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My study plan for KGSP 2017 in MSA /Master in Accountancy/

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Mar 6, 2017   #1
I don't have any experience to write a statement of purpose and I am totally blanked out. I tried to write a little bit but it is very lacking

Please direct me.
I appreciate any advice. Thank you

kgsp application

I have 2 main goals of study during KGSP. I won't graduate successfully if I can't understand fully what I am learning. So within one year of Korean language course, I will obtain TOPIK level 5. Another goal is to become a more advanced knowledgeable accountant and I will have been improved my skills such as researching method, financial analysing and presenting reports after I graduate.

Any research has to have a benefit. So I will decide my research topic after consulting with professors. But I have research title that I want to do. This is to do comparing research between Mongolian and other developed countries. A subject that I have been considering is "Reason to have an internal audit in a company, its development in Mongolia and other countries". An audit is about monitoring and advising. Although the development of internal audit is increasing in Mongolia last few years and Mongolian commercial banks and few big companies have an internal audit but most of the companies and their managers haven't fully recognised the benefit of internal audit. So if my research can be substantive, I can contribute the development of internal audit in Mongolia. In order to do successful research, firstly I need to do a study about the circumstance of a present internal audit of the world. Then describe which level Mongolian internal audit growth is in and after that, what should companies need to do in order to reach world level? What was the experience of other companies?
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,410 4391  
Mar 6, 2017   #2
Azzaya, do not mention the plan to pass the TOPIK in the study plan. It is already assumed that you will have passed the TOPIK and you are now well on your way to your masters degree course of study. So write this essay from the assumption that you have already passed the TOPIK test and you now have to present your study plan to your thesis adviser.

The first thing that you have to consider for the study plan is the type of research that you want to do. Since you already have a topic in mind for the research, all you have to do now is present that in the form of a thesis statement. Explain why this research is of particular importance to Mongolia, what kind of research is required of this sort of inquiry, and what you expect to resolve at the end of the research.

The study plan is a methodical approach to the style by which you will utilize your time as a student at the university. What sort of self study will you be doing in reference to your masters course? The research will be the result of your self-education. Hence, the "study plan" reference. The research still needs to have a real world application though. Just in case you might be called upon to apply your research results in Korea or in your home country.

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