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Personal Statement to University of Limerick, Ireland

khangdu8897 2 / 3  
Mar 12, 2020   #1

Please tell us about yourself that supports your application.

(MAX 1000 WORDS)

Dear Committee,

I would like to present my desire to undertake graduate studies at the University of Limerick - Kemmy Business School, which would be a solid step towards my career pursuit.

My background summary
The phenomenal journey towards finding passion and coming out of my comfort zone first started in 2015. Due to a lack of career guidance, I realised that my passion did not lie in being a General Practitioner after the first 6 months at Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy. I took the leap to begin a whole new pathway in economics with my own faith and interests. It was disheartening at first until I eventually landed a new journey at Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics.

My college experience was extremely fulfilling even though I had still struggled with unfamiliar forms of assessments in the first years of college. Later on, I managed to improve my performance due to a change in attitudes coupled with new effective studying strategies. I stood out at the School of International Business - Marketing Department in the last two years. With a decent overall GPA of 8.21/10, I attained the honours of receiving 4 scholarships for my outstanding performance in academic excellence.

Besides academic experience, I am more than proud of the values, the growth mindset, and the leadership qualities that will last a lifetime obtained during my out-of-school learning. Thanks to AIESEC, I learned more ways of collaborating with people from different backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures when I got my first-hand experience in global issues and youth development. Attending Global Volunteer in Malaysia has allowed me to enrich my knowledge on food waste management, as well as an understanding of diverse environments. Besides that, I pride myself on my cultural sensitivity when I attended cultural exchange in Japan which made me truly find personal interests to pursue my long-term career.

Career ambition
After 4 years of academic work, active social activities, projects, and research, I believe that Marketing is such a fast-paced field with which I am ready to get involved my whole life. To be a successful young marketer, my goal after graduation is to pursue Master studies where I could build a competitive advantage in multicultural environments. I would like to start studying and working in Ireland for the first 1-2 years in top-leading Marketing firms before returning to Vietnam and dedicating myself to the starved talents here.

My long-term ambition is to be a Brand Manager with strong leadership qualities, academic background, and insightful stories in the next 5-7 years. To achieve that, I realise the opportunity to evolve into high-level education would expand and deepen my knowledge in the field of Management. Meanwhile, I would like to build a young-dynamic community where I could inspire and spread positivity to young Vietnamese. The experiences in Ireland will be a significant milestone to this non-office ambition, which is involved in responsible, challenging actions to create positive social change. Youtube and Facebook would be my chosen platforms for Vietnamese youth engagement, especially of those who are into adult life.

Reasons to choose Master in Ireland
Before applying to do my Master's studies, I have spent years searching for three main aspects of what are well-qualified educational systems, diverse environments, and experiences. As far as I am concerned, Ireland is the ideal destination for those who want to pursue a career path in such a field after graduation.

Firstly, Ireland has ranked the top in terms of education which has certain marketing subjects offered in MSc Digital Marketing/Marketing Consumption and Society by University of Limerick (UL) such as Marketing Leadership, Ethnography for Consumer Research, Digital and Social Media Marketing. Simultaneously, its alumni networks and well-designed taught modules suit the best to my orientation which is promising to opportunities of internships, jobs, and partnership projects.

Secondly, its unique combination of historical features and modern architecture would offer me an eye-opening experience journey. As a sociocultural oriented person, Ireland is the best option which contributes directly to my self-development when I put myself in the middle of a new culture and new environment. In addition, with a good command of English and communication skills, I am confident that I can represent Vietnamese beauty, people, history, and culture to the Irish community. For example, my hometown is in the Mekong Delta which is a vast maze of rivers, swamps, floating markets, and villages. This will be a chance to raise awareness of my coursemates in Ireland and beyond.

Finally, studying in Ireland will be the beginning of an incredible and unforgettable experience that will last for the following years. With my perseverance, academic background, long-term interests and ambition, I am eager to play a part in your programme and the cultural diversity.

I hope with my competencies, experiences, and professional objectives demonstrated above will gain me favourable considerations.

Thank you very much.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,565 2976  
Mar 13, 2020   #2
The academic background in your presentation should not be this detailed. It should only focus on your academic time covering your business / marketing studies. The reviewer will not be interested in anything previous to that. Discuss your academic accomplishments in that particular area and any relevant internships you might have because those are all part of your academic background that proves your ability to learn in this field.

Don't discuss a career ambition without discussing a career background first. Deliver insights as to how you perform as a professional. Describe how you have continuing education within the workplace and why these training and seminars you have professionally attended are important to you. Only after you show the reviewer that you have a keen interest in further developing your career can you discuss any ambitions you may have for your future. Always lay out the foundation / background first.

Relate your choice of university not to the research available specifics like the rank and why other students say it is a good choice. The reviewers don't get easily impressed so using more personal specific information for your choice is the better way to go. By personal specific, I mean, use your career goals as the basis for your university choice. Why does the university specifically address your educational goals? How do you see yourself progressing as a student there because of the varied program offerings? Why do you think your time will be well spent as a student there?

If you revise the paper to be a bit more specific and interesting in content, the reviewer might consider your application on a larger scale.
OP khangdu8897 2 / 3  
Mar 14, 2020   #3
Hi Holt,

Many thanks for your feedback. This statement purpose mainly demonstrates my passions and my background. I also has other 2 letters of recommendation about my academic and professional career.

I'm wondering whether the scholarship/admission committee is interested in my story or just be straightforward to the point.

I've just graduated recently, which means I don't have much experience in this field but ambitions.

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