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The more I studied in machine vision, the more fascinated I would be - Statement of Purpose

shayansh 1 / -  
Feb 9, 2018   #1
I'm applying for Ph.D. program in some Canada universities. I appreciate your review and feedback.

SOP for Computer Science PhD with interests in computer vision and deep learning

I had a lot of interest in computers and robots and dreamed about developing smart learning objects from my childhood. I attended programming and robotics workshops at my high school and participated in robotics tournaments. On my undergraduate program, I focused on courses that are more involved with AI and when I got acquainted with the power of machine learning and especially machine vision, I decided to learn deeply about their concepts by continuing my education in Master's program at SSSSS University of Technology. The more I studied in machine vision, the more fascinated I would be, especially its application in autonomous driving and medical science. Therefore, I wish to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in this field of study at FFFFFFF University.

Ranked 16th among more than 20,000 participants in Nationwide M.Sc. Entrance Examination in Computer Engineering for admission to Iranian universities in January 2015, I was accepted at Sharif University of Technology, No. 1 University in technical science in Iran. During this period, I have learned about different AI topics, such as Speech Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Image processing, Stochastic Processing, Deep Learning, etc. Due to the comprehensive application of deep neural networks and its recent marvelous developments, I have studied the concepts and methods for different networks and tried to use them in the field of Vision.

For my master's thesis under the supervision of Dr.DDDDD, I've designed a Convolutional Neural Network to improve the accuracy of regressing the Visual Odometry information from a driving car using image frames from an attached camera, which is available as HHHH dataset. The network uses dense optical flow images as input and is more accurate than the other learning-based methods. I have also worked on different deep learning projects for image classification on several datasets. Recently I'm a part of the team at DIPMV lab under the supervision of Dr.DDDDD, which is developing a classification method on a large collection of spaghetti images to distinguish defected spaghetti using deep learning approaches and fine-tuning existing modern architectures.

My future goal in education is to develop and design new learning and deep learning methods especially in the fields of Vision such as autonomous driving, which is a hot topic today, and also for medical purposes like cancer detection. I would like to continue my research career upon graduation and work as a researcher at reputed companies in roles that involve Vision.

As the great country of Canada became a hotspot for AI and deep learning with highly prestigious universities like FFFFFF including very strong faculty members in fields of ML and Vision, I would be honored if given a chance to pursue my Ph.D. program at this institute preferred with a financial aid. I also realize that my research interests fit with those of Prof. GGGGGG and Prof. YYYYYY. I would like to gain significant research experience and deeper understanding of the subjects under their guidance to achieve substantial results in this research area.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,801 2612  
Feb 10, 2018   #2
Shayan, since this is a statement of purpose for a secondary masters degree, there is no need to dwell on your college education as intricately as you have done in this essay. The college education is a minor detail at this point because you already have more major theoretical studies in a specialized field via your previous and related masters degree. So the opening statement of this essay should have been this part:

My future goal in education ...such as autonomous driving

This represents the immediate purpose of your secondary masters degree and proposes that you already have experience in the autonomous driving field. This purpose presentation should then be followed up by information regarding your previous masters degree course, how you performed as a student, and how you applied it to your current workplace.

The next paragraph, should discuss your previous masters thesis and how it will connect to a summary presentation of your dissertation proposal. Discuss how your current professional experience, will help you in developing your research and what you hope the benefits of your research will produce in the future. With such a promising future, I hope you will rethink your future ambition of being a simple researcher and instead, go for the more impressive vision developer engineer presentation based upon your previous experiences that will be enhanced by your next masters degree.

I don't suggest that you develop a generic statement regarding the university option reasons. Each university will have a specific qualification reason as to why you chose it. So don't worry about that part for now. Develop that when you already have your top 3 universities chosen and tailor that paragraph for each university instead.

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