you started on developing a new and more relevant SOP for the scholarship application.

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