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Personal statement - to study literature genre-poem, novel, drama

junsu18 1 / -  
May 3, 2015   #1
I was raised by my father's rigid education which could be come from his career, Korean teacher in high school, and loving mother who always pray and generous.

Even if my family has experienced unexpected economic difficulty by IMF and father's early retirement with his illness at the same time in my high school age, I kept my dream in my mind and could study English litherature and religious study.

Father has loved literature, expecially Tolstoy, Shakes peare, Hwang sun-won who taught Korean literature my father in his universityhood, so often talked to us about Philosophy and literature, God whenever we all put together. That's why my old brother also majored Korean literature and I have wanted to study English literature more since my young age. During my passionate study at the university I became undertand my father for the first time who wrote the essay in his worse cancer, why he could not but love his own literature and grip it until his death.

Pure love in literature is encourage me to wish to study it deeper and broader at graduate school. So now I have prepared for applying for master degree at SG University, which has been in my mind during my study at Catholic university.

At my university, Professor Kim's class gave me a dream and hope in various English and non-English literature and I realized that how meaningful work giving someone life's hope and happiness through literature. Also, I especially worked with group about creative play in English-American play. Various type of themes in our routine life such as solitude in life, economical difficulty, social irregularity, are opened in writing and unraveled through auther's own view and we feel at the final sceane ironic happiness or quenchness thirst eventhough it is tragic drama.

I want to study more and deeper about each literature genre-poem, novel,drama-
Based on contemporary art, philosophy, religion, history, society. I belive that this pursue can be leaded to comparative literature, between genres, countries-English and non-English-, how the common area of human's ultimate question express and unravel differently in their own writing under the influence of their own background- internally and externally- .

Furthermore I want to train to translate novel as well as other science. Beautiful and attractive Korean like stars in the night sky will shine the original auther's context focusing on make sure so as not to become my own another novel,restrained but best fit on auther's one. Because I realized many time the importance of translation when reading translation comparing to original book.

Please make a correction about the above personal statement for my master degree.Thanks,

Komank Sukarma 4 / 12  
May 3, 2015   #2
I was enjoying read your essay.. I could understand all you meant.
The topic you discussed is also interesting and represent what I thought as well.
Good job friend.

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