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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE for Vehicle Engineering

lenjoy 2 / 3  
Nov 4, 2021   #1

my passion towards Vehicle Engineering

My interest in engineering began after a visit from The Bloodhound Project at my secondary school. The brief talk we received on the aerodynamics, engine, and braking system of the car left me wanting to find out more about the world of engineering. I concluded that engineering required a wide combination of skills ranging from, attention to detail, communication, scientific and mathematic ability. The extensive deviations in Worldwide Mechanization in addition to Design Engineering have obligated the act of vehicle engineer indeed crucial. It has been my sincere wish to be chosen as part of a speedily growing industry. The concept of mobility in machines controlled by human beings seemed like magic to me ever since my childhood. This fascination has since been responsible for my inclination towards engineering.

During my secondary School Studies, we had Physics lectures where we covered the topic Forces and Motion where the math's behind physics is deeply explored. I was distinctly struck by projectile motion, as when you see an object moving, it may seem simple and uncomplicated, however, analyzing and understanding how and why the object moved in a certain direction and at a certain velocity was very interesting and from there I taught about the prospect of being involved with the engineering behind automobiles. I set out to find the qualities that are essential for becoming a successful engineer through reading about Nikola Tesla, Gustave Eiffel, and many others. My extra-curricular activities in and out of school have enhanced my ability to lead a group. I joined the stem club at the beginning of year 12 and this has contributed to the improvement of my problem-solving skills which has helped me significantly in my math modules and physics.

I was in Lower sixth science when I decided to be an automobile engineer with my ambition to excel in engineering. This decision was strongly motivated by watching TV shows like Car OS, Cash Cars, Mega Factories, Air Crash, and Cas VS Supercar which were been released on National Geography Channel. These TV shows and Reality TV increased my fascination for vehicle engineering and pushed my will to learn more about their functioning. I am currently working part-time at T2B Services an IT company as a computer engineer. At T2B Service we perform tasks such as software and hardware maintenance, deployment of computer networks in companies, and the deployment and maintenance of security cameras and solar panels. I play the piano and am currently working towards grade 3; piano allows me to improve my thinking skills on the spot. My schedule is very busy and challenges me to manage my time carefully making time for all aspects. I am always challenging my understanding and I believe that I have the right attitude, skills, and personality for this degree.

My undergraduate studies in Software Engineering have nothing to do with vehicle engineering but passion is what has been driving me and leading me to the process of realizing my dreams. I did myundergraduate studies in Software Engineering to have a firm foundation on the development of Softwares and its maintenance. Through the various internships and self-directed projects ranging from face recognition and identification algorithm that identifies and recognizes users, Voice-Activated Desktop Assistance which assists users in performing tasks on PC, speech recognition algorithm that points out the voice of users enter in its database, Pong PC game, Breast cancer detection desktop application that gives an estimation of the probability of a patient having breast cancer after answering to a questionnaire, chatbot,

Movie recommendation engine that recommends you movies based on your search history and preferences. I have learned the importance of assertiveness, punctuality, precision, and discipline while working on the above projects.

My dream is to build a car that will be capable of being driven by a driver and also to drive around without the intervention of a driver. The car could be controlled or assigned a task to be accomplished by the driver by the use of his voice and this is possible by the usage of voice recognition in the car's system. To realize this dream, the knowledge of computer science and vehicle engineering was crucial and haven completed the first part of the project which was to learn computer sciences especially artificial intelligence, and build a firm foundation in the field. I am convinced that this is the good moment to go on to the next part of the project which is to learn vehicle engineering. These fields together, I am sure will provide me the all the knowledge and competency needed to realize my dream. It is my strong perception that a Basic undergraduate education is inadequate for securing in-depth knowledge of a particular field. A Master's degree at your university would not only provide me with subject matter proficiency but also thorough research-oriented study that would help me lay substance for the gratification of my dream of reaching the pinnacle in Automotive Engineering. Ideas, stretching from simple to the most intricate are ultimately intended to give the vehicle an edge in its aesthetics, performance, ergonomics, and drivability. So, a vehicle engineer cannot afford to be short of ideas. This inevitability leads to a continuous learning process and adds to the already mammoth potential for innovation that exists in this field. This is what intrigues me.

As my objective is to work in a challenging automotive company while working on my project, it would be a privilege to be educated via this great opportunity that is been offered to me as I believe these areas of interest cover all my aspirations. I am fully aware of the financial and intellectual requirements and I assure you that I have the necessary resources to fulfill these requirements. I look forward to being a part of your prestigious university. Excellence, I believe, can be achieved by determination, dedication, and hard work over and above with the use of in-depth knowledge.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,000 3875  
Nov 6, 2021   #2
My dream is to build a car that will be capable of being driven by a driver and also to drive around without the intervention of a driver.

Your dream has been turned into a reality by Elon Musk and his Tesla electric cars. Choose another dream that represents an unachieved accomplishment in the field as its purpose. Remember, Elon's cars are already voice activated, as are other internet connected cars these days.

You will need to brainstorm and develop a new vision to serve as your purpose. These references came across are mere copycat s at this point Unless you can come up with a unique purpose, you cannot claim to have any in this essay. It will also help to have you discuss your university choice in a more detailed and purpose related way, once you have a more original purpose on hand. Why not say your purpose is to work for Elon Musk at Tesla instead ? That way you can develop a more interesting use for voice assisted driving leased on current technology.
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Nov 19, 2021   #3
Thanks for the review. I would take all your advices into consideration and arrange a better SOP. Regards.

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