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"Never stop learning, for when we stop learning, we stop growing" - SOP for business data analytics

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Jul 8, 2020   #1

Why do i want to apply for Business Analytics Program?

Dear Members,

This is Andy. Firstly i would like to acknowledge all the superb inputs that I have received why framing by draft statement of purpose. This being my first attempt in wring a SOP for a Business Analytics Program, I would greatly appreciate your feedback / comments. Thanks in advance. Note - the SOP has a restriction of 500 words.

"When I got the opportunity to lead XXX (name of company) first Big Data project in the XYZ business way back in 2015, little did I know that unknowingly I am getting into unchartered territory. I had to figure out an answer to a simple problem - how do you crunch data to deliver meaningful insights to a group of financial intelligence unit analysts who are trying to safeguard the financial institution from possible money laundering. Not a simple task by any means. The challenge for me was to navigate through tons of structured data scattered across disparate systems and potentially apply the necessary analytics to deliver value. The answer was Big Data and by collaborating with XYZ (name of software product) - what happened was truly transformational. I knew somewhere deep inside that this is going to open up new vista's.

Data had always fascinated me. It all started with modest beginnings during my engineering graduate days almost a couple of decades back when I first learned about the Truth Table. I was astounded by the fact that how a simple digital circuit lamp operates by the laws of Boolean to lighten up. Data was all around me. Soon, the books of Operating Systems and Data Structures became my proud possessions. I was ready to take up my data journey.

What is Data? Merriam-Webster defines it as - factual information used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation. However, at its core, it involves both useful and redundant information that must be processed to be meaningful. Corporations today are processing data from point-of-sale systems, marketing promotions, loyalty programs, customer surveys, and inventory systems to provide near real-time feedback on sales and other key performance indicators. By analyzing consumer trends, customized text messages are being sent out - to both equalize the inventory and catch up on sales.

Being a successful program manager at XXX(name of company), and have worked for several Fortune 500 organizations, one thing that I learned was that deriving intelligence from data is of paramount importance. After my first Big Data stint in 2015, I quickly realized that while information is pivotal for success, however, requires to be managed suitably to perceive its far-reaching potential. I instantly understood what I had to do next. Operating for a financial institution that has a global footprint in XYZ countries, and manages PQR customer accounts, it was imperative to accurately report data to auditors, regulators & internal stakeholders. I envisioned that standardizing and transforming business processes was the way to go forward. The global business intelligence program for XXX (name of company) XYZ business was born.

"Never stop learning, for when we stop learning, we stop growing"

Learning has always remained an integral part of my career. XYZ(name of school) Business Analytics Program will equip me with the appropriate toolsets, to further strengthen my vision for data analytics, help grow into a better business strategist, moreover allow learning from an amazingly diverse cohort, incredible faculty, and establish new connections."
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,377 3370  
Jul 9, 2020   #2
Okay, I have to say this is a well written paper. However, it does not focus on the purpose of your application but rather, the personal reasons you want to pursue masters studies. So you should set most of this information aside for your personal statement, if one is required by your university application documents. As of now, you will need to write up a new essay that focuses on the purpose of your masters studies. The focus is actually found in this essay but was not properly developed as you deviated into the personal statement aspect. The part that you can use as the basis of your purpose is as follows:

When I got the opportunity ...open up new vista's.

Explain what vistas you hope to uncover as a masters degree student. Create a connection between your undergraduate course, your current job requirements, and why learning all about Big Data or Data Analysis will help bring all of these things together to help you accomplish more in your profession. Your explanation should include a reference to any undergraduate background course, or seminars attended as a part of your current job that gave you a solid foundation and understanding of what Big Data is all about. More importantly, you need a definite purpose, not just new vistas, for your line of study.

There are several themes that need to be answered in this essay:
- Why Big Data?
- What is your professional goal? Is this a long or short term goal?
- How does the professional goal connect with the academic goal and reasons that you have?
- What do you hope to produce as the end result of your studies? Consider the professional and practical applications.
- Why this university? What training programs does the university have that convinced you that this is the university that can answer for your professional and academic requirements?

If you use the guide questions I provided, you should be able to develop a properly targeted statement of purpose that will be clear and informative when it comes to all the reviewer expectations.
OP andyb017 1 / 1  
Jul 10, 2020   #3
Thanks a ton Holt for your detailed feedback. Let me take a dig at it.

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