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Study plan for master's of enterprise management for university in China

asya 1 / -  
Mar 28, 2021   #1

Study plan; Enterprise Management specialty

please, look up my study plan. My problem is that I'm applying for a program that is different from my previous degree( Tourism management). Also, I should add a research proposal, I've tried to come up with smth, but I don't know if my work background correlates with it.. Thank you for your help/

My name is .... I have graduated with honors from University with a major in Tourism Management. Years of study have given me enormous experience and fueled my desire to learn something new and master it until today. Economics and business management were heavily emphasized in the university curriculum. Teachers and professors expected a lot from me, so I was assigned as an in-class supervisor and actively participated in curricular activities and presentations.

The decision of choosing the specialty "Enterprise Management " was mostly inspired by the process of studying at the university and by my work experience. After graduation, I returned to my hometown and was hired as an assistant in the international economic ties department of...," the largest agricultural plant company in southern. The working purpose of our department was to establish economic ties and maintain mutually beneficial cooperation with international suppliers of agricultural technology mainly from Austria and Italy. I was partly in charge of international projects of the company, but my main responsibilities included communication with foreign workers and delegations, managing working relations between both parties, creating and evaluating documents in the field of international trade. My time there was invaluable in terms of gaining valuable experience working in an international environment, learning the intricacies of corporate relations. To become more efficient and perform my duties to the best of my ability, I completed a professional retraining course at...., earning a non-degree diploma in Economics with a major in Management and Accountancy.

The next step in my career was ... Company, where I have worked for 4 years, rising from financial products manager to the head of the ... branch of the company, and for my excellent work results, I have received numerous awards such as «Best manager», «Best division». My primary responsibilities included overseeing all operational aspects such as distribution, customer service, human resources, administration, and sales in accordance with the company's goals. Working with people was also an important part of my job since I was in charge of organizing and providing training activities, coaching, development, and motivation for employees. My work experience there taught me an invaluable skill in team-building and staff development, as the connectedness of staff and clients benefit any company or organization the most.

Since 2020, I have been working for..... a governmental institution providing governmental service for citizens. I hold the position of administrative manager and responsible for overseeing office operations and administrative staff members.

In terms of my personality, I am a socially active person with friendly nature, who is blessed with many friends. I enjoy different types of outdoor activities but consider hiking my favorite, due to being raised and living in the mountainous region. I try to keep a keen view of the reality of life thus approach people with a positive mind and attitude and always prove to be helpful with honest efforts and true dedication. Besides that, I always feel very joyous and fortunate to meet and greet people belonging to different backgrounds and cultures. Such meetings are always important because they prove to be beneficial in the future.

I am applying for the master's degree program at.... In the modern world, a master's degree is highly regarded. Other than creating more opportunities for us to learn, it is imperative for us to build a successful career. To be able to realize my career goals, I will have to learn more about global management and applicable management methods. A Master's Degree will provide me with theoretical knowledge, a thorough understanding of practical approaches to assisting managerial decision-making, and research skills that will allow me to develop expertise in the core areas of business strategies and corporate management. Master of Enterprise Management is perfectly suited to my career goals and will be a great opportunity to help me achieve them.

Business and management graduates with an international perspective who can operate effectively in a globalized world are in high demand. I intend to combine my professional experience, educational background in tourism management, and the profound knowledge in enterprise management that I will gain during my studies in China to contribute to the research on increasing efficiency and eliminating the low-management culture of tourism industry companies and affiliated governmental institutions of underdeveloped regions to bring them to economic growth through implementing modern management approaches. My homeland, is one of those regions, which has a high potential for economic growth but fails to thrive due to a lack of strong management culture and professional management in local companies, as well as a lack of understanding of how to use modern digital tools.. The study will concentrate on the impact of digitalization on tourism, with a special emphasis on SMEs.I will try to emphasize the importance of the government in creating the right framework conditions for the digital transformation of tourism businesses and the broader tourism ecosystem, as well as identify a number of key policy considerations to encourage tourism SMEs to adopt and use digital technology. I feel compelled to affect change through diligent research, and I believe a Master's degree in China will be extremely beneficial because China is recognized as a major economic leader with a distinct business and management culture. The fact that it serves the business interests of thousands of powerful international corporations, as well as the success of public policies and thorough digitalization of businesses attest to its effectiveness and efficiency. Moreover, the ability and to comprehend China's process as well as gain an understanding of it is truly beneficial and invaluable for all management candidates, as all gained knowledge will undoubtedly be applied as guidance adapted to local management policies.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,535 3447  
Mar 29, 2021   #2
This is not a study plan. This is a personal statement. There is nothing in this presentation that represents an actual study plan based on your work experience, skills development need, and future plans. The fact that you graduated from a different course has nothing to do with your masters studies. Why? The masters studies require a minimum of 2 years work exposure in the field related to the course. It appears to me that you have that qualification so there is no need to mention the change in career path at this point. The study plan should only focus on the reason for your studies in this course, what your thesis might be (if the course is research based), and why you feel an important need to educate yourself in that emerging field. Everything relates to work experience and exposure. Your past studies have no relationship to the present and future of your career path.

Now, the advice I have given is based on the generally known facts about the development of a study plan. If you have specific requirements to respond to, then you should have provided it along with the essay that you wrote. That way, I could have given you more prompt relevant advise as opposed to the general observations based on standard requirements.

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