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'studying Fine Arts' - SOP for graphic design application

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Nov 10, 2011   #1
It is my SOP, please help!
Thanks a lot!

Ever since reading the very first picture book in my childhood, I was deeply fascinated by visual art and could not help imagining that one day I was able to draw my own pictures to create my own books. To make my children come true, I determine to focus on graphic design and seek an opportunity to advance knowledge in this field.

When studying Fine Arts in National Taiwan University, I formed solid foundation of drawing and painting and gained knowledge of various other related subjects, especially printmaking. Inspired by my teachers, Tsai, I-Hsung and Yang, Ming-Tieh, I worked on experiments of colour and one of my series It's Alright to Die! was selected by 1st Print and Drawing Exhibition of Department of Fine Arts. What's more, in these courses, I came into contact with artist's books. During the process of producing one, I had to consider the relation of images, text, typefaces, and texture of papers, and how arrange all elements to transform abstract ideas or concepts into visual messages. That really aroused my interest in exploring the world of graphic art further.

With an ambition of becoming a professional graphic artist, I not only concentrate on appreciate logos, posters or pages of books and magazines designed by talented designers in my daily life, but try to search for inspirations from other forms of arts, such as animations, films, fashion shows to help me think out of the box and enrich my works.

I live my whole life in Taiwan, just like a person never steps out his house, and never knows its appearance and others' opinions though he does know how great the interior decoration is. Therefore I think it is very essential to study abroad to learn from specialists and inspect my works in different angle if I decide to build my career in graphic art. Britain, a nation famous for rich history and culture and the birthplace of world-class arts and designs, is where I regard as the best country for me to absorb knowledge and expand my horizons. De Montfort University is a well-established institution for many fields, and the Design Innovation MA/MSc course is renowned for its high quality and industry links. I believe this postgraduate can provide me adequate resources of teaching, facilities and equipment, and a chance of cooperating with people in different realms of design, and most important, fulfill my desire for developing skills and experiences of design which can be truly apply to creative industries.

My plan after graduating is being a graphic artist or even an art director in a publisher and I wish I can publish my own books ultimately, just like what I am always dreaming since I was a child.

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