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My Statement of Purpose for Graduate Studies (MS in Computer Sciences)

haleemasadiq 1 / 1  
Apr 21, 2018   #1

a subtle plunge into the right direction

A black box with a huge convex glass, and a rectangular box with multiple wires dangling from it was brought and kept beside the Television set while I was watching the cartoon called "Dexter's Laboratory". It was the Computer, and when I first used it, I felt as though my world had expanded beyond all recognition.

Having been born and brought up in ****, most of my life I had been away from social interactions and gatherings. So, it was natural that I spent most of my time fiddling around with the computer. At that time the internet was in its embryonic phase. I have been a witness to the rapid growth of the Technology over the years. I still vividly remember trying to access the internet and listening to the tone of the dial-up connection, praying the connection goes through. I was awed by the wonders of the internet. To my young mind, it was nothing short of magic. It was here that my fascination with technology began and it only grew over the years. The never-ending thirst for knowledge of computers and technology is beyond my control; I dedicate myself to learning something new every day.

Since high school, every programming and computer class I took, I had been in the top 5 scorers of the class, and the first one to debug the erroneous codes during the lab sessions. I still remember guys coming up to me asking for explanations for the algorithms, as they couldn't understand the lecturers. Participation in various Hackathons would fortify my programming foundations.

During my Engineering, I was introduced to subjects like Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits, Microprocessors & Microcontrollers, Computer Organization & Architecture, and Computer Networks. I had a special interest towards these subjects, this I can attribute to my fascination with technology over the years. With this growing curiosity to learn about this field, I started researching these subjects. As for my final year project, I decided that I want to take up an innovative project. My project was ****, which I accomplished by incorporating it in MATLAB. I also gave a presentation on Security Firewalls during my final year, which was a fun and erudite experience.

I love teaching myself; I cannot stop until I have complete grasp over a topic. I took a HTML & CSS crash course online, and next thing you know, I was building elaborate websites for fun. I did research on PLCs and went on to take a 4-month Diploma course in Industrial Automation, just because I was attracted to it while watching a TV show. While my friends were paying hefty amounts to Institutes for IELTS and GRE coaching, I had taught myself, and got 8.0 bands and 305 in them respectively,

My parents have always been the driving force behind me, always encouraging and supporting me in any way possible. My father inspired and supported me to be above everyone else and stand out as an extraordinary individual. I have always had few friends to whom I have been loyal and supporting. I also took active part in the college co-curricular activities; organizing technical events, mock interviews, and playing for the College Cricket Team at the inter-state level.

Master's at *** would be the subtle plunge into the right direction for me and would completely equip me to make a mark in this field, satisfy my quest for knowledge and bring out my forte to the fore. I am convinced that my study at your department would be a meaningful and rewarding experience. I especially thank you for giving me the opportunity given me to express about myself. It would be a great pleasure and honor for me if given a chance to ensue my graduate studies at your highly esteemed university and if given an opportunity to do master's, I assure that my work would not fall short of your expectations. I hope that you will find in me a deserving and creditable student for your renowned University.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,568 4443  
Apr 22, 2018   #2
Haleema, you wrote a personal statement which does not have the same function as a statement of purpose. The statement of purpose relies heavily on your college academic studies, its relationship to your current profession, and your future career plans. This essay is not usable for that purpose. Put a pin in this and use it for a personal statement requirement instead. You need to write a totally new essay that better delivers your purpose for study in line with a 5 year career plan. Describe how these plans are based upon your current working conditions and the challenges that you face. That becomes the purpose for your desire to earn a masters degree. Explain your relevant work experience, training, and recognition you may have received, which will help prove that you have the foundation for success under these demanding masters degree study conditions. Finally, explain why you chose to study at the university and how you hope to achieve certain types of improvement based upon the university masters degree program offerings such as internship or mentoring programs. These all combine to serve as the purpose for your desire to attend advanced classes. None of these required elements exist in this current essay.

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