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Why the need to study environment? SOP Just a start.

Emawin04 1 / -  
Jun 3, 2020   #1

environmental science major

I have always been interested in studying environmental sciences since I have started working with Biosecurity, and I believe it is the closest course major to my career plan. I have enjoyed studying agriculture in plant production during my previous studies and the experience and knowledge I have gained, they have guided me to a clearer path towards the future.

Furthermore, having a degree in agriculture, and working in senior position with biosecurity, I am even more determined to gain a higher level of education on environmental studies that will enhance my knowledge and skills that will assist me with future career plans.

In addition to my interest in studying environment, there are very few people on XXX who know about agriculture and the environment. I hope to attain the necessary tools and skills while studying and teach younger generations about the importance of agriculture and the environment. We are a group of smart and active people; I want to get involved in helping and building communities, to encourage and educate XXX youths for a stronger foundation for growth and development.

Therefore, I strongly believe doing masters in environment and sciences, will equip me with the essential skills that will help me move towards my future plans in helping the development of XXX and our people.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,565 2976  
Jun 3, 2020   #2
Your SOP should be more related to your background in Biosecurity. The purpose of your masters application must be to further enhance your skills within this realm. That means, you should be focusing on discussing your current career. Consider the following:

- What does Biosecurity mean to you?
- Based on the first question, describe how you have driven yourself to personify that meaning.
- Give a summary of your relevant undergraduate education. Focus on the classes that will show you have a solid foundation that will help you become a successful masters student.

- What is the next step in your career?
- What steps have you successfully taken to achieve the next step in your career?
- What shortcomings have you realized you have?
- How do you expect the course you have chosen to help you strengthen your skills in this field?
- How do you expect the university to help you achieve specific academic goals in relation to your career? 8. What do you hope to accomplish professionally upon completing this course?

Unless you have a specific prompt requirement to respond to, you should find the guide questions above quite useful in redirecting your current discussion towards a more relevant focus. You should be able to insert or delete some of the information from this version to help you gain a more centered SOP presentation.

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