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My Personal Statement for M.A in Teaching, Learning, and Technology

khairunnisa1509 1 / -  
Dec 2, 2016   #1
I accomplished my study on Physics Education for four years, and gained a bachelor degree in October 2015 from the State University of Medan. Since I was a student, I have been a teaching practitioner. I have put the theories I learnt at college into practice at different levels of educational institutions (e.g. elementary, junior, and senior high schools) and Physics courses. I have elected to be a laboratory assistant for three years (2012 - 2015). Besides, I also joined the organization namely Physics Department Student Association to develop my leadership skill. I have also become a physics teacher in Senior High School in Sipispis, Tebing Tinggi, for three months during my internship program. In mid-2016, I joined a community called Medan Generasi Impian Foundation to enhance my experience and leadership skills and also applied the knowledge I have in real condition in society.

Since I graduated from university, I have been working as a Physics Teacher in some schools such as Kartika Senior High School, Prayatna Vocational High School, and Flight Management Vocational High School. In my teaching practice, I always move from the conventional Physics teaching strategies to creative teaching by using, for instance, multimedia, demonstration, experiment, work in group, and presentation. I unify among the learners needs, materials, and facilities in choosing the appropriate teaching strategies. Consequently, I have gained experience of how to devise a lesson, select teaching materials, facilitate active classroom activities, and choose the most effective teaching strategies. These have then enabled me to see how my ideas and innovations have led me to desired results and made me suitably qualified to apply this program.

When I was junior high, I aspired to be able to attend school up to college level and be the future lecturer. This is the role that I want to take for Indonesia, which is to be teacher, educator and also researcher in the field of education, both formal as well as informal work in the family and society. Thus, in the process, I have synchronized the interests and ideals of me with my daily activities.

One of the major steps required to become a lecturer is to study up on the appropriate level of education. At the postgraduate programs in the University of Nottingham, the course that I plan to take is teaching, learning, and technology. Therefore, these field and interests are consistent with the focus of my study, that is education and technology. The focus of this study which I will further understand in order to be a teacher and educator at the level of Higher Education (faculty), as well as researcher.

By being an educator and educational researcher, I hope to be able to contribute to Indonesia, as well as enjoying the process. The role as teachers and educator is extensive meaningful, not only in the realm of formal in an educational institution, but also in the family and the society. It should be carried out continuously and consistently. Therefore, education is one of the fundamental aspects for the advancement of a nation. In intelligence, the people of Indonesia have been recognized as having a high level. With the support of a good mental development, hopefully Indonesia can walk towards the better.

After completing the studies, I expected knowledge that has been studied in the Master studies programs can be applied and become a form of positive contribution to the development of education in Indonesia, especially in the areas of technology, education, and science. There are some things that the ideals and expectations of my personal after completing this studies, which is able to provide solutions to the problems of education in Indonesia (especially in the area where I live), capable of creating innovative learning media in science education, gaining practical experiences of designing syllabus, developing materials and assessments, and exploring pedagogical methods, research in the field of educational technology especially media of science learning, doing research on the relationship between educational technology with the formation of character, and able to transfer the knowledge I have learned to others.

It is beyond my doubt that this postgraduate program will expedite me to realize my future goal. I hope that the admission committee finds my background strengths commensurate with the requirement of the postgraduate program.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,804 2614  
Dec 3, 2016   #2
Kairun, a personal statement should be used to present yourself to the reviewer. Mostly, it should speak of the development of your interest in this field of study. It should not contain references to your educational attainment in college, your work experience, and other profession related information. Those types of data are best suited for a Statement of Purpose. So, when you revise your personal statement, make sure to use the following data from your original work in developing it:

1. References to your dreams of becoming a teacher in high school.
2. Your plans as an educator and educational researcher
3. The reasons why you desire to attend University of Nottingham.
4. Explain why you believe that your course of study cannot be adequately completed in your home country.
5. Present an eager desire to attend the University of Nottingham during the upcoming semester as your concluding statement.

These are the more pertinent information that should be presented in a personal statement. If you are writing a combination personal statement and statement of purpose, you will have to tell me so that I can adjust the advice to cover both bases in the best manner within the essay. Thanks.

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